ESPN FC’s reaction to the Netherlands FIFA World Cup squad 👀

By | November 11, 2022

The ESPN FC crew reacts to the Netherlands 2022 FIFA World Cup squad.

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Memphis depay one of them being picked Even though he's injured he's not played Since September for the Netherlands he's Played less than 150 minutes with Barcelona this season how much did the Dutch defend on him being fit in this Team Oh definitely look Memphis is one of the Key figures why because he's also the Top scorer in their side but away from That you know we got lines you know in Teams and I'm I'm sure you know crack Also like when we play we also have Lines in the team so in the forwards Memphis depay in the middle of the park We have The Young and the back line is Van Dyke the coast made it clear Louis Vuitton he said look Memphis I'm gonna Do things that I might haven't done with My national team and wait for you to get Fit again so knowing that he knows Already he said it almost you know in His interview he said in the first game You might not be signing because you Might not be ready for that game but Afterwards he can do things like this And he also gambled on him before his Last World Cup with regardless coach he Brought members to buy with him now he's Clearly counting I mean he did it with Other players too yeah since teamers he Brought with him it's a player that he Never featured in his team you know he Has more plays and I think he picked

About maybe three guys ice in its side Including so regarding Memphis yet he Picked and he says look just what you Guys talked about Holland has the same Thing he said that he said I'm going to Be five weeks away with this squad I Want to make sure everybody has the same Mindset because if they don't I don't want to spend that time with Them also from God I was so straight up With everything that he earns it and Also that's a little bit of his Character because he just said to the Journalists too he said if you're going To ask me I'll try to write people up And say that I have to pick them I pick What I want and he was really really Certain about it he did not care what They said Louis van GA City to be ready For the first game but it might be as a Sub what are your thoughts on picking Players that are injured I mean Senegal I've sent it all Announced it I don't know yes yes yeah That scenario is probably similar you Know end of the day You have other people there you think About the long game if you're certain Countries although I'd be interested to Know what my what they said in Holland About the expectations about how far This team can go I mean I would imagine For sure that definitely not getting out The group would be would be seen as a

Failure and so you can see that look you Can start looking a little bit further Ahead uh you know even if it messes the First two games how important is it Going to be if we get out and manage to Win through and get to your quarter Finals you're going to be available is It going to be fit and you you sort of Weigh that up with right if I don't take Them who else do I take and I would Imagine looking at that forward line in That Dutch Squad there's not a lot of Depth beyond that uh to be quite Frank With you uh so then you just balance up The fact that there's a chance he's Probably going to play it's not like He's got a broken leg and he's got no Chance so yeah I I it's totally Understand I mean put it one way if it Was me and I'd put and I know he hasn't Played uh much but I've had played And I was a regular and there was Somebody that the manager had relied on And I was saying to him look give me I Might be for the first game but I'll Definitely be fit within a week or two And I'll be available for you if a Manager said I'm not taking you I would Be absolutely fuming so I think it's the Right thing to do Looking at that Dutch squaddy and it's Pretty stacked sorry go on Mario No I agree with Greg that's exactly what Happened Greg because he even normally

Doesn't even say moments like you don't Know you forgot I know him because you Know he clearly gave him a Holland debut In my activity but he is that guy he Normally would never pick an injured Player to go on that tournament he is The only player he gave that situation To him said to him get fit and I'll take You with me he and the funny part is Like the clinic where I go when I come Home that's where Memphis is right now And he's using all that facility as well And the clinic is really good but they Just you know they are believing that They can get them ready to begin Just briefly what are the expectations In Holland for this site realistic No they they know that the expectation Is not of them winning that Um they're writing it up and feeling Like they will get out of the group but They don't have anything after that Because they feel like look we all know Louis vangas situation you understand I Don't know if you guys are familiar with Um that he had that he's suffering from A cancer situation and it came out in The public and he carried on and doing His training and doing everything so I Had a lot of respect for someone like That because he put his personal problem On the side and wants to support the Nation but on the other part it's also That people are questioning it because

It's not anymore look we always go to Face because we are a smaller Nation but We always go through faces in the sense Of like we have great talents but now We're almost going through that phase Where we're looking to establish again That kind of quality because we had a Tough quality before in in the world cup That we lost in 2010 but now let's see How far they can go because he brought a Lot of young talents and hoping for them To start the new generation again for Holland Well thank you very much for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports Highlights and Analysis be sure to Download the ESPN app and for live Streaming premium content and let's not Forget as well ESPN FC seven days a week Subscribe to ESPN Plus