By | July 5, 2022


We teamed up with adidas to test the Al Rihla match ball with Man City star Kalvin Phillips!

Check out Kalvins tekkers and shooting battle vs Dutch U21 Keeper!

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Billy Wingrove & Jeremy Lynch

The only tip i can give is you've got a Good first touch Yes guys what's happening welcome back To the channel now today i'm with adidas To test out the new adidas world cup Ball aurilla now i've got the leeds and Dutch international footballer coming Along he's in the under 21s he's going To be in goal and we've got guest Appearance from calvin phillips who's Going to be giving you some secrets and Tips on how you can get scared and make It a pro [Music] Save what a safe That's what i'm up against today Got the already it's a great ball but I'm up against a great keeper danny That's unbelievable Keepers that's what i'm up against [Music] [Music] You might be the good bar got a strike On me bruh [Music] I'll never save That is 2-1 Then i'm taking that one i thought he's Going to save that Tip it off the post It goes for me that's 2-1 [Music] I'll tell you what i haven't done i Haven't tested this ball on a

Sledgehammer Does it combine with the billy sledge Grove like that [Music] Hasn't been delivered to my house Earlier Because it can take this Why weren't this ball around when i was Younger i would have made it [Applause] [Music] No i wouldn't It is such a sweet ball to strike though Seriously It's such a sweet ball to strike You get connection on this ball We've seen by some of the shots have Been some of the best shots i've done It flies it's so true No i'm gonna hit this one straight watch This See what i mean that's straight bang Knuckle posted in comment below if you Think that some of my strikes in this Video have been better than any other Shooting video if you think i've done a Better strike before let me know where In the comment section below because I can feel it the ball feels good the Pitch is great I can feel it Oh my side name [Music] Oh sorry name this is just getting

Ridiculous now That would have been the one that's Probably the best shot i've ever done That missed That one [Music] That's probably the most powerful shot i Think i've done in a long time And it stayed down as well kept it down Today i'm joined with calvin phillips Absolute legend So it's the first time we've done this Type of video we're gonna do some Tekkers but also give you an insight cal Said you've got some secrets right you Can tell the guys to help them on their Football journey yeah okay well that's Really gonna help you so stay tuned for That the only tip i can give is you have A good first touch Right so we're talking about confidence Now with our strikes we've got to call What type of strike we're going to do Step up and try and replicate the exact Strike hopefully it goes in course is Going to go in confidence right i'm Going to go for A sledgehammer okay yeah That's the one that's not bad Yeah that's not bad free kick style Over the wall hopefully [Music] Oh nearly got this [Music]

Oh my [Music] So god made some great saves already Talking about confidence what do you do In a match if you like shoot and the Keepers on top form saves it again Do you just keep like thinking you're Gonna score is that the mentality you Have to do when you're striking the ball Yeah definitely i think You just got to stay consistent in what You're doing and You know believe that you know you're Going to have a shot that's eventually Going to go in and keep striking the Ball well keep putting them on target Then Eventually one's going to go in take Harry kane for example on penalties I would 99 back him to take a penalty Because it's like he doesn't care about The surroundings yeah it's like he Doesn't care about who's in goal and he Just has this aura of confidence in Taking a penalty that he's going to Score he's unbelievable he's Unbelievably but i haven't seen many Players like that and it seems to be the Ones that care less about the scenario Of missing that score yeah so like That's really important for you guys Like you look at players like harry kane And the top strikers in the world it's Almost like they take the consequences

Out of it and just have an elite mindset That they're going to score yeah So let's take some penalties and get That elite mindset let's do it I had a feeling this is this is this is What i mean about confidence i i thought He knew where i was going There he knows where i'm going though Yeah carl he's pulled out an Unbelievable safe there but you said he Know he knows you're yeah But this is the thing now is he going to Get in your head this time [Music] He knew it [Music] Yeah that's a good pen that's a Brilliant pen so you talked to me Earlier about mentality so how important Is that as a young footballer yeah i Think it's massive i think you know you Need to have the right mentality to come In you know as a young player and then You know once you get into like the First team and stuff like that and You're pushing on to like league games I think there's a lot of process added To it and You've got to have the right mentality To want to do all of it i didn't get Scattered until i was 14 years old so i Knew that all i wanted to do was be a Footballer and don't get me wrong used To go out with my friends but i knew

That You know i needed the right mentality to Come in come to football every morning And You know want to do well in training and You know as best possibly cunning games And you know i played Far probably five days a week for a Different team so You know i had to be obviously go to bed Early you know eat right and You know work up the next morning want To go again so you play with a certain Level of hunger and determination is That something that's built into you From day one have you always been like That i think he's taught i think you Know the way that i grew up and you know The people i grew up around it was Always taught into me and you know my Mum's a strong woman as well so she you Know built that into me from a young age And you know whenever i play football i Always want to do my best anyway so you Know when the other team's got the ball And you see me charging around trying to Get it back it's just because you know That's my job and that's what i'm good At and you know the more i can do that And you know take the ball off people The more confident i get and then you Know you just become More and more confident in yourself to You know go out and do the job how do

You learn from any mistakes what do you Do do you analyze your performance or The team i always go on watch the game Back and You know i think about certain decisions That i've made and When i come to training next day Maybe i'm in the same situation You know that i was in the game and i'll Try and You know figure out other options Whether to pass the ball going behind or Whether to Um close somebody down that needs Closing down when you were younger how Would you do it then are you just Getting advice from your mum did she Like analyze your game for you are you Looking at your mates or your coach to Sort of see how you improved or what You've done right or wrong a bit of Everyone really i think you know my mum Was You know a major part in that she used To tell me you know she used to tell me Whether i played bad or not brutally Honest yeah yeah and i used to obviously Used to her if she told me that i played Bad but i'd have to come out the next Game and You know go out and try and make sure i Play well so that she tells me that i'll Play well that's unbelievable mate Before cow has to go we're gonna pop a

Few shots off let's do it [Music] Lovely safe hands as well [Music] Cal how did you find a new ball do you Like it well cut ball yeah it's nice um Nice colours it's added us And You know when you hit it and you know Connect with it pure you can see the way That it moves yeah it flies you get like A a soft strike level what i mean by That is It's quite cushioned when you strike it Yeah it's nice when you ping a ball and You feel like it's gone true and it Feels sweet isn't it [Music] Headquarters they said that most balls Have 0.5 millimeter difference in being Round yeah this is 0.2 so effectively The round is forever making it more Consistent my absolute legend thanks so Much for filming with us and best of Luck with everything [Music]