Gab & Juls expect to see Gerard Pique back at Barcelona one day | ESPN FC

By | November 8, 2022

On The Gab and Juls Show, Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens reflect on the career and future of Gerard Pique, as the defender announces his retirement from the game.

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Barcelona Maria tuneil and Robert Lewandowski takes one of the worst Penalties of his career Joseph this was Very one-sided and really never in doubt Right yeah never in that could go by Usman demberia like that I mean I could Have been a little bit of a tricky game Maybe but but not not on Saturday not For a special night because it was Obviously sure about PKS which is the Next question last game and I think Maybe forever penalty quickly I think he Wants picky to take it he he says it PK Said no no no you go ahead you go ahead Then maybe that messes up with Rob this Man because then I'll take a stupid Penalty And gabas I mean as I was mentioning This was also the final game of Gerard Pick his career but I think we all know That he's not going away were you Surprised at how it happened though yeah And look I don't want to be conspiracy Theorists here but I think you know Marca today reporting that uh he refused Barcelona's offer of a farewell press Conference even though it would have Been the perfect timing for you know you Can do it during the break it's not like You're taking attention away from others His uh his grandfather ah my grandfather By the way who's worked for Barcelona For many years yeah wonderful name What's up with that

Um you know he said he he just grew sick Of sitting on the bench and not Contributing and could he have realized This in the summer maybe maybe there Were also component Financial components I want to focus on the fact that Jared Pique has just been ABS an absolutely Tremendous footballer I it's funny Because I I had dinner with him many Many years ago in Manchester when he was A teenager he just arrived he was a Little bit overweight maybe like the you Know he liked to stay up late and Everything it was it was a night when Giuseppe Rossi was also there who I Think was living with your Peak at the Time like you know he kind of like bows Out early at like eight o'clock so you Can get his beauty sleep and Gerard had No such uh but he turned into I think One of the greatest 616 games 616 games More than 40 goals obviously a World Cup Winner um As well uh and I think in some ways I'm Still so fascinated by his relationship With Sergio Ramos for Spain yeah such Vicious Rivals at Club level being able To broadly put it aside for their National team I mean they're not the Only ones obviously Barcelona Real Madrid divide uh it's it's just been Tremendous I'll tell you what he will be Back he needs to be a president One Day At This Club one day

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