EXCLUSIVE: Gary Neville REACTS to Cristiano Ronaldo interview!

By | November 17, 2022

Gary Neville exclusively reacts to Cristiano Ronaldo's interview with Piers Morgan on TalkTV, saying Ronaldo's comments about him are “not true” and adding that there's no way back for his former teammate at Manchester United.

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What do you think was Ronaldo's Motivation for giving that interview I think he's obviously over a period of Many many months stored up at a pent-up Frustration and obviously he's not done Any interview at all this season for any Broadcaster whether it be Sky Sports or BT Sport obviously Knights the nearly on Every single week And I suspect he's been asked to do an Interview after every game every single Week and he's chosen not to speak and Obviously through that he's felt as Though he needed to come out and say his Peace and obviously get off his chest What's been bugging him do you think He's misjudged this situation though Because did he probably go into it Thinking that the United fans will be on Side I don't know what he thought in respect To what the United fans would think and To be fair I think that I would never Criticize a a football player I called For many many years football players to Be open to be independent thinking and To come out and speak the mind and not To be sort of micromanaged from within An inch of their lives by PR teams Um so and I can't think that's happened Here I can't think that any PR advisor Would have told him to go and do what He's done I think he would have done This off his own back with his own

Strength of character and personality Um I think there was probably a Different way to do it but I think That's maybe from the club side and from Cristiano's side you know when they had That debate in the studio after the Chelsea game three or four weeks ago With uh Roy Keenan with Jimmy Floyd Hasselbank and Dave Jones I urged Manchester United and Cristiano To come together that week because it Was obvious that the actual relationship Was failing or it failed and that Navigate a pathway to January Orton the World Cup whereby they had basically Created the truths you know exits don't Have to happen this way both sides are Proactive and mature so I think I'm Disappointed that that meeting doesn't Seem to have happened uh Cristiano Hasn't been controlled or managed it Doesn't look like Cristiano's preferring This on his side of things has also Reached out to the club and uh open Communication line so I'd say on that Side of things that you know it's end up In this what would be quite unsavory Situation whereby it looks like Cristiano's gonna end this period of his Reign at Manchester United and not as Greater Um I suppose feelings as it should be Which you know he's one of the greatest Players ever to play the game in the

World and he's certainly one of Manchester United's greatest ever Players so it's it's obviously some Sometimes difficult you know I remember When players left Manchester United when I was there and um it didn't always end In the rain lightweight it never felt it Never felt right whilst I was at the Club and it still doesn't feel right now As a sort of Manchester United fan Somebody that I played with needs to Leave the club in this way or that the Club needs to end it in this way There's that phrase nothing surprises You in football but is there any way Back for him at United No I don't think he wants a way back he Wants to have done this interview if he Wanted a way back Um I think this interview to be fair was One that he knew would bring about the Headlines that it has and would bring His end of his Manchester United Career Now from a club point of view I think That the interesting thing is now Cristiano has obviously said what he Said he's come out and basically Criticized whether it be the young Players at the club whether it be Eric Tanhaag the owners Um the board so if you do that in any Business you know if you criticize your Line manager if you criticize your own As your board at your executive then

There's obviously no employment uh going To be there for you in the future so I'm To be fair this mom's in time wondering What Manchester United are doing because The reality of it is they know they have To turn their Cristiano's contract or Else they basically open up a president So that any player can come and Criticize them in the future so you know I I agree with some of the things that Chris Cristiano has said Um and many Manchester United fans will Agree with many of the things that Cristiano has said but the reality of it Is if you're in employee within the Business and you say those things then Your employment has to terminate and Manchester United you have no doubt have To do that in the next few days and Cristiano probably wants that as well But it didn't need to end like that they Could have come together a few weeks ago And navigated this smooth pathway Through what potentially could have been Choppy Seas to the shore but it's not Happened they've both basically got it Looks like but back themselves into a Corner We saw those pictures of what appeared To be a rather Frosty handshake between Cristiano Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandez In the united dressing room will the Players be disappointed Uh deep down I think the players will be

