D – Fense *clap clap* D – Fense *clap clap*

By | November 2, 2022


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[Music] Charleston crosses look out shot taken Deflected off the back of the end Of this booming up team on display he Has really had himself a game he has Broken up several runs I also don't want To damage the confidence of Kubo in the Process a slip from scandi Tanger sends It toward the back post to the front Post and in off that post San Antonio Silences the crowd at the hour mark Flips it to the back post [Applause] Beautiful first touch comes back Centrally and this is towards the line It cleared away [Music] I don't know how Louisville kept that Out but they did put this one back [Music] Dia drives it in touch wide open Political Of course it was going to be a Defender Of course it was going to be a center Back and it had to be Sean Tosh [Music]