HIGHLIGHTS: LAFC vs. Austin FC | October 31, 2022

By | October 31, 2022

HIGHLIGHTS: Los Angeles Football Club vs. Austin FC, 10/31/2022

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[Applause] And away we go lafc field of winning That MLS Cup is their Destiny Austin are Within sight of that goal much earlier Than anyone outside the club would have Expected I just thought Gite was really Good and with the center forward and Good form like that why pull him off Cipuentes And another go for sifuentes heroically Blocked and in fact a foul has been Given against the Ecuadorian great Recognition here from sofuentes Understanding that if he makes a direct Run nobody from the back line could pick Him up because they're dealing from the Front three of lafc Doing anything he can to get the ball by Stooper he does so but lucky for Austin FC [Applause] The ball is scrambled behind it should Have been one nil lafc diagonal run Right in behind cascante in four spread Super in a bad position he'll he got Away with that early on the game coming Up they're not with one goal lead off of Balanga It's a red goal [Applause] First Blood lafc [Applause] Who is the cleanest and most clinical of Headers from the ever reliable Rango

[Applause] Another reason why kiolini's in the Lineup is because of how dominant he is On set pieces but you know who's been Dominant since coming to Major League Soccer that's Christian orango Over 30 goals since August of 2021 since Coming to Major League Soccer an MVP Finalist he has changed lafc and he has Changed this game for Steve torontalo [Applause] Bella through the center takes it down Exquisitely And how to get forward look at this no Pressure on Muriel what a great 15 to 20 Yard run on a diagonal Cheers lovely ball arango one-on-one With gabrielson [Applause] Struggling over the last 15 to 20 Minutes of one of the best off-season Pickups in Major League Soccer let alone Lafc Brazilian Hollingshead will go again Ryan Hollingshead strong hands by stuber [Applause] Full contributions in the last four Years in France and it's all out Hollingshead to join into the attack They're gonna need some real Mobility up Front those two will provide that look At the time look at the space look at The opportunity for arango Because lafc

Are missing chances to really put this Game in their favor and how often have We watched games throughout the world Where when you miss that second goal you Don't get ahead so Maxie Rudy comes in Two goals in a 4-1 win against lafc less Than two months ago he replacesite and Emiliano rigoni comes out in favor of Ethan Finley [Applause] The now familiar routine fellow with the Corner kick [Applause] It's two And Matthew found himself in a very Awkward spot They go straight to the corner taker Fella that's two goals from quarters two Goals for lafc but also who has a little Lock on their side great ball wins from Carlos Villa take nothing away from that But how unlucky is that for master Rudy Who immediately comes into this game in His first touch ends up in the back of His own net Austin backs are against the wall as Lafc lead to nil here at home See the game out Hoping to get something from a Well-positioned referee who said no Seemed to be very much On the line oh I think it's inside just Inside there So if that is deemed to be a foul this

Could be a Lifeline for those on the Left foot The left foot's on top of Diego fagundus Tim Ford is the VAR in Atlanta looking At this and he is going to go and have a Look at the screen and we know what this Usually means And they are of one mind but they would Be Wow no penalty goodness In place of the hugely popular goal Scorer [Applause] As surprised as I am with that move [Applause] Strongly to win the Western Conference Final in their sophomore season The referee is playing an advantage [Applause] Spin on the ball makes that awkward it's A Pokemon what a moment for the young Man Lafc booked their dates with Destiny [Applause] When it's your day it is your day the Ball bounces in your way in a variety of Ways bar goes in your way home goals Happen a tackle from Diego fagunas back To his own goal spins in the way of Opoku and what a clinical finish this Was And the 21 year old of Ghana So many store names for lafc AFC work in

And there doesn't get enough credit Well one of the greatest turnarounds We've ever seen in MLS history and so if I'm an awesome FC fan [Applause] But the flag is up for offside Opoku was in an offside position when That ball was directly played which is Where the flag went up and in the Overall scheme of things it's not really Going to matter Lafc have their date their moments of Destiny patience prove to be a virtue [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]