ESPN FC discusses the timing and ramifications of Gerard Pique’s retirement

By | November 3, 2022

ESPN FC’s Kay Murray, Shaka Hislop, Ale Moreno, Sid Lowe and Nedum Onuoha discuss Barcelona’s Gerard Pique announcing his retirement.

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Gerard PK has announced that he is Retiring and that Saturday's game Against El Maria will be his last at the Camp now he really has won it all with Barca in the 15 Seasons he's played for Them and of course with Spain as well Winning the World Cup and the European Cup twice as well the sorry I'm getting Lost in my thoughts here I know we are Anyway Barcelona as we know three Champions League two trebles in that Time and also so many things to look Back on when it comes to his career but The times that you look at now with him It does maybe start a conversation that Goes a little bit of a different way as We welcome in sidlow and NADA manure and Sid I want to start with you to ask you Why now why now with Gerard PK I think the answer to that really is is A combination of factors and I think the Two fundamental factors are footballing And economic and the the awareness of The institutional problems that Barcelona have the awareness that his Salary is a problem to them his Commitment to Barcelona is as he made Very clear in that video and of course You know it is perhaps easy to do at This point but I think it's absolutely True what he says in terms of a a Lifetime as a Barcelona fan a bus on a Member from the data was born because His his family are all Barcelona fans

And he's been aware I think of the Impact of of his enormous salary and his Salary has been enormous on the club and Therefore a desire to kind of deal with That as soon as possible but then There's the the footballing side of it And that's becoming increasingly aware That he doesn't have a place in this Team that even when players are injured He's not a guy that's going to get a Place in the side at the start of the Summer champion and if had of course Started to look at Alternatives at Central defense called day came in Christensen came in they've been other Places even Marcus Alonso playing at Central defense but it's not really his Role and PK had said in the summer look Whatever you think whoever you bring in I will fight for my place and I will Prove that I'm good enough to play and I Think what's happened of course over the Last four or five months is that he's Seen that even if he believes he is Chubby doesn't then of course in that Game that he had against Cincinnati he Was really quite disastrous to be honest I think it's him realizing that actually It's better to go out at the top than to Be forced out at a time when you've hung On for too long Now there's a suggestion coming and Reports stating Sid that he's actually Going to be forfeiting the rest of his

Contract and obviously he's unconfirmed Right now we've seen Joanna Laporte come Out and say this the exit agreement is Actually being finalized but they have Recognized that there's a great attitude From the player to help are you hearing Anything similar to that in Spain what's Your reaction been there Well of course it's not the first time Uh and last season remember we're in Memphis depay joined the club and you Know that kind of first wave of new Players coming in it was Gerald PK who Took a pay cut on in actually as it Turned out that that was slightly Misreported in the sense that it was More a paid deferral than a paid cut to Enable bus now to register those players There's been a willingness from him all The way along although it is also true That that willingness hasn't necessarily Reached the point of saying like that's It don't worry don't pay me anything at All I think that's what Laporte was Trying to make the point about this Evening to say this isn't about a player Saying right I don't want any of the Money that's due to me it is about Reaching an agreement an agreement for What the Spanish always refer to as a Finicky to essentially the kind of the Severance pay but that there is an Awareness and a willingness from PK to Say we deal with this in a way that

Helps the club out and the club in truth Have been desperate to get rid of the Free captains for economic reasons Um Jordi Alba and Gerald Peak perhaps Bruce gets a little bit less than the Other two and this is from a financial Point of view very good news for them Although of course it it's very sad that It ends this way and it does feel a Little strange doesn't it for it to Happen halfway through the season but I Think as I say that's a response to a Growing realization that his role uh Within the team was was was extremely Limited were you surprised to see the Timing of the LA Yes uh certainly because if there was Ever a time in which Barcelona could Potentially use your rpks right now Given the injuries but to Sid's point And I think this is something that guys Who are on the verge of retiring start To to realize is that there are players Out there that the coach chooses to put In the field ahead of you that you know Full well are not better than you and at That point is so very difficult to Continue to go on to continue to Motivate yourself because I must imagine That your rpk even at the bench is Sitting down and say Marcos Alonso Playing center-back instead of me huh That guy instead of me Christensen Playing instead of me there's so much

History of success from Gerard PK at Barcelona and with the national team That is so very difficult to then see a Guy who we know in his time in Chelsea Could not really defend all that well Comes to Barcelona and Xiao he says I Rather put you over here rather than Gerard PK that is a very clear message From Chavi that not only are you not Part of the plans now the future or Anytime soon You're simply not part of The plans you have been erased and when You have been erased as a player well Again with that history of success you Have no choice but to say I'm either a Cheerleader the rest of the year or I Walk away And having the role of a cheerleader It's not for everybody Having that presence in the locker room Is not for everybody and if in the end You're not motivated enough to say I'm Going to continue to fight because you Don't see That there's going to be an opportunity For you even if you fight Then it starts to make sense as to why Their rpk will walk away right now it Happened They certainly did but in some ways I You know I kind of understand it when You look at say all the honors which he Had which which you highlighted at the Start you know it's so much that it's

