“I feel so proud” ❤️ | Eniola Aluko reflects on her WSL Hall of Fame induction

By | October 27, 2022

Eniola Aluko reflects on her WSL Hall of Fame induction, thanking fellow inductees Karen Carney and Katie Chapman as well as looking back



Um it's it's kind of difficult to put Into words Um I'm just I feel so proud so honored So thankful to the fa to the the league Barclays uh WSL To people like Kelly Simmons who sort of Led the way on building this league Um just so proud and obviously you know The other end doctors as well you know People like Karen who I grew up playing With you know from the age of sort of 10 So it I feel a little bit overwhelmed But so so proud to be part of this you Know special group of people that have Been chosen and inducted you speak there About playing as a little girl age 10. Did you ever think back then that Football would take you this far not a Chance no I never ever Um thought that I would get to the level I did you know playing professional Football wasn't really on the radar you Know there wasn't professional football And I think that's why I'm so grateful That the league was even created you Know because it gave players like me the Opportunity to call ourselves Professional footballers and to live out Our dreams Um because growing up it wasn't really Something that we could aspire to Football was very much a passion and a Hobby and then it became a job and Something that you know I'm just so

Passionate about to this day so yeah Super grateful for the league and and Everything I was able to accomplish you Know clubs like Birmingham at Chelsea And Chelsea you've obviously played all Around the world as well you've played At UVA as we can see behind you you've Played in America but is there always Something about what you've achieved and The memories you've had from the WSL That always make it special because it's Home absolutely because it's home Um because I felt like I was part of the Development of the league Um you know from 20 2011 you know to 2018 when I left There was a huge kind of exponential Growth within the league that made us Feel you know like we were growing with The league as people and as players and Obviously you see these pictures here You know winning the league with Chelsea Was one of the greatest moments of my Life with friends that people that still Call friends you know it moves decent They're not bad not bad not bad still Got I still got a few of them Um you know being managed people like Emma Hayes you know absolute legend of The game visionary Um so this league means a lot to me even Now you know Um seeing the progression seeing what it Means to women's football around the

World is sort of a beacon for women's Football and um just so proud to be part Of the history of of the league