Very disappointed to be fair it's where It's actually where my criticism came From a Christiano four weeks ago Um I actually said that I didn't really Care about his relationship with the Manager I think I've seen players and Managers we've all seen players and Managers fall out over the years but one Thing you don't do particularly in the Upbringing that Cristiano's at Manchester United is that he stays Strong in the dressing room you stay There for your group and you make sure You're with your teammates through thick And thin substitute no substitute win Lose injury no injury you make sure that You're with your teammates very much to The end and when obviously for the Second time Um he left the ground before the end of A match that wasn't the first time he'd Done it it was the second time that Wasn't the professional Um I suppose behavior that you would expect Of of Cristiano Ronaldo knowing sort of The upbringing that he's had at that Club and what he would know he's the Right and the wrong things to do so from That point of view it was indefensible Once he went and left the ground for the Second time you know I think he'd been Better off if he had a problem with Eric Tanharg at the end of that match having

It out in the dress room in front of the Players shaking the player's hands then Getting into his car and leaving so at The end of the day Cristiano was dipped Below his standards in the last few Weeks months he'll realize that maybe Today or you'll realize that in many Years time that ultimately will enjoy This period in his life it happens to us All where we have these moments of dips Where we don't quite to be fair behaved Or do the things that we always want to Do and I think he's going through one of Those moments and when I saw him on the Interview I have to say you know he is He is a sensitive quite a vulnerable Character Cristiano for all his Greatness and his special talent he is Quite a sensitive individual as to Fair Most people are uh deep down and uh you Know he looks a little bit like a lost Sheep at times I thought when he was Speaking taken in that interview And the reality of it is he's done it You know I think you have to always Applaud someone who comes out and speaks The mind I can never ever criticize I've Been calling for him to come out and Speak his mind you know I wanted to hear From him for the last three months Because he's left other players and his Manager uh at the club to come out and Answer the difficult questions for him But at least now he's answered them all

Which I think is to be fair a positive Out of this if there is one He said that he doesn't respect Eric ten Hogg just on the manager how do you Think he's handled this situation up Until that interview and what do you Think and what do you think Eric tenhog Will do after it I I could go tell her because I've said This before it's handled to be fair very Difficult first six months at United Perfectly well I don't think he could do Anything different Cristiano's a monster Of a player a monster of a character With a massive reach and he's been in a Bit of a difficult position that to be Fair he publicly takes him on he's Probably not going to win that so he's Privately I think probably got problems With Christianity in fact we know he has Because he keeps leaving him out and Keeps obviously doing the things he's Doing but from a point of view I think Cristiano Ronaldo and Eric can hark The executive sporting directors the Owners they should have got in a room a Few weeks ago and said look we're not we Don't respect each other we don't like Each other we don't want this to Continue moving forwards but let's end It properly did not done that there's Not been proactive leadership here They've basically shied away from it Thinking that it's going to basically be

Okay and that doesn't happen in football Particularly when you're dealing with Such a big character and special player Like Cristiano Ronaldo he's not going to Accept that he's not going to sit there And think that he's going to be Bastion Pillar To Post I do think that there is An element of and it happened when I was Playing as well maybe it happened with Me at times where when you're a football Player you do suffer from a little bit Of paranoia sometimes where you think That everybody's against you no no not Everyone's against Cristiano Ronaldo in Fact he's much loved in this country in This city of Manchester and by prefer Most people who speak about him even if They're offering some what would be Criticism of him they'd still deep down Will have massive respect and enormous Respect for him and love him as a player And what he's done for the foot for the Game but Cristiano at the moment looks Like someone who to be fair feels like The world's against him but everybody Doesn't like him it's not like that it Doesn't have to be like that and so even Now the club need to reach out to Cristiano to his advisors and vice versa And navigate away that this ends very Quickly because it's becoming more Unsavory by the day and there's no need For it to be like that Gary you say that the world isn't

