“I think this is the start of the end for their ownership” | Fan reaction to Man Utd potential sale

By | November 23, 2022

The chief exutive of the Manchester United supporters club has said the statement made by the Glazers is the beginning of the end for their ownership.

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Yeah thank you very much of course we've Been reacting to that statement Specifically and when we broke the news On Sky Sports News and on Sky News here Last night and for the first time we can Get some official fan reaction here I'm Joined by Duncan draslow the chief Executive of the Manchester United Supporters trust Duncan let's go back to That official statement obviously the News came out and emerged that the Glazer family are open to a sale when You saw the statement what was your Reaction as a as an organization Although I mean every United fan knows That we're desperately in need of new Capital investment into the club for the Stadium Redevelopment to back the Manager to put the club back where it Should be competing at the top in the Premier League and in Europe and we just Are not able to secure that under the Current ownership the problem we've got Is the share structure they created Which is beneficial for them puts off Anybody else coming in and investing Into the club so we need a new ownership Structure if we're going to get that Investment I think that's the conclusion That the Glazer family have reached Themselves now having tried to you know Every mechanism they could to bring in Investment while they retained ownership So I think this is the start of the end

For their ownership of Manchester United Is that the key here then because of the Way they restructured the shares that Essentially it's going to be a complete Sale or no sale as far as due to it Because in the statement it did suggest They were potentially open to outside Investment coming in I'm sure they would be open to that but I just cannot see why anybody would Invest at a significant amount into Manchester United and then be there with Sort of subservient chairs that mean That they are you know at the behest of The glaze as will rather than uh you Know being equal shareholders with Everyone having the same voting rights I Think that's the key problem here if They get rid of the Dual share class now I think it's possible that they could Then bring in an investor but I don't Think that's necessarily what they want You know every bit of information we've Received suggests that many if not the Majority of the the other family members Would actually welcome the opportunity To sell now so I think that's the most Likely outcome here It's taken a long time we've seen fan Protests all the way back from the Initial takeover didn't we back in 2004 2005 right through to I suppose the Failed European Super League bid How has the feelings of the fans changed

Over the years I think the truth is that it hasn't Really changed that much but actually The sort of appetite for protest Etc has Changed at different times whether That's 2010 when there was the rumors of A red Knight takeover that gave people Some hope we had a Resurgence then the Green and gold protest and then you know I think that died down when it looked Like there wasn't going to be a bidder And then of course after Sir Alex Retired we started to see success on the Pitch draining away and I think that Started to fuel discontent again but you Know the actual reason why fans want a Different ownership structure hasn't Changed at all you know we recognize the Value of having fans as partners in the Ownership in the club because that's What brings transparency and Accountability and actually United fans Are the club's biggest asset even Financially as well and what the glazes Have missed out on through the way that They've managed the club and bought the Club and forced us as fan shareholders To sell out is they've lost that value And we would appeal to any new owner That's coming in to understand that the Real way to unlock the value of Manchester United is to work in Partnership with the fans not use them As you know exploit them as customers in

Effect so really it's about all Shareholders being equal having funds With a stake in the club to work Alongside new owners The Glazer family off the back of the European super league and that failed Breakaway they they came out they Apologized they admitted they'd done Wrong they said they would open Increased dialogue with supporters Groups like yourselves they also Suggested at the time that they would Open and opportunities for fans to buy a Stake in the club now that hasn't yet Happened How do you feel that process has been Were they being I suppose have they kind Of lived up to the apology and the Promises they made off the back of the ESL I don't think anyone would conclude They've fully lived up to that certainly I think that they've failed in a number Of areas they have made progress we are In a better position than where we were But I think you know it's too late for That now I think that fans have moved Beyond that you know the share scheme is Something that would be progress but I Think we're looking at something we Really want a much bigger share to Scheme now we want the opportunity to be Partners with with new investors rather Than you know sort of subservient Shareholders and I think that's where

Most fans feel now that you know the Time is for a change at United and I Think it's really important to Understand we're not looking at Necessarily who are the the richest Bidders you know I don't think that's What most United fans feel they want I Think we want people who want to own the Club and have the the same ideals and The same goals as fans rather than Looking to extract value for themselves It's about giving to the football club Investing in the football club and Making it successful again and working In a partnership and so that means Finding the right owners not necessary Only those that are the richest Something I've been asked a few times on Sky Sports News over the last 12 hours Or so here last night and this morning Is why now why the timing now do you Think of this statement from the Glazer Family Yeah I don't think it's specifically to Do with the Ronaldo news or or the World Cup or anything like that necessarily Although they may be convenient for for One reason or another I think this is About they've reached the end of the Process they've exhausted the other Exploration into why what ways they Could raise new capital I think that's The key thing and I think they've Basically concluded that it's not

Possible under the current structure and Where does the biggest need for where is The biggest need I should say for Investment we speak about Old Trafford Needing to be renovated we also talk About Carrington and the way that's Fallen down the pecking order certainly In terms of elite training grounds and Then you see what Eric tenharg is trying To do in terms of rebuilding the squads Are challenging in for the premier League title how do you see it as Supporters where are the priorities here Yeah I mean clearly all three of those Are absolutely important but I think you Know the biggest one in terms of Expenditure is clearly the stadium you Know that has slipped behind over the Years and you know when you look back to Prior to the Takeover in 2005 we were Competing with Real Madrid generating The most revenue and obviously Successful on the pitch as well And look at Madrid stadium now and look At United's and I think that's the Problem we need to be really ambitious And I don't think we can do that with The current ownership structure that's Why we need ambitious new owners who Want to put money into the club rather Than take it out and to work with fans And basically that's the best future for Manchester United and just finally I Want to ask about the impact this could

Have on the current Squad I know we've Got this pause for the World Cup but It's very unlikely a takeover will be Sorted before the Premier League resumes Eric senhag will be facing questions on A almost weekly basis about the process And progress behind the scenes do you Worry about the impact that could have On Manchester United in this current Season I don't really I mean 10 hard Comes across as very level-headed guy I Don't think he'll be deflected by that At all I doubt he'll really engage on Those questions and I think that's quite Right too he concentrates on his job He'll be up to Richard Arnold and the Senior Management of the club to deal With those questions rather than the you Know the football club's manager