Gareth Southgate EXCLUSIVE on USMNT and Pulisic: ‘He hasn’t got to where he wants to be…’ | ESPN FC

By | November 8, 2022

England manager Gareth Southgate talks to ESPN FC’s James Olley about the USMNT’s Gregg Berhalter and Christian Pulisic. England and USMNT will faceoff at the World Cup in Qatar and Southgate sees the danger Pulisic can offer.

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Foreign [Music] And he said that you've bounced ideas Off each other in the past could you Just give us an idea of of what that was Like what sort of things you discussed Yeah well initially Um Greg reached out to me after 2018 and Um I we we met in London and I really Enjoyed his company and we had a good Discussion about coaching and he asked Me a few things about how I'd approach Things with the national team but you Could see that he was smart he was Intelligent he had a very clear idea on How he wanted his team to play good Coaching background And I've seen the evolution in the team As well in that period that he's been in Charge so I know like all national Coaches he'll be getting some stick at Home but I think that's just the way it Goes so Um and we've met a few times since Although I'd have to say our Conversations have dried up a bit in the Last few months understandably but he's A good guy and um yeah I think he's done A really good job Foreign [Music] Christian puristic because he's kind of

He's Captain America he's dubbed over There he's the poster boy for the team I Just wondered if you see sort of Similarities in what he has to endure With players like Wayne Rooney and Debbie Beckham and plays we've had here In the past yeah sure I mean I've been Fortunate that I lived Lived that life Um in an England camp with with guests Going at the start with David Beckham Um and with probably Wayne Rooney in Terms of Um we had other really outstanding Players that that you could argue were More influential for the team than than Some of those guys but their world was Different they were Um big box office big story big news Story front and back pages it is Pressure you know there's there's no Hiding from that you you're on another Level that comes with great rewards and Adulation and Big Marketing and sponsorship deals Um but in the end If you don't deliver on the pitch then Everything comes down and more heavily On those guys what do you make of purely Sick as a player Um he's uh I obviously watched him a Fair bit of Dortmund because we had Um Jaden Sancho there at the time that Adaptation from the Bundesliga to the

Premier league isn't straightforward for A start I think Um The level of the biggest games is Similar you know if you're playing the Bayern Munich or Leipzig but then when You drop down the league I think there's A big difference between the spending Power in the bottom half of the Premier League where they can basically take Players from some of the biggest clubs In Europe and the bottom half of most of The other leagues in Europe where that Depth isn't there so I think that takes Some adjusting to not only the physical Nature of our league but the intensity Of every match and um and of course he's Had two or three coaches to deal with so I think there's been moments where Um he's looked like he's on his way and He's flowing and he's got a coach that Believes in him and and he's had to deal With then setbacks with injury and Um he would probably feel he hasn't Quite got to where he wants to get to Yet I'd imagine but he's a he's a very Good player and um he's a player that When you're looking at the opposition Team Sheet he's definitely somebody that You've got to be aware of and ready for Well thank you very much for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports Highlights and Analysis be sure to Download the ESPN app and for live

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