By | November 12, 2022

Gerard Piqué is a legend. After 14 years in the first team squad, he has called it a day, but what a day it's been! A man who was literally born into Barça has dedicated so much to the cause in almost a decade and a half of brilliance.


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I was born in Barcelona and I grew up
there as a player and as a human being. Destiny brought me to Manchester, but the door is never closed on returning. Good evening everybody.
Good evening culers. In life, when you grow up, you realize that Sometimes loving means
knowing when to let go. And in a relationship with so much love
like the one between Barça and me, I think that this is the moment
to give ourselves some space. I'm convinced that in the future
I'll be back. I was born here and I will die here.
Visca el Barça! Always.