DEBATE: Is Liverpool’s Transfer Strategy Good Enough?

By | November 2, 2022

DEBATE: Is Liverpool's Transfer Strategy Good Enough?

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On this week's Debate Show, the lads went in deep on FSG's transfer strategy and whether or not it is good enough to keep Liverpool competitive against sides like Manchester City any longer. To watch the full show head to and sign up!



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Hey welcome to Redman TV so listen it's Time to have a big old chat about Liverpool's uh recruitment policy under The current ownership group and whether They are doing the right or wrong thing This is taken from this week's debate Show on Redman Plus Task is a slightly adjacent question to This I guess is what is your what's your Stance both is sort of on like the Recruitment strategy because I've seen Source of chat online about like we've Sort of moved away from shine and like Like Beyond sexy player like one album Wasn't a sexy player with me signing a Relegated team but he was like the right Age profile fit my my counter argument To people who've sort of been discussion That like we've been chasing you know so We don't get too many in the Summer Where was the back upside down my Counter argument to that is well what We've done instead is we've gone after Youth so we've gone for the Harvey Elliott the half alios they're going to Grow into these roles but obviously You've then got the problem of you've Got to wait two or three years yeah I I I think it's a bit simplistic when People go well you know we are because Our second money was our second choice Option over you know Brandt was first Choice my name is actress or Sally you Know what I mean there was like there

Was the gate I thought it was Gator Wasn't it was Gator or mane it was Brant Or sour and you know you can go down you Can go down those sorts of lists the Problem where people forget that Liverpool would a bit crap when we Signed them players so it was much Easier to buy improvements I I don't Think I think it's Liverpool feel that It's a waste of money buying Lads to it All or just to buy them as Squad players What you're meant to do is you buy Better and what you what's your best Level becomes your battle whereas if you Start buying backups you you are quietly Undercutting the quality of your squad Now you could argue we've done that Anyway by just keeping hold of certain Players keeping all the injury prone Players and maybe holding on to one or Two a little bit too long but that's Right it's whether you can even or Disagree with this kind of the kind of By the by I'm just saying that's what They've done that's what their process Always was you could you could afford to Buy a genuine album because odds are Even better than Emily Chan you know What I mean and you could afford to buy You know you could bring in man a Because let's be honest it was Miles Better than Adam lallana in the in a in A front three kind of situation because He was he had tons and tons of pace you

Could afford to buy Charlotte because You we only had one lad with page we Needed two Lads with Pace it became much Easier but whenever we've then tried to Upgrade the front three we found it Really difficult because well then You've got three guys you score 15 goals A season minimum it's a very difficult Has to do that and then you start to get Into the brackets of why are you paying 80 million pounds for Nunez and so on so I think it's it's It's why and I've represented a lot in The last few weeks it's why we wait for Van Dyke and don't buy Stefan DeVry Who's had a very good career as a you Know the Dutch Center that off who's That played at a good level but no one Ever talks about them in the brackets of The best entire office to play the game That's what Liverpool have to do because They can't afford to to take too many Gambles on footballers and they will Always sorry and I'll let you jump in So they will always gamble on someone in The building already Than someone coming in at a less unless They can guarantee quality when they're Bringing in you know you'll trust Someone who's an existing squad player Who knows what's happening on the sound Of the culture and fits in with the Culture then take a gamble on someone Coming in who might he might be more

Available but what if he's not what if He doesn't quite gel what if it takes Six months to get him up to speed so That's my take on it sorry to interrupt But we are sponsored by the BET Victor Last fan standing Show we're going to Introduce a short clip from that make Sure you head over watch the full thing And leave a like And subscribe I think It's Man City and I think it's because Like all of the rivalries we were just Discussing come from either like a Geographical reasoning or like let's say Maybe a bit of jealousy or frustration That said club might have won something But someone else didn't or your team Didn't but I think of a city it's kind Of it's been forced upon everybody Whether we like it or not like when they Came in obviously for for Chelsea people Seem to think that it was only when Abramovich came in that we did anything But that's not actually true even before That we were still playing in the Champions League winning fa cups but man City is kind of just like out of nowhere We had to all just think about yet Another team doing something decent so I Think in terms of that forcing of the Rivalry for me I think it's As much as it's annoying that they still Seem to win everything and they will Probably continue to win everything for A significant period of time I think to

