Grand Park College Showcase Day 2 Afternoon – 5.7.22

By | May 10, 2022


[Music] The lab was great of course the club Versus club conference it's it's an Amazing level um we're glad to be 2-0 Like it's a great start this season for Us But we played against a tough tough team A tough club but like very very good Club from illinois great experience for All the boys like college coaches on the Sidelines watching them and asking Asking questions to us coaches regarding Individuals um super fun feels amazing Especially after a couple national League games we weren't as sharp as we Are today i feel like the team has Built its chemistry up and Just feels good to come to b2 and all so It's very high level here especially Playing against very quality good teams We know it's not going to be easy but We'll do everything we can to qualify [Music] Just a lot riding on the line we've been Waiting for this game for a couple Months now and i the girls knew the Pressure but also were really pumped up And it was definitely a team effort all Around How they kind of look at the game and it Gives our girls Versatility of different ways of Defending and attacking and i think Every year we've seen growth and

Especially this year it's just been Super fun to kind of see all dimensions Come together both defensively and Offensively putting away more goals i Think playing all different teams helped Us like learn what we need like what we Need to improve on because every team Plays different they all have their Different style whether they're more Offensive more defensive so it's just Exciting to see how we can adjust to Other teams like style play i think it Prepares us because we went to nationals A couple years ago we kind of felt you Know out of place like you know the Underdog the newbies but i feel like We're a lot more prepared knowing that We're one of the top teams up there so We're just excited to like play with Confidence You