EXPLAINED! Why Gareth Southgate couldn’t take a risk with Reece James 🔎

By | November 9, 2022

Rob Dorsett explains why Gareth Southgate has decided against selecting Reece James for his World Cup squad following a knee injury he picked up last month.



It's it's a massive blow to the player Himself because look before he picks up This knee injury against AC Milan in the Champions League last month Um Rhys James was England's first choice Right back he's only 22 years old his Family had plans to travel out to Qatar And watch him out there so it's a huge Blow to them and I'm told he's Absolutely devastated by the news Because he's been working so hard to get Back fit um he'd been out in Doha Undergoing a concentrated rehabilitation Program and there were really positive Signs he's been running again at Cobham In the last few days but the facts of The matter are that it would still be as I understand it three weeks plus before Rhys James could play a full game and Play a full part in an England game and Garrison has just decided that he can't Wait that long Um he can't take a player who isn't Fully fit to the World Cup Um especially because he's got injury Concerns right back elsewhere Kyle Walker we know has not played since the 20th of October because of undergoing Groin surgery and my understanding is is That Kyle Walker is further ahead than Reese James in his recovery and so this Decision you have to say makes it more Likely that Kyle Walker will be on the Plane to Qatar but that doesn't make it

Any less of a blow for games and and for England forgera Southgate well for Gareth Southgate it was a position that We've already talked about so many Different times when it comes to right Back how strong that position was you Mentioned Kyle Walker Rhys James is out What other options does Gara Southgate Have to choose tomorrow when he Announces his Squad It's gonna be a big wall it's going to Be a really difficult one for the England manager and I think the the news That we've got on Sky Sports News today Which was first reported in in one of The national newspapers I should say uh This morning Um hints at some of the key decisions That Gara southgates had to make and I Think he will take one or two players That aren't fully fit Kyle Walker Probably maybe Calvin Phillips as well Although he's played less than 20 Minutes of football this season for Manchester City after undergoing Shoulder surgery but he is back playing Bits and may well play a part in the Carabao cup for Manchester City this Week as well so if he takes those two Not fully fit players I think that's why He decided he couldn't take a third with Rhys James in terms of right backs it Cements the position for Trent Alexander Arnold remember before the euros and

Even since the Euros there's been a huge Debate about about him and whether he Should be included no doubt about his Ability going forward Gary Neville Called him world class in his Distribution but Gary Neville also said In commentary in the Super Sunday they Gain at the weekend against Spurs that Could you trust him in a knockout game Defensively that was key from Gary Neville but I think Trent Alexander Honor will definitely be in now and Southgate has other decisions to make When it comes to fullback but the Headlines I think will all be around Marcus rashford James Madison Um and Harry MaGuire I fully expect Harry MaGuire to go I expect Um uh Marcus rashford to make the squad As well but the question marks around James Madison I think he's 50 50 right Now and apologies for the slight disco Show we've had there one of my lights Was packing up but tomorrow 2PM is when Gareth Southgate names that Squad and as Ever there'll be a lot of players Waiting to hear the news about whether They're in or out and a lot of England Fans on tenter hooks because this really Marks the start of the tournament for England a big tournament for England one Where they had expectations to go into The latter stages Thank you