See them win stuff doesn't trigger me as Much as it would say how you would Celebrate Flav if you do win a carabao Cup I think I'd still be more annoyed with You than I am a movie for celebrating Another city Premier League you know What I mean [Music] Yep the link to that will be in the Description underneath uh click through Just say Redman sent me in the comments Underneath and that makes us look box Anyway on with the chat uh I'll take on The news we brought in car value on Elliott because they were like the next Part of the evolution of this Liverpool Squad I think Liverpool in general they Were one in one out And I think part of the problem was We've not at some point we were going to Sell either case Roblox and I decided Against it or we couldn't move them out So but we clearly couldn't be even on This summer because we could do both Injured and I think My take on those I think they should Have been one of them should have gone The summer before not saying both of Them should but one of them and then we Should be fresh there I think another Problem is as well is that we used to Buy robust players players who don't get Injured and they were one of our main

Things that we looked at it doesn't seem That that is part of the priority now I Mean you just look at the Silence of Arthur the first thing we looked at when He shines was because Well I think the first thing they looked At was is the event available in the Next two days it was a significant part Of that transfer yeah and but but then If we got them in and then we were all Excited for a couple of hours and then We see we see there we go and it Happened it happened no are you writing That and that is it you know that Ruthlessness in the transfer markets is Maybe a little bit of the issue but Again yeah I I feel like I'm going I'm Like I'm some like this mads like Everything the club does is perfect kind Of approach but I mean you know it's Like being a business owner I can Empathize with decisions it's like you Can only sell people all that people Want to buy you know by all accounts Oxide a deal with Newcastle wanted Ox in January and he turned them down he Wanted to stay in that he ended up Having a carbon or for the rest of the Season because he didn't then didn't get Used and I think that whether that was a Little bit of like well my your ID Chance to go and play 40 there's no Chance for you to play Force here so You've kind of made your bed and yet

There's now a lad who knows that he's Not got a long-term future you know just Kind of snacks up and he's still at the Club he's still at the club and he must Be looking at it going look at my age Look at my injury records I'll just hang On to the end of the season now get a Get a some half decent Club will take me But I'll get a big wedge and that'll be Me that'll be me boxed It's It's and also that one of the covert Thing of Liverpool I've built themselves This this system where they have to Maximize value of sales they become very Good sellers you know user old enough to Remember they're supposed to be terrible Like we were getting like we we made a Profit on Peter Crouch but just I mean That was seen as an okay bit of bit of Business but Liverpool had a weak Bargaining position because they knew we Were sell to buy and they knew that well Well they need you know they need to get This out the door so whatever everyone Else like Chelsea were always great Sellers they'd buy people they didn't Seriously make a profit on every glad They moved they moved on Liverpool Couldn't do that now they can But that comes with another fact if You've got to play a bit of Brinksmanship and you've got to hold on To players and you've got to say no to

Certain deals because I'm margin for That it is so much smaller because it's Not monsters you can go okay you know They've done brilliantly in selling on To you by the way but they can every now And again go oh it gives a [ __ ] 50 Million whatever let's go and buy Another one we can only do that every Now and again if we have too many of Them our entire House's cards falls down And what's kind of Win It it's happening Already but I'm the alternative it and What I'm stress is the alternative was Probably considered and this was this Was We've Ended up this one because not Like someone's blindly gone oh well Whatever you know I I think they've They've tried their best and it's and They've just needed a body in yeah yeah Yeah it's um it's fascinating like it's Matter you know I I don't say the ones That Liverpool haven't had to build from The top before no am I like not in my Time of supporting Liverpool Liverpool Have never been up right at the Pinnacle We've always we were always we were on The way down when I started supporting Us And then since then we've been trying to Get to the top and having false starts And then not knowing how to go the next Step well we made the step we got to the Right to the top and now what happened To like build right at the Pinnacle of

