HIGHLIGHTS: Philadelphia Union vs. New York City FC | October 31, 2022

By | October 31, 2022

HIGHLIGHTS: Philadelphia Union vs. New York City FC, 10/31/2022

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In Major League Soccer and the Eastern Conference Final is underway Two shades of the same color out there Philadelphia Union call theirs night Navy and any defender in MLS history Comes up Johnson the save it's cleared Away we had a nice strike on the second One and yep Take your pick it's something to watch For throughout this game New York City On both corners and set pieces they try To step their line up and drop Forever To weigh by Nelly I've auger thinking About it Wagner on the deck Sean Johnson Able to Corral at his first Save Tonight There it came off of a turnover there it Is there's well Elliott winning the ball Back goes to Kai Wagner who's up from The corner strikes it from outside after Once again to take down near the corner Flag [Applause] [Music] [Applause] S [Applause] Or do they the flag has come up And here comes the set piece in he's Starting in the offside position and it Does look like he is offside [Applause] 22 times once the game gets settled he's A type of player that could pick a pass

That unlocks New York City as the second Half is underway only change for either Side look we got a lot of guys in that Back line as part of the league best Defense but Way It works out for Toronto Carranza is Going to pick it up trying to play it Off Behind the play Michael Oher tight angle Going and Johnson who blocks it away Diego Martinez trying to get it clear on The follow-up and this is today for Johnson all the chances for the union Have come this way where New York City Are caught between trying to step up When they've lost the ball and then They're spacing behind and the union are Just dumping the ball and then saying to Uwa and karanza could run on go run and Get you on the end of it they combine so Well great Hold Up play by Carranza once Again who has a look up [Applause] All the way up [Applause] Into the attack and they get their full Backs wide and high comes out wide Continue home watch Maxim Morales mirror Screen senses the Gap Martinez had Stepped in it left that big hole in Front of the back floor early ball comes In what a clever layoff there from Rodriguez just the awareness about to

Goal delayed first time so that rodrigue That Morales can take it first time and What a clean finish Maxie Morales three Straight games with a goal for a guy That questionable coming into this game And one a huge guy to have on the field That can deliver in big moments for New York City FC the 35 year old ever will Reset Because I'm coming back across his goal that has To react quickly to what was a powerful Header from Collins and keeps the game At once He's on now as the first change of the Game for New York City what does he Bring up well He's watching Nick Cushing as well and A little Quick Foreign [Applause] ERS right now they're looking around Trying to get their shape set and the Union said okay thanks very much play it Quickly great run from Carranza off the Shoulder of Collins he gets the inside Track now Sean Johnson have to come out And try to narrow that down he's all the Way on the corner of the six yard box And what a great finish for Carranza who As you said had not scored since August With his team oh here comes an energized Union now after that goal oh this place

Just exploded by so hands it off for Burke Glenn Carranza back into the middle Back-to-back goals the ball from McLean Initially and the timing of the run from Gazda wow just on side and what a clever Header from the goal scorer on the Previous goal Carranza he just drifts Off at the back post and gets wide open And something that has made gossback so Effective this season his ability to Make a late run and smell a goal to Sniff out the space nobody tracks him Everybody gets attracted to the ball Meanwhile he's wide open at the back Post and there it is Hawk turns around Too late the roof said in the back of The net he's gonna spittle around from a Glint instead [Applause] Did take a deflection out for a corner The league [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Foreign Burke here Justin hack in the game the Homegrown player sit down throws him to The deck and then look at him skirting By you think the chance it's gone here Tinder home comes back to try to take it Off the toe of gosdog and then it falls

Back to Burke again I mean look at that Strength and balance right now and just He knows what he wants when he picks his Ball he's running right down the heart Of that New York City defense it pops Back to him on the left foot and he Hammers it home impact stuff coming off The bench in the second half Jim Curtin Made the change to bring Burke in for uh And boy has it paid off In Philadelphia slam the door As Rodriguez was being challenged there By Wagner O'Doul's cross sent Away by the defender Of the Year Jacob glasses Allen Chapman Checks The Watch Mr Morales and that's it [Applause] That's it on for his title and for the First time in club history they will Play an MLS Cup Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]