Free Conservative Podcasts

Free Conservative Podcasts

This year’s best 50 trending American conservative podcasts came a little differently than the previous years. We think you’ll enjoy these entertaining conservative podcasts no matter your situation in life right now. These captured us during crucial times.

Seen and Not Heard

This is a fictional story produced by Caroline Mincks on Bet Kline, a woman who has almost entirely lost her hearing ability and is trying to adjust to her new life. The show shows her daily life using the podcast form to discover how ableism comes around. We observe Bet’s frustration in learning American Sign Language when everyone else is unwilling to. A podcast I need to hear.

Couples under Lockdown

The psychotherapist and dear podcaster Esther Perel began the podcasts at the peak of the global panic due to the pandemic. When quarantining became globally rampant, new feelings about isolation, marriage, moving, safety, and control became new. Tune in to find out how.

The Cam Chronicles

In 2008, Cam Newton was apprehended for alleged theft of a fellow student’s laptop. It is a seemingly mere situation. However, it got out of hand because the accused was a Black quarterback. Due to intense scrutiny, Newton quit one of college football’s best teams.

Foundering:  WeWork

Adam Neumann is, the co-founder of WeWork, had won over New York due to his yoga-inspired community office environments. The establishment surged to an alleged $47 billion valuation back in 2019. However, the figure was a facade. Accompanied by notable recordings of the internal meetings, the host, Ellen Huet, gives private access to Neumann’s selfish leadership style. He warned employees not to expect recognition for ideas and bragged about paying his staff very little while still advertising community first and also giving New Age-y interviews. Huet somehow debunks Neumann’s cult-like personality to expound on the company’s fluctuation.

Bunga Bunga

Sexism, dictatorship, and the brittle egos of powerful men have never been as humorous as Bunga Bunga. This is a story about Italy’s notorious former Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi. He is a real-estate developer. He gained disrepute through his TV career and lives in an over-the-top enormous mansion.

In addition, he is tied to beauty pageants and showgirls. His wife rendered him mentally ill after hearing about his reported involvement with an 18-year-old that calls him “daddy” (which he denied at the time). However, the host, comedian Whitney Cummings, makes fun of the whole situation without being tone-deaf.

The recent podcast mainly focuses on ridiculousness over abuse the humor in sorrowful circumstances. The title defines Berlusconi’s nasty jokes and shorthand that the show takes time to explain to avoid spoilers. Cummings gives listeners an enjoyable escape from the redundant reality and provides new perspectives through a bizarre point of view to view President Donald Trump’s many similitudes to Berlusconi. Bunga Bunga‘s fun and light-heartedness pairs exceptionally with a narrative on corruption by pointing out that even in dark waters, we can stay afloat as well as make fun of it.

There are many free conservative podcasts online. One that has gained quite a following lately is Steel Truth. The hosts of this show hold nothing back. Please tune in online to listen.