EXPLAINED! What’s next for Cristiano Ronaldo? 💭

By | November 14, 2022

Melissa Reddy explains the dilemma facing Manchester United following Cristiano Ronaldo's latest comments about the club.

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Well I think the Betrayal has only been From one end and that is from Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United his manager His teammates We can stretch back to the start of June Where he said he was very happy at the Club he was excited by ten Hogg's Appointment looking forward to winning Trophies Um and then I think it dawned on him Pretty quickly that he's Champions League Legacy is in Jeopardy he wants to Hit records and then he started Agitating for an exit uh his Camp made It quite clear that he wanted to leave Old Trafford in search of a Champions League club no offer materialized in in Any form really and so since then we've Had this backdrop at Manchester United Off Ronaldo's future which has Jeopardized pretty much everything you Know it's tainted their pre-season tour At the start of the Season his behavior In leaving games early having to be Disciplined and now this latest Interview is just It's the timing of it makes a lot of Sense because he's now got distance Between himself and the club but what He's done is if you think of United's Best performance in recent Seasons it Was against Tottenham it was such a Complete display and the aftermath of That was all about Ronaldo him leaving

Old Trafford early his frustration him Refusing to come on as a substitute now You have United you know going off to The world cup with a massive Victory Dramatic late winner by ganacho the new Young Talent just such Positive Vibes And then that quickly again taints and Becomes the whole Ronaldo show and now Portugal's World Cup campaign is also Going to be dominated by his future Ultimately he's doing what he wants for Himself which is positioning himself for An exit to a Champions League club What's the plan now then because I mean Eric ten Hogg won't be particularly Happy about this Cristiano Ronaldo's Made it clear that he's not happy what Happens now what's the plan Well United were in the market for or Forward in the summer they've known Wiggle without Ronaldo they need to Forward plan they need a long-term Option to be their guarantee of goals There is some difficulty because they Were estimating that at least four top Clubs would also be looking for a Striker but I do know that they have a Short list they were looking at cesco For example they like Osmond so United Have been going through their options Ultimately though how they handled this Ronaldo situation I think they've got to Be quite strong because they've sort of Skirted and sidestepped and tried to

Show respect to him and his Legend Status at the club and what we've seen From this interview is Ronaldo short of Showing that he's not happy that he's Not being indulged anymore that's why He's saying he's being forced out if you Can remember United did everything to Try and you know hold on to him not for Sale try to make him happy he had the Armband just recently 10 hog even when He has been disrespected by Ronaldo has Tried to be on the player's side not Sold him out in the press and yet you Still have the situation where Ronaldo Is looking out for Ronaldo so United Ultimately need to get rid of him in the Mo in the best way possible because I Think 10 Hogg you know like I said the Pre-season tour how he's handled Ronaldo's disruption he's done Everything right so far but as a club United have still tried to not severe Ties with him whereas he's showing them Now he's putting them in a position Basically to say this is end game this Is final he knows there's no way back For him at United and it's now the club Need to be quite strong in just ending That Now we can see you're in Qatar Melissa Backdrop's very different to what we're Used to when we see you in Manchester But you arrived in Saturday how are Things in Doha ahead of the World Cup

Well I can tell you this very much still Feels like a summer World Cup it is Sweltering the humidity is ridiculous we See preparation still going on around The city there's things like you know Plastic still on furniture that's just Arrived that they're trying to remove to Get ready for the guests there's not a Lot of people here yet obviously you Know a long way to go before the first Game so not a lot of supporters but you Have broadcast Crews coming in building In their Studios which is what we've Done and this is our recording point for The tournament but very warm you still Have workers you know trying to do Construction sites and stuff I can Barely get through this live so I don't Know how they're managing to do their Jobs obviously the service level is Incredible people trying to make sure That everything is running smoothly I Think Qatar are quite conscious of the Fact that all eyes are on them and They're trying to put on a show but we Also have to do our due diligence and Look beneath the curtain and behind the Scenes to give you guys at home the full Picture of what's going on here