Quite hard to even read off so I think To them find yourself in a position Where he knows he's not going to be Playing at all regards to whatever he Does I think as a player in your 30s That's a really tough moment of Reckoning because throughout your career You probably believe that it's a fair Fight you're being selected you're the Best and on so on and so forth when but When it makes no difference what you do In terms of your selection You are faced with the question well What do I do next I think for him the Success that he's had the money that He's made he can walk away from the game Not everybody would be in the same Position some might say they need to go Elsewhere we need to try and find some Football somewhere but he's achieved That all he's late he's literally won Everything and he's done it at the club Which felt which is so dear in his heart And so for him this is the way that he's Going to be going out and you know I Think Sid mentioned the point about Leaving at the top even though you know He's essentially done better for Barcelona Times Gone by if his leaving Helps the club go forward then he's Still a hero and he knows that he's done His bit as well you know it's a tough Spot to be in because he's still he's Still a very good player even if he's

Not playing weekend showing it but the Fact is at some point when you have Clubs you're trying to build for the Future you in your 30s doesn't really Bold well for you wanted to be a part of That it's a tough call for him but he's Had an incredible career and also I know Some people who were playing with him When he was playing in the reserves at Manchester United all that time ago and They didn't believe that it'd be as Successful as he is today so he's had a Fantastic career had it it's two of the Best clubs in the world with which one Of them was you know Club so dear to his Heart so it's a shame to see him leave But he certainly left a lot of good Memories and I guess uh the future is Going to be bright for it and even if There has been a decline in recent Seasons he actually did play a pretty Big role last season with Barcelona just Looking at this 36 starts in 40 games Six in terms of minutes played and in Terms of games played seventh as well Among the rest of the squad so I suppose When you do look at that shacker you Look at you look at it and you do think Wow it does seem pretty early it does For this season especially when you Considerably only three months in into This new season now which leads me to Wonder how much of this Um is based around Barcelona's old

Struggles in terms of going out of the Champions league and losing to Real Madrid now it's one thing to to defer His payment as I said his point now uh In an effort to sign new players and Then all the promises of of the new Players this summer and and what you Thought or what you hoped passenger Would be so now I'm wondering is there Or was Gerard Pique thinking I would Love to be here for this one season Where we regain top billing in Spain Where we are again recognized as one of The really big boys in European football And that would be the perfect exit for Me but to then see it come crashing down As it did and to Ali's point when you Get a certain point in your career and We've all been there where you start Looking at the pitch you start looking Around regardless of what position you Play and you start thinking I if I can't get in ahead of of these Players then what am I doing here and Then if you thought it was to see the Club that you grew up loving regain top Spot and then that snatched away from You then all of a sudden it really Leaves you feeling a little bit Um disjointed in terms of well what's Next what's next for me what's next for The football club and probably thinking Um let me see if I can arrange an exit Let's see how that impacts January and

What's to come Um for the rest of the season and into Next because otherwise the timing of it Just You don't you don't see players Retiring in the first week of November It's just not unless it's due to injury Um it's just not done so you just wonder What is different about this for Gerard Picking and you also don't see players Living money on the table yeah this Amount of money on the table that in Itself is a question that PK is going to Have to answer and Barcelona is going to Have to answer how do they figure out What the future of PK is within the code Because we assume he's going to have a Role in the club at some point he did Make a video to announce this today it's Put across social media he did say he Would be back as he looked longingly up At the presidential Palco Sid we'll give You the final word on this and what We've seen from Gerard 2K today Yeah I think we've all assumed for a Very long time that at some point jrpk Will be president of Barcelona I think We know that he has the intelligence he Has the if you like the kind of the Political awareness of course he's now The owner and daughter who applies Second division so there's a degree of Preparing himself there if you believe That's the case if indeed he doesn't

Just end up taking their daughter as Fast as far as he can and perhaps even Into the first division so I think he Will be back in time capacity at some Point he will always be connected to the Club but I think Now's the Time to walk Away and I'm reminded as well by the way Something he said around about I'm trying to think around about six or Seven months ago I think he said Something along the lines of I don't Want to retire on the bench you know I Want to go out playing if I'm on the Bench if I'm not useful then I will walk Away and I think that's fundamentally What's happened Well thank you very much for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports Highlights and Analysis be sure to Download the ESPN app and for live Streaming premium content and let's not Forget as well ESPN FC seven days a week Subscribe to ESPN Plus