“DEVASTATED!” Iran score late winners to break Welsh hearts 💔😔

By | November 25, 2022

Reaction from the studio as Iran scored twice in injury-time to break Welsh hearts.



It's a great goal it's a great goal it's A great hit Um The Substitute cheshmi who came on a Few minutes ago there was a couple of Shots blocked and it's dropped down to Him 20 25 yards out edge of the box and He's drilled it into the bottom Left-hand corner or bottom right hand Corner for him And pretty much won the game in the 98th Minute of 19 uh sorry of ninth minute Sorry I'm watching this as they break Into 4v2 And it's two nil game over I mean they Won it anyway in it but in the hundredth Minute it's now two nil Another goal And definitely that sealed it Iran Tunnel up Um that's devastating that is really Devastating do you feel like Iran Deserved that yeah Iran have deserved it They've overall created the better Chances better quality they've hit the Post they've had a goal disallowed They've been counter-attacking all Afternoon long The two goals come at the end but to be Honest they could have come 30 40 Minutes ago so deserved it for sure and The game's still not over I mean there Was nine minutes injury time And it's again this this goal here comes From a counter-attack lost ball up field

It's a 4v2 counter attack And as cool as you like Um rameen come on and 1v1 and he's just Dinked to the goalkeeper Danny Ward who Came on obviously Wayne Hennessy got Sent off And absolute high level composure in the Hundredth minute to just be Ben Davis is Flying across Danny Wards is flying Across and he's just gone Dink and Lifted over goalkeeper for a great Finish two great goals Um but it's too nil to Iran that's game Over and it looks as if Wales will be Probably out of the World Cup after this Because now they face England With only one point on the board Goodness Me Well this in what it means to the fans Watching in Wells who've been at fun Parks in wrexham and Swansea and they Are looking at a defeat For Wales beaten by Carlos quiosis Iran Whilst it started the day with the beer Flowing unfortunately the tears are Flowing now real heartbreaking season I Mean you just never know whales do take On England next it was a very different Iran that played England that's for sure And certainly put up more of a fight Against a spirited whale side they had Chances of their own it was a thrilling Thrilling match that's for sure Incredible game I mean it's a great game

To watch end-to-end action action action That's all I can describe um in this Game and to be honest with you uh it is A completely different Iran team and Unrecognizable to that first game Against England Um and it was a game it was disguised as A group game but it felt like a knockout Game it both teams realizing we have to Win this and we have to go all out and Both teams did and I like that in a World cup but unfortunately Um Iran were the better team and they've Won it two-nil with the last kick of the Game we thought it was the last kick of The game in the 98th minute of 99 Minutes and then because they scored it Went through hundredth minute they break Away again two nil and fully game over And just I think two years in Wales Tears for the for the players on the Pitch because they look devastated and Realizing now that it's going to be very Very hard for Wales to qualify now For Wales were hoping to have moved on To Four Points and give themselves a Real chance of qualification but they Joined the USA on a single point they Are currently bottom of the group of Course on goal difference next up they Take on England it is England against USA this evening So real despair for Wales thank you very Much Robert Earnshaw for taking us

Through that I'm sorry we're sending you Off with a defeat ah there we go right Devastated