By | September 24, 2022

We teamed up with WORLD FREESTYLE CHAMPION LIA LEWIS and Danone to take on some of the incredible challenges you can try in the DANONE NATIONS CLUB. Join the competition and show us your skills….Link below.

Thanks to Danone Nations Club for sponsoring this video.

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Billy Wingrove & Jeremy Lynch

Yes guys that the known Nations Club the World's biggest digital football Competition for kids aged 10 to 15 is Now live and I'm joined with one of Their ambassadors current freestyle World champion Leah Lewis Leah how you Doing I'm doing great thank you we're Going to run you through some of the Challenges that you can take part in on The website and if you haven't seen Leo In action check this out Leah that was phenomenal uh today's Gonna be fun because me and Leah are Going to be running through some Challenges starting with Wonder kid Moving on to expert and then finishing Up with Legend status first let's check Out the website to see how you can get Involved when you create your own avatar You can change your hair color jersey Shorts and even choose your football Boots once you've set up your avatar You're ready to play the game you can Create a league with your very own Choice of League logo click on wonderkid And get started once you've filmed your Attempt you can upload it using the Upload button on the site and you can do This directly from your mobile phone so That's it get out there get practicing And get some points on the board cool so Let's start off with your wonderkid Challenge the best freestyle pose now I've seen your photos and some of the

Poses are unbelievable so let's start Off with your top three let's go okay so For this challenge you need to be as Creative Technical and stylish as Possible so this is my first pose [Music] Foreign You absolutely nailed that right talk to Me what you got for me okay so you are Taking on Ada hagerberg's wonderkid Challenge so this is how many Hedgehoggles you can do in 10 seconds She smashed it with 17 so let's see what You can do let's do it right Ready with the timer How many 36 boom right let's move on to the next Challenge let's go Jess that was far too easy for you let's See you do last year's win at 11's Corner line shot times let's go Okay so for this one I'm going for the Rabona technique because it's the top Scoring technique my robonas are not the Best but I think I can get this [Music] Come on [Music] That was a tough challenge but I enjoyed That one right that's Wonder kid level Complete Let's step it up Leah over to you Okay so the next challenge is learning How to do the flap so this is what it

Looks like And you can learn it in three simple Steps okay so the first step is to Squeeze the ball between your ankles Just like this make sure it's nice and Tight the second step is to roll the Ball to the outside of your ankle Make sure you have your balance and Finally you're going to roll the ball up And catch it just like that Love that Leah that's a great move to Incorporate into a freestyle routine Right what's next for me I've got a Feeling this next one's going to be Techy okay so next up is Heavy's Freestyles expert challenge okay so I Want to see how many kick-ups you can do In 15 seconds 15 seconds right okay wait You're doing it with a tennis ball I've never done this by the way before So I'm curious myself how how many I can Get first things first calibrate the hip Onto the tennis ball setting it should Click when it gets there Oh Foreign [Music] Yes happy with that guys try that one at Home don't forget to calibrate the hip Onto the tennis ball setting first Crucial wait for the click and then go For the challenge good luck Okay on to the next Leah what is Levin's Expert level challenge okay so 11's

Expert challenge is one trick one volley Shot and if you hit the crossbar you get Extra points [Music] Foreign [Music] I think that went in I think that went In we need to check the replay but That's the challenge in off the crossbar For top Point let's check the replay [Music] Okay so we've just checked the replay And we think it went in we've got to Take it by let us know in the comment Section below if we got it wrong or if You think they went into What a short Jazz that was absolutely Amazing and it perfectly takes us up to The legend level I've set up a dribbling Course here for you show us your Footwork ball up your feet and then Finish let's go [Music] Foreign [Music] That one Leah you're up next so your Challenge is to see how many slaps you Can do with a football in 15 seconds I Know you are incredible at this move Question is how many can you do in 15 Seconds It's gold [Music] Well friendly that was truly incredible

So that's Legend level complete now it's Over to you guys to see if you can Unlock Ultimate level where you get the Challenge Leah how do you feel is that Tire in doing that it's absolutely in so good luck to everybody Doing the challenge but you can do it For sure Leah great to have you on the Channel guys hope you enjoyed the video There's so many amazing activities on The website click the link in the Description to get involved and check Out the Danone Nations Club thanks Jess And don't forget the more points you Earn during these challenges the more Chances you have of getting into the Best 11 and winning your ticket for the Ultimate football experience I can't Wait to see your entries and your Challenges you set for me when you Unlock the ultimate level so give it a Go and don't forget you've got until the 15th of November to register and you Need a parent or Guardian to help you Leah thanks again until next time love Peace and techers