Against him as much as he claims he Feels that you're personally against him He claims you've spoken about him in Order to get attention for yourself what Did you make of that and what are your Feelings towards him now Um It's not true Um what he said but the reality of it is I think that all's very Love and War you Know I know I live in the game of Criticism and that I have to accept it Back and I get plenty of it back Um I love all my teammates that I played With including Cristiano Um and to be fair the disappointment I Have in the last few weeks few months is That he dropped below a standard that I Know he has and I know that he's set Previously in his behavior and he'll Realize that one day in 10 15 years as I Have it many times during my life you Know it's a little bit wrong at the time I suspect he's a little bit Uncomfortable at this moment in time in Terms of the Fallout of what's happened Because deep down he's a sensitive good Human being Um and he's just at the end of the day Not handling them probably the latter Part of his career as easily as he could Do or as well as he could do because He's he's got that mentality that I

Can't describe that people have of his Ill that just Is a I say it's a monster mentality that Basically means it cannot accept things Going against them or obstacles being Put in the way and they do think Everybody's against them but the reality Of it is it isn't like that I'm not Against Cristiano Ronaldo in fact far From it I couldn't have any more Operation for him I couldn't have any More respect for him of what he's done He's the greatest football player that I've ever seen and to be fair he's the Most talented football player that I Ever played with at Manchester United And that continues to be the case I Won't change that I remember what Cristiano said about me in the past to Be fair when I reflect back the reality Of it is these comments that Cristiano's Made Fair Rest of the morning to speak more Because I think that to be fair as a Leader and as a great player he should Speak more I think he should have been Out there this season his teammates were Finding it difficult speaking for them At the end of matches and not sending Out other people so from that point of View it is what it is Um you know I saw Cristiano's comments On social media yesterday or a couple of Days ago and I accept that all spare in

Love and War we live in the game of the Media we accept that we have to put Criticism back you haven't got last week Criticize me and sometimes he may think I criticize him that's to me part of the Game Um it's the world that we live in um but I from my point of view I live on Television with people at Sky every Single day we have these huge sort of Arguments and debates but we shake each Other's hand at the end of it and I Would still shape your stiano's hand you May not shape mine but I still would Shake his hand because to me I don't Carry things forward it's just something That's if I don't do in my life You did say earlier that Ronaldo did Make some Salient points in that Interview as well things that you Probably agree with he mentioned one of Them was that the club stagnating since The Sir Alex Ferguson era does he have a Point there Well I've met I've made that point Stronger than anybody in the last couple Of years Um And it's the first time I think I've Heard someone say it who's been in the Club as a player so in that sense I Suppose there'll be many Manchester United fans including myself who will to Be fair welcome is honesty because it's

Quite clear that the club as you know Whether it be the stadium whether it be The training ground whether it with Other things football project that you Know there's no doubt the club has Suffered badly and has failed in the Last eight to ten years Um but Cristiano joined the club 18 Months ago knowing that he knew that the Club had stagnated he knew the club was In a difficult position he knew the club Was falling well below all the standards That it set previously and Cristiano was Here to drag those standards up and work With those young players and try and Bring them forward now I disappointing When he criticized the young players and Said that you know players aren't what They what they used to be because that's The that's what people used to say about Us that's what sometimes people said About us when we came through in the 20 In uh in the 1990s it's what 40 50 year Old people late 30 year old people say About the young 16 17 18 year olds it's Not true it's not true every time's Different if you speak to someone who Basically came you know I speak to my Grandparents when I was growing up and They used to say you don't know you're Born you don't know you know you don't Know how lucky you are they're things That all our parents and our Grandparents have said but the reality

Is we don't choose to be born in this Area which is a social media area it's Very different and I have to think Football players nowadays are more Resilient than they were 20 years ago Because of the criticism they get on Social media the fact that ultimately Scrutiny is on them there's 50 cameras In the face every single minute of their On they'll feel their lives and off the Field lives and to be fair we used to be Able to go out and have a pint and do What we wanted without ever being filmed Or pitched or Cameron it wasn't social Media so the scrutiny the current Generation of player is under in terms Of analysis in terms of punditry in Terms of scrutiny of their off-field Activity in terms of their everyday Lives is far greater than it was 25 Years ago so I think these Lads have Their own element of toughness that in Them that I've seen in the last few Years with some of the teammates like Marcus rashford who's taking on news Political and social fights and one People like range Sterling there are Others like John Henderson at Liverpool Have set up Charities and have done big Things during covid you know these Lads Have to be fair I think demonstrating The resilience of a Modern English Player a British player and after their International Players like Juan Mata who

