Garnacho didn’t get chances because of his attitude?! 😳 ESPN FC reacts

By | November 3, 2022

The ESPN FC crew reacts to Bruno Fernandes' comments on Alejandro Garnacho.

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In groupie of the Europa League this is How things finished up uh we also see That and Manchester United playing out a Game today the hosts needed only to Avoid defeat by more than one goal so United need to win by two or more goals In the end it was one nil after Alejandro Garnett has got the only goal Of the game in the 17th minute David de Gea also made a brilliant double save But speaking of the goalscorer this was Bruno Fernandez talking about him he Said he knows we expect a lot from him He's still really young at the beginning Of the Season he wasn't at his best in The pre-season tour he didn't have the Best attitude that he should have and That's why he didn't get his chances Until now he's getting his chances Because he's training better he's having A different attitude and he's deserving His chances Nadem what do you think About what Bruno Fernandez has said There we do have to remember garanacho Is only 18 years old Um I'm curious was it was it was it ten Hogg that said that or was it Fernandez Because all those words sound like a Manager in terms of making decisions for African players I didn't know that plays Could be so open in that manner about Who gets selected and who doesn't and The reasons why I think he seems like He's trying to deliver a message to to

The play there but at the end of the day Is that his job to do that like I get That you're a captain but keep certain Things in-house it's a it's an Interesting one you know people certain People would have been happy to see him Score his goal today and it's like oh It's great he's exciting he's 80 and Everything's fantastic everything's Looking up but it's an interesting one It's a sort of like you know you did Well but stay grounded stay grounded and You know this is why you're getting this Is why you won't get in but yeah it's um It's a weird one for me I don't I don't Get that I don't understand the context Of the question that would have been Asked to him for him to deliver that Answer and sometimes for young players He pays to Pat them on the back it's not All the time trying to pin them down but Maybe he's right they must know Something that we don't and knows that Maybe he hasn't been at his best but I Think to say that's why he didn't get Selected you know what's the reason Ronaldo's not getting selected I guess That's what we'll be asking him next Week Do you mind what Bruno Fernandez has Said there Checker you know at the time I I didn't and I I to near this point I Think it I think Bruno Fernandez is just Trying to deliver a message to to go

Natural that He probably been getting from Bruno Fernandez and the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo all along garnacho played really Well against cerseid I took his goal Fantastically well and I just see this As a senior player just saying to the Younger player keep your feet on the Ground work hard the all the old cliches And everything will be okay I are they Not in the same locker room though yes Yes yes yes okay so couldn't he just Walk over and say that again I'm I'm my Point is I think he does I think they do And is he just kind of blurted it out And I it didn't It didn't it didn't feel wrong to me at The time just to let you know Jules has Joined the party because Julian Lauren With us and we are very happy to have Him your point L.A with with what at Checker was just saying all I'm Suggesting is that Even if you're the captain and even if You're asked the question there are ways In which you answer the question you say He he was excellent today he has been Better in training he has learned his Opportunities you move on with your life Now the meat of that message then you go Directly to Alejandro garnacho and then You say hey see the opportunities you're Getting now see how you're playing Better is because you have a better

Attitude in training so the middle of The message is delivered to Alejandro Garnacho the rest of the message which Can be just generalities you send to the Rest of us This is how I would I would deal with it This is how I would address it I would Not hang out my teammate out there to Say this guy's attitude in preseason Training it was awful now he's improved Now he's better and that's why he's Getting opportunities and Jules Here We Are Tonight all talking about it and him Yeah I agree with I'll go with the Manali on this one I don't think there Was a need for Bruno Fernandez after the Win as well and the Way galaxy took his Goal to Which is already a long time ago to be Fair I think he could have just praised We know how talented the kid is and he Could have said it in a very different Way without pointing out or highlighting That maybe at some point he was he was Not the best behaved in a way Well thank you very much for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports Highlights and Analysis be sure to Download the ESPN app and for live Streaming premium content and let's not Forget as well ESPN FC seven days a week Subscribe to ESPN Plus