Film Feature Friday | U.S. U-17 WYNT defender Savannah King

By | November 4, 2022

What drives #U17WYNT defender Savy 𝓚𝓲𝓷𝓰 👑?

Having 𝙍𝙐𝙉𝙉𝙄𝙉𝙂 blood in her veins.

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Hi I'm Savvy King and I'm a Defender for The U.S under 17 Women's World Cup team I have two moms for everyone that Doesn't know so one of my mom's names is Carrie she grew up running so she ran From when she was five all the way up Until her mid-20s so she turned Pro when She was 18 and throughout like her years Growing up she did Junior Olympics she's Broken like numerous records at one Point she was second fastest cyclist in The world and the sixth fastest runner In the world she traveled the world Running and cycling as well doing Biathlons and triathlons and my other Mom's name is Kim and she was the Basketball player so yeah I've just been Around Athletics my entire life foreign Running was actually my first sport that I've ever done I did it when I was five So my mom has been like a major impact On my life with that and like she's kind Of like my trainer so she helps me in Training and gives me workouts to do and We compare times and I actually have two School records so I have the 400 and the 200 for my school It's amazing you know to be able to like Carry on my mom's Legacy in a way and Just like have her jeans and running and Like also seeing my brother be able to Do it is really special and we do talk About it a lot and she says like that She gave me that Gene and I know I know

She does Thank you So this is an LA Times article written About my mom on December 13 1989. Underage but hardly overmatched by Athlete Carrie King 19 has made a speedy Ascent in a sport dominated by women in Their 20s and 30s it usually takes years To develop into a world class by athlete But King has managed to do it in Slightly more than one that's crazy she Was a crazy athlete like it's insane Walking out onto the field for the first Time at the World Cup was probably one Of the most insane moments of my entire Life it was crazy just looking up and Seeing like so many people and just Finally having that moment to be like I Made it like I did it and just being Able to represent this country and Represent the Crest is like such a Blessing and I'm so grateful for this Opportunity and this has been one of the Most amazing experiences of my entire Life and being able to like come here And play in in India with the most Amazing people here definitely like an Experience that I will never forget Foreign