“I want to sort it” | Jurgen Klopp on Liverpool’s struggles this season

By | November 6, 2022

Jurgen Klopp speaks about Liverpool's struggles, the summer transfer window & the timing of the World Cup.

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Nice to see you again yeah nice to see You Um freedom of Liverpool how did that Sound Great to be honest Um yeah it was a wonderful night Um you know ceremony was really was Really good everybody was there realized Yeah Um finally then Um how big it is how much it means yeah Because I I love traditions and Obviously it's very traditional it's Very it's you need sheep though I think To finish the tradition don't you Uh I'm not too sure about that but um no Um it's not about the benefits it's Really about how it was and the speech Is very incredible to be honest I had to Add a distance myself from that because It was emotional or very very emotional Yeah that's nice it was nice it feels Like I mean Liverpool is has got to be Home for you right yeah it is it is well It was before is it more more so than Home itself You're possibly difficult so I mean we Know the place where we'll go to back When we go to Germany but Um 18 years Minds that since Ola and I am Together it's pretty much Seven seven years mine seven years to Open and now seven plus Liverpool so

It's as a couple where we live the Longest together is is actually here and Um so it will always be a place which Feels home when we when we will come Back but Um home we will see where it will be in The future you don't know whether it Will be Germany or whether you'd settle Here I can't settle in England really it's Too bad yeah I can I I I sacrifice I Need I need I need more more sun when You're winning Managing is kind of some I say this Lightly somewhat easy yeah everything's Going well never easy but but do you see What I mean so is this do you enjoy this The challenge I do but but what you what You miss most Is live around winning yeah so losing is Already bad enough but it influence Everything everything so you have people In the stadium friends family whatever You see them after the game and they're There for them it's always kind of not Family not but friends is always kind of Holiday they come to Liverpool want to See a game it's like oh my God they come In we lost two women Yeah very good point thank you very much So uh these kind of things so live Around is just so different and that's Why it feels easier when you're winning But the work is is it's a lot of work to

Do to keep to keep a team on the on on On a winning streak it's it's it's Incredible because we're all human Beings we are all weak in moments not All the time but in moments and if Things going really well you might think Well next one who is it what I don't Know Um so yes I enjoyed I like I like this part as well because It it brings the best out of you that's How it is and um get through this and That the situation in this club Um is like usually in my situation and I Think I think around about seven years Ago in a similar situation Um uh Liverpool changed the manager so There's no no no no real intention to do That um but that doesn't mean that we Don't have pressure we have a lot of Pressure do you feel that do you start Thinking does that go through I just Know it no no I never felt that I never I never called it a second I know it's There's no we are working on everything We are working short-term midterm and Long term we're planning everything so There's not nothing around you don't Have to worry if you if you would Um so that's all fine I think the Liverpool fans would really worry if That was the case that's not about That's not about that I I've just feel Massively responsible for everything

Here massively and um and that's why I Want to sort it and now now let's start It and we saw it a lot of things um over The years when and when you're winning Nobody asked for it which is good but There are problems behind the scenes a Lot and things too people don't see that Yeah of course not in the game just bow Again so and when you are not winning Everything then the next problem is There and the next one is there and the Next one and they cannot play and he Cannot play and he should not play and At least not long and the dog goes up Not gonna do a doctor looks in her Office I think what so when you're not Winning it's always a horrible news when When you're winning you're coming oh He's surprisingly early in his in the Rehab so he can he can go again and this Kind of it's always the same exactly and That's different in a moment but still The job You I mean when we I spoke to you a few Almost a year ago I think and we spoke About the transfer window and things Like that and you said look when I came Here I know what it's like I'm I know What I'm up against in terms of you Haven't got all the money in the world So in hindsight would the club concede That oh into the fact that we have got This amazing pressurized season this Season it's very different

Do you wish you'd done more business in The summer Look the problem with interviews is that Um oh my uncertain news is that the Things I say people make a lot out of it So I'm not a big believer in looking Back thinking if we would have that Would have changed everything Um yep I think it's it's clear that um Another player in a specific position Would have helped in in in in in moments Definitely but Um one player barely can solve all the Problems and our problems now were not Because Um we miss a player or something like That now now we miss obviously players Two two Strikers is you go in a season Of play usually four three three you Have five Strikers plus talents it's It's a good situation it's a good Situation and all of a sudden you have Three left and now you have to uh and an Awful lot of games coming up so of Course now it's easy to say yeah if you Would have another one or in Midfield or There if you would have had another one Would have been great we went event Induces with five percent halves and all Of a sudden there were only two left Um in moments and you cannot prepare for Everything While it is wild and and Um irrational moments and when football

Is the biggest and the most important Thing I think we have the right amount Of calmness as well so we we we will We will get through this but how I said Oh they get out of it but how is that a Couple of times when you want to get out Of something you're first you can throw It and that's where we are still that's What we are still doing just finally Then obviously the World Cup is coming Up Um Relax work Um watch yeah what'd you do everything Yeah Coaches and stuff it's obviously yeah a Relaxing time where we're still working That's clear but I'm not like we do now We don't play every three days yes we're Watching World Cup of course and then Having a pre-season with the players who Are with us for the players it's just Um a lot players who are involved in the World Cup that's relentless It is Relentless but I only saw recently The the documentary one of the plenty of Documentaries about the decision you Know 12 years ago when it was about Russia and Qatar and how it all went and How everybody was Um How the decisions were made in Synthetics and now we're sitting here And it actually happened that time I

Didn't think at all that uh that it Would influence me Um but in influence all of us and now we Are here now we have to do I remember Thinking at the time this doesn't sound A good idea right it doesn't sound like A good idea no Um but um some people for some very Interesting reasons made a decision Anyway they certainly did good luck for The rest of the season thank you see you Again thank you take care