‘Extraordinary U-turn by FA’ | England will NOT wear OneLove armband at World Cup

By | November 21, 2022

Rob Dorsett and Kaveh Solhekol analyse why England, Wales and other European nations have decided not to wear the OneLove armband at the World Cup in Qatar.



As has been the case with the vast Majority of this World Cup we're talking About politics instead of football Politics connected with football though And the situation is that England and Nine other European nations had been Adamant throughout this build up to the Tournament that they would wear in Defiance of FIFA rules you have to say a One love armband with a heart on it and A rainbow colors within that heart it Was supposed to be a show of solidarity For the lgbtq plus Community a message Of anti-discrimination but it is against FIFA rules on what kit you're allowed to Wear in the last 48 hours it became Clear that FIFA weren't happy with this And they were prepared to go nuclear and They made it clear to the fa the English FA and the fa of Wales and the other the Other European nations that there would Be sporting sanctions if any Captain Walked out onto the pitch wearing that Armband potentially a yellow card for Harry Kane for Gareth Bale for whoever Um I'm faced with that threat the facts Of the matter are those nine Nations Have backed down they will not be Wearing the one love arm band but there Is some form of compromised Carver look It is an extraordinary climb down by the Football Association uh they're going to Get criticized a lot for it and to be Fair I think they deserve a lot of

Acronym okay Harry Kane would have got a Yellow card so what surely he should Have just taken that yellow card on the Chin because then the focus would have Been on FIFA because FIFA would have had To justify showing Harry Kane one of the Best players in the world one of the Faces of this tournament the holder of The Golden Boot from the last World Cup That they had shown him a yellow card Before the tournament for England had Even kicked off because he's wearing an Armband it's not even a rainbow armband It's got a heart in it it says one love And it's got the colors of the rainbow In that heart a FIFA so offended by a Statement and Supporting lgbtq plus rights that They're going to this length to stop Harry Kane and the captains of six other Countries from wearing this armband Personally it's not for me to say on Here what my personal opinion is I think The fa have made the wrong call and They're going to get a lot of criticism Bear in mind all along the fa have said Come What May Harry Kane is going to Wear this one love armband we've asked Them repeatedly what if the fa are fined The fa have said no problem we'll take The fine on the chin we ask them every Game every game you're going to keep Wearing the armband and keep getting Fined they said yes we are going to

Stick to our beliefs that's what we're Going to do but then we have this Situation at yesterday at a meeting a FIFA meeting and FIFA raised the Prospect and said okay if you wear it You're going to get a yellow card and Straight away the fa have backed down And said we're not willing for Harry Came to take a yellow card I find it Extraordinary they're going to get Criticized a lot of people will say they Deserve all the criticism they're going To get I absolutely agree they will be Criticized and you've got to have an Awful lot of Sympathy for the lgbtq plus Community remember all of those Supporters that are members of the England supporters Club told us on Sky Sports News they didn't feel safe to Come out here to follow their team at Qatar at the World Cup because same-sex Relationships are illegal in this Country criminalized criminalized in This country and so I understand that But I think you have to put yourself in The shoes of the English FA here on the Eve of a World Cup and they were faced With an invidious impossible situation When they made it clear that they would Take the hits from FIFA for wearing that One love arm band when they'd been in Negotiations with FIFA for several Months to try and reach a compromise to Say to cart to it FIFA how important

This was for the England team in Particular but for the fa more generally They said they would take any sanction That came their way they expected it to Be a financial sanction the sanction is A sporting sanction now and they've Backed down and they will be criticized For that that's absolutely right but Just imagine a scenario where Harry Kane is booked before he even goes Out onto the pitch for wearing that one Love arm band he then makes a bit of a Rash challenge in the first half And gets another booking and he's sent Off England's Captain sent off in in the Opening game of the World Cup what would Happen in the second game when he wanted To wear the one lumbar band would he Face a second yellow card and then be Suspended for the third game I Understand the point you're making it's A nuclear obviously fa have always said Come what may we will wear the armband It's the least they could do a FIFA so Offended by the rainbow colors but hang On yeah they're gonna go to this length To stop captains wearing it and the Qataris so offended by the rainbow Colors who who's made this decision have FIFA made it themselves under pressure From the Qatari authorities but you're Criticizing the fa there the English FA And then saying oh FIFA so offended by It so actually the criticism is leveled

At FIFA it's FIFA who've made a nuclear Decision here and gone Absolutely to a level that the fa in England couldn't stomach and you're Absolutely right there will be a host of Criticism from members of the lgbtq plus Community and anti-discrimination groups Generally that the fa and the faw and The others six or five or six European Nations have backed down but surely the Criticism has to be leveled at FIFA for Taking this stance in the first place The FAS have been trying to talk to them About this for months and here we are Three hours less than three hours before England kick off and that's when FIFA Delivered the bombshell when it's too Late for any of the FAS to react I think The fa don't come out of this well at All I agree with you that the the the The main people we should be talking About not just the fa are the Qatari Authorities and FIFA they are the ones To blame I think the fa will get a lot Of criticism but let's not forget about Criticizing the Qatari authorities and Also criticizing FIFA one thing to Update you on is that Harry Kane will be Wearing an armband this is what we were Talking about earlier today we were Floating this idea last night as well a Compromise agreement has been reached a FIFA have their own set of armbands that Captains can wear and the armband for

The quarter-final stage had a message on It saying no discrimination and FIFA Have just announced that Harry Kane can Actually wear that no discrimination Armband at today's game so that is what We expect him to do it won't be the one Love armband it'll be an official FIFA Sanctioned armband that says no Discrimination it's no compromises and Let's be honest England not wearing the One Wear it or don't wear it and they've Fudged it there's a fudge situation here Involving FIFA and the European FAS who Got involved in this