Hertha vs. Bayern Munich | Bundesliga highlights | ESPN FC

By | November 5, 2022

Hertha vs. Bayern Munich | Bundesliga highlights | ESPN FC
Check out the highlights as Bayern Munich defeats Hertha 3-2.

All right so off we go then heser Against Bayern match day 13 in the Bundesliga and Bayern can go back top With a positive outcome here in the Capital this afternoon they've been Looking their insatiable best in recent Weeks Back here stretch his legs for the first Time here what a fun race this is with Open meccano Luca backyard And he forces herself from Neuer That might have been going wide but the Goalkeeper wasn't to know about that King serves a Luca bakio threat to buy In here This is a Great Raid from him because Really quick and really strong as well But the angle was impossible to score From if Manuel Neuer is in the goal We're looking to work their way through This red wall here Tyson bowling No he claims it good early Cross of that Heart Money He opens up is there a finish you bet Just like that murcielo with it A turnover the explosion at PACE from Money and the Finish From one of the brightest talents in the Game buying up and running and how to Berlin shouldn't lose the ball in that Area deep into their own half It's a very unselfish pass from money

And look at that cool finish from with Yellow he's only 19 years old he's got Everything I remember seeing him a Couple of years ago for the first time I Just fell in love with the way he played From the first match and he's just Getting better and better from every Match But look at this cool finish no except I know he goes again Davies on again for money money good Save Christensen clean from one side to The other and the goalkeeper had to be On his toes here Hey Cindy perfectly built up but of Course difficult angle from money at the End It's okay Well they've run it back retrieved it by Really well oh and Neuer has to stretch For it Good it's me Great pass for silke he's starting at The right time Winning it back and the finished up Protests from him to get a free game Ish And now Davies Go ahead let's go Davieska it's a good blog supermarket Goodness Me He just keeps on doing it doesn't he Perfect build up And a quick reaction

From the goal scorer It's still not Lewandowski but he is Really scoring for fun at the moment That's a great reaction great finish Seven straight appearances in all Competitions he has scored in And here comes Monday and they're Hunting more here are buying Mayonnaise opening up for him and Canabri on the stretch and who's gonna Put this in it's another one this is Supermotic again it's another great Reaction from the super monster and I Think he scored with his knee he Actually slipped a little bit just Before but that was within one minute Two goes Beating up and again very unselfish Setting up cannabi on the right Great cross Slipping and scoring with his knee Well you don't care how they go in But it's nearly a carbon copy really Isn't it at least first goal Just a few moments ago Harry Maxim super motive he hasn't Stopped since in the cup in the Champions League and in the Bundesliga But here's lucky vacchio No stopping that one From a player who loves scoring against Bayern that's his sixth career goal Against them he was the best player he Was taken down with a lot of tackles

Sneaking just in the back of masarawi And wow what a finish that's really Difficult to keep that under the bar And I don't want anything I don't want Any half time now because it's going Every minute right now Foreign Goes down Some pretty loud cries of anguish Wow And all of a sudden Had to compete right back in this What a moment this could be for her to So close to hard time Thank you That's how you do it selling the best in The world the wrong way Look at Schwartz Back from musiala And he get it again here Luciano on the Turn Brilliantly well to keep it in place Canapri goes down It's hung up He's going to put this in missions there And it is eventually in The balance of musiala Keeping the ball in play You did get the Final Touch I don't go by Agustin rochel the Uruguay All right they're going back It's not going to count Alfonso Davies offside well thank you Very much for watching ESPN on YouTube

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