Sets up the one percent of his wage a Few years ago you know these players are Demonstrating great leadership great Qualities that I've seen to be fair the Premier League's the best standard I've Ever seen it hence we found well placed To comment on that because I've played In the Premier League with Cristiano 20 Years ago 15 years ago and I've watched The Premier League now but it's better Today than it was then so I think it's a Little bit unfair to criticize the young Players at Manchester United and to be Fair just generally the way in which Footballs are perceived because that's Not true I don't believe it to be true And those young players at Manchester United We were very lucky when we came Through at United that we had great Leaders so Cristiano came through at Manchester United great leadership group That looked after him that comforted him That lived with his you know on the feet On the pitch immaturity eccentricness That he had at that time and basically Work with him with the coaching team to Make him to be fair as good as he Possibly could be and that's what these Young players at Manchester United need Today they need leadership they need Guidance they need information Um and I don't think that's always Happened in the last 18 months when I've Been watching the club

Those young players in the current Squad Gary do you think that these comments Will have particularly hurt someone like Alejandro garnacho scores his first Premier League goal in the last minute Against Fulham it should be an amazing Moment for him and then he hears these Comments from someone that he idolizes In in Cristiano Ronaldo Um I don't know I don't I don't know the Cristiano's comments were directly at The national to be fair so I wouldn't Want to put that you know that's because The only Cristiano would know that I Don't think they were maybe One thing I would say is that young boy Scored that goal at Fulham on Sunday and It was a very it wasn't a similar goal To the one that Cristiano scored all Those years ago at Fulham but it was in The same area of the pitch it was it Felt of quite a significant moment in Their young players careers that goal Was Cristiano that day I would have probably just run Piers Morgan up and said to pierce look just Pull it back to tomorrow let's let the Young kid have his night tonight let's Let the young kid have the headlines Tomorrow I did think that to be fair was Unwise personally Um I always think of it I still think I Can play he's saying I'm in a dressing Room with a group of people and I live

In the aggressive addressing with people Whereby they were definitely fights at Time with the management or with the Club and those things were happening Whilst I was in the dressing room but we All wished to prefer having each other's Backs internally and we always looked After each other internally we always Made sure we stayed together internally So I think on Sunday night his teammates Have just scored a last minute winner Um so his team had just scored last Minute winner the young boy just scored A hero goal in a great moment and it Probably would have been better for Cristiano just to put back his Announcement of his interview to Monday Night off the back of that but the Reality is it's gone out it is what it Is and you know I suppose that because I'm hoping Cristiano chose to do that Interview himself and he wasn't guiding To do that by his PR team I'm hoping That he has got that you know Independent thought to go and do it it Would deem to me be something that I Think he probably has done which is It's good I I I I wouldn't want I hate The idea of of modern football players I Do think fantastic producing some great Football being sort of micromanaged Within into their lives and not being Able to speak openly and criticize People you know if I criticize someone

On television you know I'm happy for the Player to come back and have a and have A pop at me I think that's the way it Should be and I don't think they need to Be wrapped up in commonweal all the time I think it can be more expressive and More Um open with their with their feelings So I'm not going to criticize Cristiano For doing that interview because I think To be fair I want more players to do Those types of interviews Um to do those interviews Um but I think maybe it could have timed A bit better and respected the release After the boy scored the goal obviously On on Sunday because that was the Important moment for that kid Finally and very quickly Gary thanks for Your patience with this what next for Him where do you see him going I don't know where he goes I hope that He goes somewhere that's going to accept And he's going to accept that well so he Needs to go somewhere that's going to Accept the way in which he wants the Rest of his player to the rest of his Career to play out because if you look At what happened at Juventus at the end And if you look at what's happening at Manchester United you know one can be to Be fair just have one thing can just Happen but what happens twice it becomes A pattern so he needs to choose a club

That suits Cristiano's at the end of his Career that means that he's supposed to Got a level of control because that's What he wants in terms of his position He obviously is is someone who wants to Be playing every single week Irrespective of whether the team are Better for it or whether he's better for It and I think he needs to choose Somewhere that make that suits the end You're just gonna have to interrupt you There thanks so much for your time thank You very very much You're brilliant