Has Shaka Hislop ever saved a goal with his face? | ESPN FC Extra Time

By | November 4, 2022

On this edition of Extra Time, the crew discuss:
0:00 Intro
1:46 What has gone wrong with bottom 3 teams?
4:15 How many watches do you own?
5:35 Best RB for England?
6:50 Save with head or face?
9:29 Who goes through PSG vs. Napoli?
11:27 Will FIFA make World Cup in winter again?
12:39 Who will score more, Messi, Neymar, Mbappe?

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Welcome into the latest edition of extra Time it's been a show [Laughter] [Applause] I've got Nathan and Shaka and La yeah Nathan's in my good books today yeah why Is that okay had a little slip at the Top of tonight's oh show okay and Nadem Seamlessly made him seamlessly excused Me as he talked about a few things Awesome the other hand whereas the word Just laughing I have no idea what's Going on All right now first question even though I didn't put a hashtag FC extra time Hashtag FCS for time Shaka yeah where's Your tooth I left this desk I left with A modest there's quite a gap facing me Here What are you gonna do with the cleanest Contest see you on Tuesday You've got to be a really weird cleaner If you mess with somebody's tooth no It's just going It's all right he's all right there he's Happy he's at home just leave it on Bully burley's desk Now if anybody knows false teeth is Boiling yeah that's where dreams go to Die right yeah You're not allowed on Thursday anyway no Okay Physical signs that says this is not Your desk this is not for guests stay

Out All right now I'm assuming this is about The Premier League Looking at all of the teams in the Bottom three as of now Of those teams have really good players And at least nobody would have named two Of the three clubs there at the start of The Season what has gone wrong for them We do have an FC extra time here well I I have to ask a question to those that Are in charge of picking the questions If there's no clery as to what league They're talking about how does this Question make the cut okay so I'm going To assume it's the Premier League which Brings us Leicester wolves and Nottingham Forest Is it fair Nadem to say that Leicester City would have not expected to see Themselves in the bottom three at this Stage of the season I believe that to be fair I think some People thought that they maybe fall off A little bit this year because they Haven't been able to bring in some of The players that have been wanted in That first transfer window but yeah it Was strange to see them down there but They were just concede in so many goals Um as for walls like I think wolves are A good side but for the years that They've been in the Premier League they Never really feel like they score enough

Goals and it seems like this year They're being quite severely punished For that so that's why they're down There and then for Nottingham Forest you Know if you sign 22 players somehow it Might not mix straight away so we would Have thought but it's the end of the day It's the Premier League it's any League It's a professional League it's a Subdivision anywhere in Europe around The world it's very very competitive and If you're not at your best you can be Punished and then the moment you start Getting punished if you don't have Momentum don't have the belief you can Spend a bit more time down there than You would like but as we've seen in Recent weeks there's a mini Resurgence That can start to come with say some of The results for Forest some of the ones For Leicester and then I think we'll Also be thinking that their time's Coming soon as well The Premier League bias in this show is Something else Did you hear what I said you heard what I said I said top leagues around the World L.A I knew you were there so I Paid my respects I didn't just say the Premier League I assumed that he was Premier League There's nothing with you NATO means Kay Who then decided it was a premier league Situation it was key perhaps Karthik

Often contributes to a digital show on The Premier League that janish and I do Oh here we go so it's a Blog it's a plug For you and your show it's a plug for Your show it lives on ESPN FC Please go and check it out every Monday Extra time so now I'm confused but let Me know Karthik if my assumption was Right not about the show Oh yeah How many watches do you own do you have A matching pair of sneakers and pocket Square for each and what is your number One tip for accessorizing Ali has Watches sponsored Ali's got a watch Sponsor Uh used to check Best sponsorship has since ended I I caught a few watches and yes I do Try to Mix and match a little bit make sure That they pop every once in a while the Tie as well and and when I do have a Pocket square yes I try to make sure That it all comes together even the Shoes I try every once in a while to Make sure that everything is a full Package coordination fashion forward Listen Luis Garcia liked it okay that's Right Now let me just tell you Shaq here's the Problem that I have You see the hair situation it's not Going to get any better right the face

It's all that I've got to work with so Then I have to redirect the attention Elsewhere so you will watch I wear a Watch and a pocket square that usually Matches the tie All right yeah I was saying this homeboy Feeling himself yeah That's right It's my sponsor Best thing Burly face [Applause] Maiden who will be the best right back For England in the World Cup The best Um Uh I don't even know if england I'm Gonna play with the right back probably Not they might have wingbacks but Um in terms of people available right Now Uh do you know the right back that's Probably had the best season today it's Probably Kieran drip here so I wouldn't Be surprised if he's in there playing in That position and also he was a part of That England team that made it to the Semi-finals I think of the World Cup Answer the final of the Euro so Um I think he's the guy that's in a Dominant position right now he's playing Very very good football going about his Business and you can you can see his Values to the side so I I guess it's Going to be him

