Fan reaction from Wales after their late defeat to Iran 😩

By | November 25, 2022

Wales fans react to their heart breaking late defeat to Iran.



Cameron Jay Jay can I just start with You the emotion in this room incredible It's disappointing Um I don't think we can argue the Results Watching that second half especially They seem to want the game more Um that's the point is harder criticize First World Cup in 64 years Um most of us never thought we'd see it We've seen it this year Um so as I criticized the team in a Selection although some of us will have Questions but let's just go look forward To Tuesday and that was another game in A world cup and we've got to go out try And win the game and see where we can go Iran hit the woodwork on a number of Occasions but it looked like whales were Just about to hold on for a precious Point Yeah it's tough I mean the red card Coaches and the immense pressure Obviously it offers them to come on more Even with 10 men I thought just stick The ball up see if we can all see if we Can create something but it didn't come And then the strike at the end he's got Fingertips to it but he's tough to save We just hit repairs and we can't argue With the result the second goes around You know it's irrelevant I mean the Game's gone by then but that's our first Goal has killed us I think okay I can

See how upset and you are and everybody Else is in here cam you're so devastated At that result I'm 23 now I've never I've seen Wales in The World Cup never and it's We just wanted to make a good showing of Ourselves and look Last week against USA we were terrible First off turned up second half but Today we thought There's a game to win there and we Haven't turned up at all we didn't turn Up second off our best players Ramsay Bale neither of them turned up at all But I think I read cards I think it was a Bit harsh they're all everyone else's They're getting bright always be harsh Might be just be me but I don't know like your pride and your Stoicism seeing that not as a red card But listen Iran played well they hit the Woodworking a number occasions but when You get so close to getting a precious Point in the World Cup it hurts I mean I've seen Families and men and female supporters And tears here today well I was the Aliant here so their second goal Winnings I thought when they scored the First I thought okay it's still a couple Of minutes I know we're a man down but All right we've got the art to try and Get back into it but let's have a look

Ahead to next Tuesday you need to be England Yeah and we haven't beaten them since Well 1986 was it Mark it was scored and It's like I've never seen us beat England obviously but if we beat England That's the best night of my life it's The best night of my life genuine it's It's funny how football plays out Because Danny Ward was on the bench and Now he could be a hero potentially for That England game Jay your thoughts can You beat England Yes yes we can we can how it's football You know you've seen teams rank Saudi Arabia beat Argentina Japan be Germany Anything happening football it's a game That's where we all you know don't bear Today because you're gonna lose your Money Anything Can Happen uh we can win If they win tonight see me rest a couple Of players it's going to be tough but The country is behind the team and Hopefully the boys will go up there just Just to us proud they've done us proud Anyway just being there Thank you