Gladbach tops Dortmund in high-scoring thriller | Bundesliga Highlights | ESPN FC

By | November 11, 2022

Goals from Jonas Hofmann, Ramy Bensebaini, Marcus Thuram and Kouadio Kone helps Borussia Monchengladbach to an impressive 4-2 victory over Jude Bellingham's Borussia Dortmund.
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Foreign [Music] S here in Germany during the World Cup And that was nicely done by Schindler And what a start Jonas Hoffman buries it For gladbach The first attack In the fourth minute Well not great defending from schlutter Beck and Company Jonas Hoffman his fifth goal of the Season to usher in carnival here in Munchen gladbach Well there We talked about Hoffman plane or Kramer Playing fairly narrow stindel gets on The ball it's a lovely little pass as Well good run and what a good finish From Hoffman he started in the wide area He makes a little diagonal run really Good vision from stindel and then the Finish he doesn't try to hit it too hard Just passes it into the corner purple Gets nowhere near it that's an excellent Finish after a really good run from Hoffman [Applause] On the ground Manukone And he takes on the shots was that the Best option under the circumstances Pushed away by Gregor Corbett And it grinds to a whole side by Sasha Tilat

You can see that Earth man has just run into an offside Position he knew that Guerrero John There's Jude Bellingham Gets better and better that's a five Pass and that's a fine finish by Julian Parent to level it Wasn't picked up Brandt football And the young keeper oshovsky is beaten You don't always expect is a brilliant Forward pass and watch this for a pass He sees the rump from Julian Brent what A ball that is and he makes the right Run good first touch great awareness What a touch and what a strike that's Brilliant from the pair of them you Won't see a much better goal than that In terms of technical quality And the ability to pull off what was an Excellent goal Well a searching pass Or plan to take it Oh that is a superb Header by Remy Pennsylvania What power he generated well that's in His repertoire More fun finding the Gap in the dock on Defense Down to a very good delivery and one Player wanted it more than anybody else In the Box Spencer by any good jump Gets away from his marker

It's not great defending I think from Jude Bellingham he's the player that Should win the ball in the air he Doesn't do so and it's a fairly Comfortable finish for Pennsylvania in The end Comes over the top of the goalkeeper who Doesn't react quickly enough but a good Delivery and another Fallen Foreign [Applause] Does he have the angle he does 3-1 to go out back And Marcos to ram in double figures for The season [Applause] Well again they're called out at the Back they're trying to play the ball Forward nothing wrong with that But they just don't watch what's going On behind them that looks like it may Have been out of play again Kone won the Ball and won another challenge and then There's a 2V1 against schlotterbeck he's Got to back off instead he Dives in Suram goes past him then there's the Composure to take it round the Goalkeeper Kerrville And a very good finish nobody was Catching him he's got great pace and he Shows the composure and the technique at The end of it Big few minutes

For munching glad back In control of the game now But it's been a first half of defensive Problems For the man in yellow and black Brandt Guerrero ball and Reina is he going to Finish now [Applause] There's that cross into the box but Coco Does most things right he gets above it He tries to head it down So here is Guerrero and called it to Action oshovsky Made it look dramatic he has always Bended into him As well to get it up and over the wall But a fairly comfortable save oshovsky [Music] He starts to move that way gets both Hands to it Another Julian Brandt's corner for Dortmund and oshawsky closing away with Schlotterbeck [Applause] Staff But it's raining goals and schroderbeck Makes it 3-2 delivery another good Delivery into the box they win the first Head up Goalkeeper pushes it away but straight To schlotterbeck comes around the back Of Kramer Could he had done better the goalkeeper He had to make a quick reaction save

And unfortunately he puts it right into The path of the center-back who makes no Mistake Left foot volley side foot excellent Finish and as you said what a game we've Had in this first 40 minutes [Applause] As you just mentioned it looks like a Counter-attack is on Huffman didn't make The most of that one Now space opening up for arena as he Looks over a shoulder and oh it was There for Marlon Foreign ER doing brilliantly but I think we Could see a fantastic save here or a Great last ditch challenge it's a great Save by the goalkeeper watch again Marlon makes the run the goalkeeper does Absolutely brilliantly there he has to Adjust his position from that deal Man is on for karma Remains on the pitch for gladbach There's Coney oh delightful manukone It's the perfect way to begin this half From a club point of view His first card of the season And no end to the scoring The attorneys would have told his Players at the start of the second off Make sure you don't give another goal Away be solid make sure you compete And this is the result of some good play He's just just on side I think when the

Balls played forward There's the Run [Applause] And then Kone who's been brilliant all Evening certainly defensively the first Touch is good he just takes it onto his Right foot and then it goes between the Legs of Hummels which gives the Goalkeeper kerbil absolutely no chance With the pass there's the touch and what A good finish And we One and a half to almost three with Dortmund being the three In the first time but in reality 4-2 and Striding Away to RAM and Marcus to Ramos Put it wide Well we don't usually expect that from Him Well we heard Archie talking about why Hummels isn't Going to the World Cup you just said an Example of it there Here's to ram Bach happy to play on the counter Marcos To Ram going one way down the other Couldn't quite apply the finishing touch And they Challenge from Zulu Well the whole crowd were urging to Ram To run at hummus he does so brilliantly Drags it one way then goes the other Modest playing it back though the Auxiliary Defender for glad back to RAM And was prepared to chase it down and he

Might get the break of the ball here Thomas Looking befuddled it's going to be Another one it's hold fun to make it 5-2 Glad back A night of defensive Horrors from Dortmund and we've just witnessed Another one who else complains Stops He said he had his heel clipped I don't Think he did Oh fell there for me it's around just About puts enough weight on it I think here we go all right just Changed his mind here Give a free kick there we are that's What he's done Uh reversal of the original decision Take nothing away from gladbach And plan has worked It's corny's pass and Ben sabahini Wanted it but it's come to Ram is he Going to score this time now Makes a brilliant run across him See what he's trying to do just pass it With the inside of his left foot Beyond Well thank you very much for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports Highlights and Analysis be sure to Download the ESPN app and for live Streaming premium content and let's not Forget as well ESPN FC seven days a week Subscribe to ESPN Plus