Emotional Moments in Football

By | October 26, 2022

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Football is much more than a game. It has the power to bring us together. It has the power to bring joy, and great sadness. It has the power to divide, and it has the power to bring unity.

There are many moments when football has caused an outpouring of emotion. Seb Stafford-Bloor charts some of the biggest and most impactful moments. Illustrated by Henry Cooke.

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Foreign Football produces emotion all the time Every weekend in fact And what a supporter is moved by Generally depends on what matters to Them at any given moment In their day in their week even in their Lives But the game also produces occasions Which transcend the sport cutting Through rivalries and creating memories Which last well beyond the importance of The game and while not ranked or even Close to an exhaustive list tifo has Gathered some of these together to Remember why they mattered Foreign [Music] First a few emotional moments that any Credible list can't be without Lionel Messi finally leading Argentina To an international Trophy and the 2021 Copa America Tardeli celebrating after scoring the 1982 World Cup final belongs to it has Become the conveyance of what it means To score an important goal on the Biggest stage Stuart Pierce showed something similar In 1990 Pierce missed one of the Penalties that saw England eliminated From the World Cup semi-final in Turin Six years later against Spain at Euro 96 Pierce stepped up in a shootout again

This time he rifled his penalty inside The post and a whole nation felt his Relief as Pierce celebrated with a Guttural howl For Roberto Baggio it was different he Was caught in one of the loneliest Photos ever taken after he missed the Decisive penalty in the shootout at the End of the 1994 World Cup final Had been one of the best players at the Tournament and yet in the seconds after Sending his spot kick Soaring Over the Crossbar he stood for lonely and alone On the penalty spot As the triumphant Brazilian players Celebrated all around him These are all worthy entries and none of Them are benign but we're going Somewhere different To football's responses to the deepest And darkest adversity And to the moments that emerged from Those Shadows And to start with back to 1968 and the European Cup final Ten years before the Munich air disaster Claimed the lives of 23 people including Eight Manchester United players who were Returning from Yugoslavia after the Quarterfinals of the European Cup Against Red Star Belgrade The accident would decimate Matt Busby's Side and left Busby himself a critically Wounded

He would recover though and so would Manchester United Ten Years Later with a team built around Crash survivors Bobby Charlton and Bill Folks but by which time included George Best and Dennis Law Busby and Manchester United would finally capture the trophy To which they'd lost so much In November 2016 on their way to the First leg of the Copa sudamericana final The plane carrying the Brazilian team Chepekoenze crashed in Colombia with Only three players surviving Alan Russell Jackson Fullman and Neto Nine months later after their teammates And Coach had been buried and the world Had watched them mourn those three were At camp now to play Barcelona in the Catalan club's traditional friendly Neto and fallman didn't play in the game But performed a ceremonial kickoff Alan Russell however managed to play Almost an entire half in his first Appearance since the tragedy before Being substituted to a thunderous Standing Ovation from every corner of The ground At the 1989 FA Cup Final fate brought Liverpool and Everton together It had been Liverpool's run to the FA Cup semi-finals that took them to Hillsborough to face Nottingham Forest Before and during which one of the worst Stadium disasters in history would claim

The lives of 97 Liverpool fans Five weeks later carrying an impossible Burden Liverpool were at Wembley in the Final The game was a classic with Liverpool Winning 3-2 after extra time but the Afternoon is really remembered for Jerry Marsden of Jerry and the Pacemakers Leading the crowd in a rendition of You'll Never Walk Alone And the great show of solidarity between The two halves of merseyside bound by an Unspeakable tragedy In March 2012 for Bruce moamba collapsed At whiteheart Lane In an FA Cup replay between Tottenham And Bolton Miraculously despite his heart stopping For 78 minutes moimba survived and Recovered He would retire from professional Football that summer but in November That year at half time of a Europa League game between Spurs and maribor he Was introduced back onto the pitch to Tearfully take the Crown's Applause And more recently Euro 2020 nearly ended In tragedy when Christian Eriksen Collapsed at the beginning of Denmark's Group game with Finland The image that went around the world was Of the Danish team linking arms and Encircling their teammate so that he Could be treated with a modicum of

Privacy and everyone of course knows That his story had a happy ending Erickson survived made a remarkable Recovery and was able to resume his Playing career But before that before anyone knew what Would follow the abiding memory will Always be the resilience of the Danish Players Particularly nine days after Erickson's Collapse when they took on Russia back In Copenhagen and produced a magnificent Performance winning 4-1 in front of a Frenzied crowd it was an enormously Touching moment Mercifully rare like the others on this List but another time when football Showed its best side If you like this video please consider Subscribing to the channel The athletic brings you the best sports Journalism in the world in a Personalized experience connecting you With the stories and teams that you care About the most there's coverage of 13 Sports Plus direct access to world-class Journalists through live q and A's Discussions and podcasts and you can try It now for free for 30 days by clicking The link in the description Foreign