Gerard Pique’s legacy: An impossible task for a Barcelona legend 👏 | ESPN FC

By | November 3, 2022

ESPN’s Martin Ainstein reports about his time covering Gerard Piqué over the years, what he means to LaLiga and what legacy he’ll leave behind at Barcelona. #ESPNFC #Barcelona #LaLiga

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It's the end for Gerard begin Leaving not only Barcelona but football He's retiring He Said it in a very Unique way Is biggest way always different always Singular Through a very well done video With images from his childhood Him Watching that video and reacting From those images What has Your biggest done To the world of football What is his legacy It is somehow impossible to divide The drpk football player from the grpk Entrepreneur pioneer Politician Celebrity There's so many PKS out there He's a curious guy He seems to be always one step ahead Of everybody Even now announcing his retirement when None of us expected No one was thinking that jrpk was going To say goodbye In the middle of a season But somehow It makes sense Is

It is Gerard's way He was always Creating his Own scenarios Finding his own own ways to To grow to develop To feel alive I think this is a guy and I've been At all Gerards Career highlights the good and the bad Ones And this is a guy that Was very conscious all the time And aware of Where his life Needs In terms of his Sports career and in terms of his Life needs Outside Sports Or besides Sports Um He likes to shine He likes to be in the spot He feels very comfortable there He wants that And I think this is Just uh How we say in Spanish hasta luego see You later Because we're gonna see your Big Air In the future for sure Creating Um

And leading projects Because this is a guy that uh He's like that he likes to succeed he's Very ambitious He was At football and He is In so many other areas And I'm kind of curious of Watching that Different because develop In the future because I think Um It will be very very interesting It is a bitter Goodbye I don't think that he will have Dreamed of Leaving this way Not playing not being a important He has been criticized lately I The clevers of his life Barcelona has Been involved in some scandals as well And uh Yeah it's big guys biggest way He's done it He's ending his career and I think This is a legend That is saying goodbye a Defender that Does change the game Has given so much To to football to Spain to Barcelona And a guy with a lot of Charisma that

Has Developed in so many ways That it has been a pleasure and a very Interesting experience To To report and to tell stories about him Thank you for being there Thanks very much for watching espnfc on YouTube for more highlights analysis and Exclusive content be sure to subscribe