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YOU ASKED FOR IT!! To celebrate the launch of The F2 LIVE event on Top Eleven we teamed up to bring you Managerial Stereotypes PART 2! 🤩🤣

Could you be a GAFFER? Follow the link below to take part in this EPIC event⬇️

Comment below with your favourite “Gaffer”from the video!

See you on the game!

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Billy Wingrove & Jeremy Lynch

Ref ever worked never right never left You sure constantly on the ref gaffer he Does exactly what he says on the team Well if we're watching the same game There's two teams here ref left your First time how much they paying you with That's they got 12 men a day rests on Their side this referee's a joke have You not seen that oh referees All right so for this one you look to Receive the ball yeah get a foot on it Show me a bit yeah bit of footwork Through the cones Just like that right find it back then There all right that's what i'm looking For that's the standard the techie Gaffer he's got tech for days and he Knows it all right if you're not good Enough You can go home yeah All right play The year-round shorts gaffer I don't think his legs ever get cold It's cold one a day lads Well done lads that's good no it's good Malcolm just tuck it a little bit here It's disgusting right here cody can't go Sad please go Look at me I don't feel the cold I'm on the phone Yeah that's what i told him be on the Phone gather He's always on the phone that's my nut

In that geezer going in have a warm up Going in One second Tuck in there all right and hold let me Know when it arrives yeah gaffer i think It's interesting one second luca i'm Just having my conversion done but Builders have gone with the wrong bricks And they look at that I just want that as that the same color As what i've sent them Thanks to top 11 for sponsoring this Video we've just launched an incredible Tournament which you can play online top Eleven is a free-to-play football Management game available on google play Apple huawei microsoft stores and web Browsers as a football manager in top 11 You're in charge of every aspect of your Club signing players running training Setting up formations and ultimately Leading the squad to winning trophies is Just part of the experience of managing Every football manager needs details to Make the tough decisions and 3d live Match in top 11 lets you see your Tactics come to life in a really Exciting and immersive way you're on the Touchline with your players and you feel Like the boss We're really excited because top 11 are Running a special in-game event Dedicated to our manager stereotypes Videos so get your top 11 squad ready to

Face clubs inspired by some of our Favorite sunday league managers from Barking gaffer athletic to mobile town Wanderers you'll be able to show your Own management style whichever type of Manager you are the event lasts from June the 22nd to june the 30th so Download top 11 now and have some fun in This f2 inspired event The cool box gaffer come rain or shine You can bet your bottom dollar it will Be sat on that cool box [Music] All right lads so for this one we're Going to be working on technical Abilities so what you're going to do You're going to come off you man receive The ball yeah The no-tech gaffer For some reason he still tries to demo His own drills i'll go again Go again Sometimes it's hard to watch Okay we'll get it right Yeah it's easy three points in the bag Love that Well done lads Check hands the smooth gaffer he's got a Bit of swag and he knows it All right lads cut final day listen up i Want you to go out there Just have fun yeah fun geffer he ain't Got a clue so what does he do just tells You to have fun all right

Have fun Yeah Have fun yeah have fun Have fun let's enjoy it yeah have fun Turn the barking gaffer he's constantly Barking instructions pass fast head up Good ball dribble dribble go flying Guided dribble shoot shoot shoot yeah Saw me that all made actually that Instructions instructions they followed It well done smith hey Got it back in all right lads so here's A session you start with a ball at your Feet tommy you play the ball in a Mannequin the over complicator the best You can hope for is that you pick up his Drills as you go cause when he's first Explaining it no one's got a scooby doo What he's on about joey you receive and Play in a b smudger first time Sidewinder volley out to d he's going to Play it back to c that's you chas and You're going to pop a little loopy one Up to ricky then we're looking for a Square ball across here and a third man Run from deep and a finish yeah either Side doesn't matter to me all right lads Got that going in shape up All right dad spawn into me Take a good look at this the fitness Gaffer his favorite time of the year's Pre-season but even when it's not you Can forget about bulwark because he'll Have you running all session

Because you ain't seeing that again Today all right we're going to be Running today i want you on the lines Yeah i'm gonna start with box to box and We'll do some heel runs and we'll end With a bleep test all right go on off You go All right listen up lads biggest game of The season today so i've got a few words I want to say all right the motivational Gaffer this one loves a quote even if he Has just pulled it off google Believe in yourself And anything's possible yeah Push yourself Because no one else is going to do it For you all right You are the artist of your own life Don't hand a paintbrush to someone else All right lads here we come add luck all Right i'm free repeat after me yeah a Comfort zone it's a beautiful place But nothing ever grows there yeah Try not do Or do not There is no try one two three All right lads we work on that morning Have a good one Remember the way to get started is to Quit talking and begin doing All right lads Yeah smith fiago yeah The flashy boots gaffer Loves a flashy pair of boots this one

Drop a snazzy leash Yeah See me i'll leave the tags in oh yes Go on I'll write a glove Ah Yes come in With me Why are we here so early Don't worry about that fella yeah the Meet-up time is the meet-up time are Going to have a wander on the pitch I'll tell you this there'll be a few Finds going out today Because everyone should be here and They're not Go on on a pitch lads have a wander The early arrival gaffer for some reason He loves to force everyone to turn up to The venue pointlessly early he's clearly Got nothing better to do with his time So he decides to waste everyone else's That is only six hours till kickoff so Start getting your minds on the game Yeah stay switched on So that's it for this video guys i Really hope you enjoyed the video don't Forget to download top 11 the links in The description below let us know in the Comment section below which was your Favorite stereotype from this video and Don't forget to play the in-game event Dedicated to the manager stereotypes Video like i said before link's in the

Description below if you haven't already Get downloading top 11 top managerial App Because you ain't seen that again a day All right lads so for this one we're Going to be working on technical ability So play with the ball come off you man I've done Instincts the instincts All right lads so for this one the ball Comes in you receive it i'm looking for A nice sharp turn and then can you Finish All right that's what i'm looking for All right here we go Make sure you put a little power on that Strike look for good movement as you Receive it all right nice and sharp All right let's play come on fix up All right lads so for this one you're Looking to receive the ball yeah get it Under control can you do a bit yeah show Me something through the cones and You're looking to get top bins there Yeah Obviously i'm better than that so we go Again receive the ball Bit of footwork Yeah Through the cones and Like i said lads you need to be at them Top bins don't do what i do do what i Say all right we'll go one more Your first time

Is your first time trying to do a voice Break Do a voice break Have a good one Remember the way to get started Is to quit talking and begin doing yeah Sorry [Applause] [Laughter]