‘FIFA have backed Football Associations into a CORNER’ Should England have put up a fight? | ESPN FC

By | November 21, 2022

ESPN FC's Mark Ogden reacts to the news that England, Wales, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands have decided not to wear OneLove armbands after increased pressure on the players from FIFA.

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So just in England and Wales and a Number of other European nations have Decided not to wear the the one LA Ramban today due to FIFA basically Threatening them that if the captain's Still wear the armbands they'll be Bought and obviously two bookings of the World come into suspension so it's a big Price for the place to pay but when you Boil it down A player being bought to wear an arm by The it just sums up the Ridiculousness Of this World Cup you know I think the Associations will be criticize without Being strong and not being Bolder and I Think there's some legitimacy to that That you know they are strong European Nations influential Nations and they Could have set to sleep a lot try try And sanctions you know you're making a Bigger story out of this by Banning the Wearing of the one Lavan Band by doing This it's it's not a much bigger story But I think the FAS have been backed Into a corner by feed from this almost Bullied in a way to to not wear the Armband now FIFA puts to him I was Saying that non-political gestures it's A football game football and politics Apparently don't mix well we've seen With the Guitar World Cup the football And politics have become you know They're like siamese twins it's Inescapable so it's a shame that the

Associations aren't prepared to put Their players in an armband I think There are other ways to process and I Think that we may see that today but What happens next will England be Sanctioned off buying for the place Taking a neighbor tip uh so they will do Against Iran will that be fun if for the Next step almost I just think it's time For the big associations to take on People and say Lord we are not being Bullied with a sense of freedom of Speeches of expression this would not Have happened if we were in Qatar if the Situation is the host venue the host Nation Elite homosexualizes illegal in Qatar so it's an issue that has clearly Caused a lot of discomfort and made it To work life very important FIFA so they Decided to tell the club to the Countries not to wear the armband so Unfortunately that's where we're at Right now but I think hopefully There will be some possibility for Another project or another kind of show Of support from the LGBT community Beyond this which means that they can Collapse work up with having made some Sort of stance no matter what it is Well thank you very much for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports Highlights and Analysis be sure to Download the ESPN app and for live Streaming premium content and let's not

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