The mountain And I it's obviously a different much Different process Before we started as well as like I was A I was a fan like late 80s early 90s so I Shane was at the top and then decline So when I'm saying that likes it so now I'm probably a little bit more But don't say relaxed because it's it's Hard watching us right now but I can Accept it a little bit more because During the 90s we we went like after we Won The League Cup we didn't win nothing Until eight nine years So I'm I do think as well I'm very guilty of This because you know I used to do a Show about it with Chris but it you can Sort of look for analogs in it as well I Think a lot of people sort of look like That Barca team and how they kept Stretching that and then where they've Ended up and the only teams we've really Done sort of this and kept the same Group of lads really other than City and Obviously City have got unlimited money Um is is probably buying and then buying Reached that point didn't they where They were like we've got a shell Robin We've got it and pushed it too far after We started them Um so it's it's hard and you know I I Just I just think it's like you've got To sort of put yourself back in the The

Human Side of it and that like you know It's one thing saying well you've got You've got okay today you've got Chamberlain get rid of that I'm gonna Say well yeah but they've got to want to Go and you know I mean like what you're Saying with the Newcastle thing it's Like you can't just shape what we're Selling into Newcastle like he's got to Want to design That's why loads of these lives We regress it now no but that's the Point is that anyone never we're never Privy to it because again our experience Of selling players comes and computer Games where you could just do it and it Happens large by and large but there's Obviously lots more moving parts to it That's not to say I don't think Liverpool should spend more money I Think they should I think they Absolutely should I think it'd be it Would be Negligent to not get someone off the Sincere in January hopefully there's Someone of the sufficient quality Available without it being another art And mellow old and car back Ben Davies Style Is a is a human being who can play Football kind of situation hopefully There's someone they actually want it's More Diaz than than that that's right Um well yeah exactly well exactly yeah

It is possible isn't it we actually have A good a good track record of doing Business in Chinese as it turns out but No it is it is a really difficult one And again doesn't feel I don't want this Stuff it's not often ask me like I keep Getting I get it I'll put a 2000 about Watching prey the Predator pretty cool The other day and said I really enjoyed This and someone said Paul could you Tell me what your opinion is on FSG and Or fsgl's and I was like oh my God it's Like you know every time I never pull a Crap I've been getting asked this for The last 10 years and it's I just don't Think it's an issue and by that not to Say that I think they're perfect it's Just they clearly need to do more but I Don't think they don't want to do more Because it's no there's no benefits for Them for Liverpool to have a drop in Revenues or for them to for Liverpool to Stop being a club that wins major honors Because Beefing up the value of the asset all Part and parcel of what it does in the Grand scheme of the overriding FSG Package it's not you know it's it's Importance for Liverpool's overall Status in the game to be good because it It helps them in what they do it's so They'll probably then they've got it What they've got is a track record of Course collection they're getting things

Wrong and then actually someone going Yeah and then them getting it right the Idea of choking them out and going back Into the Wilderness of looking for Another ownership group it's mad it's Just I can't I just don't I don't know What FSG out looks like is my is my Thing because the only way you're Getting better and by better I presume People mean owners will spend more of Their own money is to get an ownership Group that let's be honest comes with a Suspect background it's either a sports One it's a sports washing project or It's you know it's some sort of like Sugar daddy deal which I don't think Really exists anymore you can't Sports Wash with Liverpool you can that's why Chelsea are going to go Chelsea is just Going to go back to being a Another football team they might be able To be what we've been over the last few Years but they're never going to be Roaming Abramovich Chelsea again because They're a big football club now they Have too many eyes on them and you know What you can you can't you can sports Watch Newcastle because you've got this Grateful fan base your show desperate For anything the sublime that buy the Money they don't give a [ __ ] to look Under the [ __ ] you know look behind The cat and see where it's come from City with exactly the same you can't do

That out of Liverpool because the fan Base wouldn't allow it it would be toxic From minute one if like a you know if The same owners recruiter button Newcastle came in at Liverpool there Would be [ __ ] Anarchy that you know The people the people would be setting Fire to my feelings I mean it just but You don't understand Exactly exactly enough so that's where We're at is that what is it what does it Look like because there's no other Football owners who aren't who aren't Bankrolled by States or by oligarchs or Whatever who have done a better job in The last seven years and we wouldn't go It's all you can clap and He likes working within that system he's Enjoyed that he hasn't decided to get Off at any point because he's been off At 11 off a jobs Galore in that time Real Madrid will have been throwing Money at him every year going yeah come And have a go over here he's been happy To stick it out and extend yeah exactly I think I think the other sort of Taxi Thing there as well is in obviously got A history of it in terms of hicks and Diet and stuff that ownership is at Least accountable to the fan base like They are they have backed down on Everything when the fan base is sort of Said we don't want this and that's again Sort of the thing I always think it's