Playing very good football right Newcastle is The castle Yeah number 10. you forgot That they were number 10. well you had Me flustered oh well And then and then Adam was pulling a Face Okay because Adam's underneath Where's Adam Or something Together as you do yeah Adam yeah Adam Have you ever made a save with your head Or your face yeah I remember I remember playing Um well I mean it happens a lot but I Remember I remember playing Newcastle against Sunderland at St James's Park and why This world stood out as I did not see The ball coming so there's like it's the Ball is bouncing everywhere in the box And you know there's a ton of bodies and You know it's just kind of everywhere And all of a sudden I get smashed like Straight on in the face do not see it Coming Honestly it it it all but knocked me out It was one of them I mean but to to the Question it happens or you know comes Off the face all the time but that one Stood out that one felt like a right Hook Hey how many or how often did you feel Like you did not see the ball at all

Sometimes you just have to put yourself In the right place I'm hoping that Smashes you and it hits you but this one I was just kind of running across I'd Run across the box somewhere I just Smash right right to my face imagine it Sounds like nadum's used his face to Defend It anyway It was Murray again it's Murray again I'm not gonna name names but Ali you Might know what I'm talking about here I Once had a goalkeeper who um was once Really really good but when I played Them they weren't as good and they're Not very tall not very much where Um I was in the war for free kicks and Because of his mobility issues at the Time I knew that if it went over my head Based on where I was positioned in the Wall I knew if it would open my head it Was probably going to be a goal so every Time somebody was running up to a free Kick I kept thinking I'm going to have To save this with my face and as you can See I made one or two saves with my face During that time but it made a big Difference because I was adamant if this Girl was over my head it would go in and Every time it did it went in so yeah Question's more for me Since NATO it's not going to say the Name I Obviously feel compelled to say the name

Myself that he's referring to And want one call them out Nick Rimando Is what he's saying Negra Mando is what he's saying Nadum can deny it all he wants Rimando Okay say Napoli job Rafael says say Napoli drop PSG in the round of 16 on Current Farm available players and Situations in other words if the match Was next week who goes through to the Quarters I mean I feel like this is leading the Witness see the name of the person who Puts his question forward He has a Napoli podcast It feels like he's a hairdresser oh yes If rafaeli could do anything with that Yes he could have whoever he wants with With that game yes yes Rafael gets to Make the choice but there's no options Here What do you think he's gonna do with me He's going to strain it out I'll be able To do something what what Never mind the question what can we do With this We go we got first raphaeli yeah you Know you know you know why K is having This attitude today right well yeah That hair got done today The makeup girls hairdressers went to Work today yeah yeah and they won today But Rafael you got a challenge you do Something with this hair now we're

Talking so are you suggesting that Rafa Napoli 83 thinks that Napoli on current Farm right now would be PSG Yes with my hair cutter without my Haircut that's what Rafael is saying all Right for everyone do you think that FIFA will make the World Cup in the Wind No They will not And you should not Shaq with your I Don't know if you're talking about FIFA Inside knowledge I don't know what You're talking about to appear in Another documentary Is there a documentary Shack where's it Coming out Shaq [Laughter] You're a big star I want to be like you Shaq Not your tooth you're still a great star From tracker Yes do you think they'll do it in the Winter again I think it depends how much money They'll be paid to grow the great oh the Game globally I'm trying not to be cynical but you Know they say do it in this time because It's cooler I'm looking at temperatures And it's like 90 95 degrees so yeah who Knows the guess this is we'll find out In time I guess we will for all who will score More goals in the World Cup Messi Neymar

Or mbappe Wow Messy all right okay see this is this is America no but here's the problem here You say Messi right but you have spent The last decade no I have not taken Against me no I have not no I didn't Didn't pick for Messi yeah I've Maintained Messi's the best player of a Generation I've said that throughout I've said that throughout best player of This generation it sounds like I said That throughout it sounds like a Double Bluff to me no it's not ah yeah massive What message was the leading scoring the Copa America so I was leaning Nema and Then I thought oh hold on a couple of Months so we're messy How can you say hold on uh [Music] I think Messi has much more of a Play-making role nowadays for Argentina And they won't depend on his calls Nearly as much And if Argentina is successful in the World Cup they're not going to be given A lot of goals giving up a lot of goals Anyway so they won't need many goals to Win matches Neymar May not score a whole bunch of goals Because he's going to have players Alongside him where there are many Options for Brazil whereas there are as

Many for Argentina so by process of Elimination if France makes a Deep Run Mbappe's scoring goals for them okay Messi and Bape Him I'm gonna say mbappe I think he's more Of a focal point compared to the other Two the other two could obviously score Goals and create goals but mbappe is Just the extreme finisher isn't it so I'm going to go that way but I hope it's A little messy because as Shaka said I Think he's the best of his generation Right nice answer from Adam wasn't it so Yeah see do you see did you hear what She said there's a nice answer from Adam Yes see okay home girl feeling herself Somebody said on YouTube about me home Golfing yeah and she told us so now you Know what we've been saying But it was one of the top ones I don't Even read the comments Maybe about 10 people That's murky Waters