‘HORROR SHOW!’ Gab & Juls left stunned by Chelsea’s defending vs. Arsenal | Premier League | ESPN FC

By | November 7, 2022

ESPN FC’s Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens (The Gab and Juls show) react to Gabriel’s goal for Arsenal against Chelsea in the Premier League.

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All right Jules I again we will get to Archer I don't want to just be negative Negative negative because we want to Praise Arsenal because this was maybe Their best performance of the Season Maybe you can argue one of the despite The one no considering it's away from Home yeah considers away from home I I Wonder if we get there a word on the Goal because this was a Bizarro goal and You can go back and if you're one of Those people who says well we were still You know many people in my countries to Think like this oh look you know but They're still in the game you know you Ask why doesn't Potter make Substitutions well the goal came in the 18th minute of the second half yeah Maybe he's looking at the game and be Like oh look we're in this game it's nil Nil maybe we can Nick a goal or a set Piece and stuff like that right and then They go down and then he makes the Substitution like seven minutes later Um This goal is a corner kick Taken by Osaka so an in swinger it's a it's an In-swinger which are those who don't Know the lingo means that the ball Curves out and comes back in towards so You can go directly into the goal yeah It doesn't normally you don't expect to Go directly let's go when you hit it

Like you know a foot off the ground Which is how he hit it I don't even know If he mishit it or he meant to do that Anyway You've got You have Three basically there's three Chelsea Defenders who are between the ball Literally goes right by them Um I think one is Taco Silva uh and there's Somebody before him on the near post and Then Again I don't I don't I don't know where To begin seriously watch this again He is so preoccupied I I don't know but The difficulty is that you have to look At the ball as much as your he's not Looking at a defense He is embracing a Defender he looks like An offensive lineman who is in football Who is locked up with somebody right he Literally he's standing still and he has Both arms it's like the he and the Defender are pushing against each other Who whoever he's marking yeah my vitamin Thomas party you look like a big guy It's a ball goes right by him now surely Especially when you have contact with Somebody probably the reasons that you Have contact with somebody when you're Defending a set piece I don't think I'm I'm revealing some some great secret is That the reason you keep contact is so

That you can also keep an eye on where The ball is because that's the Difficulty If your player moves then all Of a sudden you won't feel the contact And you know I need to react to that so Usually you put a nam on your who you Mark and then you keep an eye on the Ball and then you know I don't know what The heck this guy is doing but he's not Really a Defender He's standing in front of the goal yeah Right in the middle Um so obviously the ball actually goes I Think behind him And then and then Gabriel sorry It was yeah uh Yes this is Colin Gabrielle uh Pokes it in yeah I know and you could also think ask Questions of Mendy there too Um yeah yeah but I think you expect Someone to clear it like I don't think Which is reasonable yeah which is Reasonable yeah I I that is such a terrible defending And I don't understand how does this Happen I don't know I I still work alone said pieces with the The Friendship yeah but this is this Isn't it Peace This is I think he's seven that's seven Okay However

I'm not sure this is how they worked it No nothing and you agree he mishit the Corner well yeah well I would think that You know if you said to book I was like I want the ball there you can put it Exactly there where you want another Level but it's like you want to hit the Ball straight into the Chelsea Defender No no but maybe maybe maybe the idea was Like they they're not very good on Defensive pieces and Corners so put it As hard as you can as close to the line As you can instead of maybe a bit on the Penalty spot for example on the edge of The box it doesn't matter surprise a Little bit maybe that was the weakness Of Chelsea that that goal was a horror Show yeah Um but defensively overall they were Horror anyway but I just want to make This very clear Arsenal did not win this Game because it was a tight game and Chelsea made a defensive error no Arsenal won this game because they Outplayed them in pretty much every area Of the pitch Well thank you very much for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports Highlights and Analysis be sure to Download the ESPN app and for live Streaming premium content and let's not Forget as well ESPN FC seven days a week Subscribe to ESPN Plus