Finishing MASTERCLASS with Aston Villa’s Rachel Daly! 🤩 | Barclays WSL POTM

By | November 7, 2022

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Foreign Barclays have bought me Kelly Smith to Aston Villa to meet September player of The month Rachel Daly today we'll be Learning the technique behind Rachel's Outside the box shooting and first time Finishing Just want to say congratulations for Winning player of the month in the first Season of your first season here at Aston Villa how important was it for you To get off as such a good start Obviously coming back it's it was a new Experience a new challenge coming to Villa was a new challenge completely Um but one that I really was looking Forward to but I think I put a lot of Pressure on myself as it is Traditionally everyone in England sees Me as a or knows me as a Defender so Yeah coming in obviously I wanted to Prove a point and get off to a good Start but more importantly get the wins For the team Carla obviously said she Signed you as a striker we're not going To see you hopefully in the left back or Right back position anytime soon Probably not with Carla I think she I Said I think she'd probably play with 10 Men and put me in the back yeah that's My main focus while I'm here so this is Your first season back after a decade Away how much have you seen the WSL Change since you've been away yeah I

Think it's grown so much I think for me The level you sign in international Players from all over you know are Getting good exposure for the Youth and The academies coming through that's one Thing we've got here is a great system For the young players to breed into into The first team but the level's so much Higher now it's so competitive I think You had you know your top threes and you Know relegation battles and everyone in Between and I think you see and now more The lower teams or the middle teams are Actually given the top teams a run for The money so I think he's getting a lot More competitive a lot more physical Than our last remember but yeah it's It's a great League probably the best in The world at the minute so do you think You've improved since being back in this Country technically or you've you've Already had it out in the states I'd Like to think I had it a little bit but No I think you have to I think training Demands are so high every day you know If you're not on it every single day Then you know it's very very obvious but It's a part of my game that I've always Loved to to be on top of but I think Yeah more so I think it's more breaking Down techniques of things probably a Little bit different to what I would Have done in America Okay Rach so we're going to work on some

Techniques that you like to use Especially outside of the box why you do Certain things in this area of the pitch What what your thought process is okay Okay if the ball's played back you're at The top of the box yeah like that what's Going through your mind I think I would Do a More Precision what are you aiming for Depends where the keeper is I think if She's over this side I'm trying to go That way like the man united one yeah um If they're closer that way I'm going to Try and loop it over that side a hard Technique though especially on your weak Foot but yeah from this angle I think I'd try and wrap it more but if it was Straight on I'm more than likely going To go with laces so you try and curl it More from this distance yeah with a Little bit more finesse why would you Use your laces for power Um I think because it's probably a crowd Of people in the first place the Defenders are probably in front um so You've got to hit that perfectly sweet Um and if you if you're running onto it Oftentimes leaning back anyway so it Could go flying over the bar but I think You've got a controller a little bit More because I think you hit the target Anywhere in the corner so the keepers Are struggling Oi do I need to come round it more no I

Think I went on straight straight yeah Because it I was actually playing in the 10 night game yeah so I ended up coming Onto it like this and just giving it one Of them let's try that then I need to Get under it more Get in what am I doing wrong I don't Know I think I came a bit more like when I did it I was almost like okay I think you're right so it's all about The approach and the way the ball is Like being laid back to yeah because I Think when you're running on at that Angle you've got to really really get Your mess around it Nice so I think it's great as a Footballer that you can use both feet And some people that I've spoke to think You're left-footed but you're actually Right footed but have a very good left Foot where did you learn how to use your Foot and make it so good You and honestly you and Sue Smith but Like when I grew up like Two of the best leftovers in the game Yanks Um so I think it made me want to learn How to use my left when I didn't have it I used to really frustrate me that I Couldn't do the same thing on my left so I did it a lot as a kid and obviously With England I've been playing a bit of Left back so I tried to stay on top of It as much as I can now even Everything

I Do I Do It on the left in training and Stuff as well so being a professional Player too you should be able to use Both feet and I think what advice would You give to young kids growing up to Just practice on one foot or no Definitely you want to have both Um obviously It gives you more freedom and more you Know positions to play in as well it Opens up the pitch a little bit more for You and I know a lot of players who in The past have come up with against Played with I've seen them take have a Shot perfectly on the right foot but Want to pull it back on the left because They're Lefty and you know it's it Actually takes a lot away from your game So for me you know I want to feel Comfortable if it's on my life to hit it With my left yeah and it makes you easy To defend if you're just one footed Right because everyone knows where your Touch is going we do analysis on teams And there's there's been so many players You come up you know they're always Turning they're always rolling their Hips this way Um so it's easier then for the Defenders To pick up they're probably not going to Roll that way and open up and hit on the Left okay Rach now we're going to Recreate the goal that you scored Against man city which was an amazing

Strike so instinctive in the box and you Have to tell me how you did it please Honestly I don't know I genuinely don't Know I don't think I'll ever hear a ball Of sweets again I just seen it dropped To me it is actually a second phase set Piece that we kind of worked on and it Just so happened to work in the game I Didn't even look at the goal to be Honest I just kind of just went with Like you said Strikers Instinct and just Really tried to wrap it in the far Corner you know as a striker you dream For the balls to drop to you there but I Think yeah the the connection I made With it I think obviously I was aware Where the keeper was um because he's Obviously just come out from the corner I just tried to get as much power but Yet Precision at the same time but yeah I didn't look at the goals so it's even Nicer can you coach me how to do it now Then I'll try my best Nearly first time nearly There you go Get over it Kelly you you're going to Come on you needed that you needed to Get it over like that there so as the Ball was coming to you what did you Think in that moment just hit it or yeah I knew that I separated enough space Either side by far if I take another Touch it just instantly allows them to Close in on me

Oh my Knife That was a joke so did you intentionally Just not look at the Gold because you Knew where you were it Instinct in that In that certain area of the Box no I Don't think so I wouldn't give myself That much credit to be honest I think I Just in that moment I don't know what I Was thinking I just wanted to put it in The back of the net but instant reaction From Alicia's knocked down for me it was Just as soon as it left before I thought It's in it's in they're nice feelings They're very nice you only get one every Now and again Oh hey that's better though sadness not As beautiful as yours but it's still Running as I couldn't recreate it so You've done a really good job There's three balls in the back of that Net so we're happy