Sort of Lost in the FSG outing it's like In in our house it's like everything We've sort of asked it took time but They've ended up coming around to our Side you know what I mean that doesn't Happen if you have a different owners The mistakes you know I don't know They've made some stupid mistake that Everyone's made they've all there's not An only script that hasn't made stupid Mistakes but they've delivered a degree Of success and I you know I think with Another interesting stage now where They've paid I said they've paid for the Client time they've funded it and the Way they funded it has led to us we in The last three and a half years four Years we've won every trophy you can win So it's obviously it's worked to a point It's now what does the next Evolution Look like what does does that require Them to do something different can you Sustain can we rebuild the team to Maintain ourselves at that level with The same business model I don't and Nobody knows that it looks like no so if That's no then are they gonna put the Answer because if they decide then we're Just happy to go back into the pack of Being between fourth and eighth for a Couple of years that's going to be That's when you'll have to start a Question you know what what the Motivations are behind stuff is it just

FSG though as well because she likes to Weigh up with a small Squad so maybe Cloth needs to start thinking different Now on it and get a bigger Squad now no Exactly yeah there's loads of things That we don't know all we know is that We want we all want Liverpool to be the Best team in the world every season and We want us to challenge for every honor Which we we have done we just want to we Want more of that we don't want the Party to end and it looks like the party Is ending so when it is you're starting To look around it's like you know the Party centers where everyone's starting To like grab what they can to keep to Extend it and keep it keep it going Whereas you know maybe maybe it does Need a bit of a bit of fresh thing kind Of stuff but again on the on the on the In and out stuff I don't think people Realize how much turmoil that costs a Football club and what it causes and What damage it causes to the fan base What it causes to the support you know All people aren't behind the team Anymore there's him fighting there's you Know there's protesting and all that Kind of stuff do they if they then Decide to pull funding in the short term Because they're thinking well [ __ ] you That that is it that has a disabled as An effect the best thing to do is build With what you've

Keep within the framework of what you've Got but Bob push for more and try to Find a way to make it work a game which I could say I don't know it may be a Stupid Blind Faith my belief in them is That they they will they will want to Because I don't see I don't see that any Insensible business people would want to Not have their asset be the best it can Be Now I don't you know I don't know we Went through we went through before I Remember 10 years ago more than 10 years Ago going through them because in their Assets stripping and we'll do that Because they're letting the weight They're letting Pepe Reina go and let All the big wage earners are getting off And we're buying getting these Lads in On Lower Wages that's an asset strip That looks like a guy who's coming in And ripping the club off what it was was Them going nah these latitude on too Much money for what we're getting out of Them we've got to start from scratch We've got to clear the decks and we've Got to build up and that looked mental At the time Um but it got us so I kind of discussed It's annoying but you've kind of got to Sit back and let the people do the thing I'm not I don't I haven't got the item I'm no bearing and passion to go back to The barricades because I think it's a

Bit like twisting on 19 and pontoon or 20 you know we might look out and get The perfect owner who is everything who Provides everything man city provides But you know they haven't got Questionable human rights issues behind Them and they haven't got like you know Dodgy sources of other funding things And all this kind of stuff Yeah good I just yeah good good luck With that anything else Um do you want to move on should we move On thank you so much for checking out That segment from this week's debate so That was actually a bonus topic to kind Of got thrown up in conversation we had A good old deep sort of 40-minute chat Around Liverpool's formation options and Where they're lacking and maybe what They can do to jump start a bit of Consistency even if it's only in the Final few games before the break really Really good stuff indeed we also went Through our greatest Liverpool free kick Takers of all time as well the full show The debate show each and every week over On in video and in Podcast form go and check it out hey Guys hope you enjoyed that video if you Did please do drop a like on it and give Us a subscription to this YouTube Channel as well if you want even more Liberal content in your lives either in Podcast or video form check out our subscription service It's absolutely brilliant and you will Love it