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#Hisense set me the ULTIMATE challenge….To recreate the famous CRISTIANO RONALDO IN THE DARK VOLLEY! We travelled to Manchester late at night to set this up and see how tough it really is! 🤩

As part of the video I got to meet 2 young football lovers and deliver them some INCREDIBLE WORLD CUP prizes including a 65 INCH #ULEDTV as part of the Hisense #worldcup2022 #Upgradeyourlivingroom campaign. 💙⚽️

Check it out!!!

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Billy Wingrove & Jeremy Lynch

Yes guys welcome back to the channel and Today I've been set two challenges by Hisense the official TV of this year's World Cup and Qatar challenge one is to Recreate the famous Ronaldo in the dark Challenge when he scores in Pitch Black This is how it works Louis will be Crossing the ball from the corner as the Ball is in Flight the lights will shut Down leaving me in complete darkness I Then have to judge the Flight of the Ball and try to get a clean connection To score in the goal for this video We've hired thermal imaging cameras to Detect heat I've got the Hisense TV set Up over there so I can check back on the Thermal imaging camera to see where I'm Going wrong and make any adjustments This is going to be tough but let's get Into it So guys come over with me this is the Thermal imaging camera I've never seen One of these in real life so you can see Here the guys are just moving around and That is their heat that is the camera's Picking up and converting into images Which looks super cool but check this Out Dev shut down the lights Boom can you see that look at that it Does not affect this camera at all you Can still see Louie's heat signal as Clear as when the lights are fully on These are the balls that we're using Thermal camera will not pick up a

Football because it's cold so the Solution is heat up the balls come Through here here's one we prepared Earlier oh that's boiling I just burn myself so this ball Has been just sitting in here you can See can you see the steam coming for That Which is perfect because it will keep That heat in for a few minutes which is Enough time for us to get a few attempts In on the challenge right so what we're Going to do now is I'm going to quickly Show you the difference between a ball That's been warmed and a ball that Hasn't on the thermal camera so there You go guys the ball warming system has Worked like a treat so without further Ado we're ready to get into this Challenge I really can't wait to see how Difficult this is I've got a feeling It's not going to be easy there's only One way to find out let's do it so we're Just warming up now With the lights on they're not going to Be shut down just as just getting the um The timing in a little bit of movement All comes in And then strikes but it's obviously Going to be a lot harder with the light Switched off I've lost my marker All right should we try one with the Lights going off Okay

Oh completely missed the ball Oh I'm gonna get this This one goes I mean it's gone in on the left It's gone in on the left we scored Let's keep going That's gotta be it I don't even know if that would that go In or not it must have Why am I striking at this again that was The machine I think that went in but He's like Proper shin and card all right Cristiano [Laughter] Oh No Right I've got a mentally adjust to this Because every strike is hitting the shin So obviously I'm going too early Oh that was good that felt good that Felt clean Look I just knew I just knew I just you Know the inner fibers of my being new The the my soul my soul was sure Spirit Was assured I knew that was it I'm not Even talking to the main cameras I'm Talking to the thermal because that's my Home now my home you guys you adopted The dark I was born in it Okay so that's phase one of the Challenge complete now is phase two it's Gonna be a lot harder we're going to be

Shutting down the lights a lot earlier Basically as soon as Louis strikes the Ball for the cross light shut down I've Got gassed about completing that part And now the guys have just said that's Only phase one time for phase two now so Wish me luck Let's go Oh I hit the ball But Earlier Oh I I mean I'm surprised I'm hitting the Ball at all Oh Literally so what happened there is Before I saw any flight the lights cut And I had no data to work with and I had No clue where the ball was I need to at Least see The first few milliseconds of ball Flight so I can judge A to B and do a Quick calculation of the projected Trajectory in my mind do the math do the Calculus And then hope for the best so give me a Bit of data to work with All right let's go let's go I'll try Again Oh that's good Okay right I actually can't believe that I got that one that quick Oh that's good

Oh that could have gone anywhere [Music] Wait no I think that's gone over Oh that could have gone anywhere This is exactly why coaches good coaches Will tell you to keep your eye on the Ball for as long as possible because This is the extreme example of what Happens when your uh your visual senses Are not being utilized this is one I've Got a good feeling about this Yes it was a bit tentative a bit Cautious I want to I want to commit more But Cristiano we was putting his foot For a bit more he had a bit more Aggressive belief that's what I need to Implement this one goes I didn't hear Cristiano Ronaldo Complaining so you won't hear me Complain Soon [Music] Great ball Lou I mean it come off the Top of my head but still header it's a Head ahead of the header and in honor of Cristiano Ronaldo it's probably the best Type of goal to score because you know What a Beastie is when it comes to Scoring with his head Let's try one more I try to score using My foot and then we'll move on to phase Three of the challenge which is Basically impossible but we're gonna try It anyway let's go

Oh that felt good that felt good Yes But we're gonna try anyway let's go Oh that felt good that felt good Come on I'm gonna give you one I'm gonna give You one Yes boom okay I'm actually surprised I Didn't think I'll be able to get that in This phase the lights will be shut down As the Bulls struck so I will have zero A to b ball trajectory to work with to Try and estimate where the ball's gonna Land it's just going to be going purely Off Louie's body shape but we're gonna Try anyway we're gonna try I I don't Have any idea how Ronaldo's pulled this Off right let's do it ready Lou Foreign [Music] I can't take pride in that we have to go Again This goes this one goes That's in it's in I could just I could I Could somehow sound weird I could come Out somehow since You know what the ball is changing the Atmosphere around it as it comes on it Sounds weird but you can kind of tell When it's coming towards you or not You're it's so weird your sentence are Shut down but other ones are Amplified I Didn't expect that let's try again I Want to make sure that wasn't just pure

Fluke I just literally reached out for it You'll see on the thermal cam mate I Just thought it's in front of me I don't Know how you know I think you can Yeah actually I just went like that boom And it just hit my foot and went in but I'm telling you you can hear like the Wind of the ball as it travels you're Making noise and obviously this is Um a really quiet space with actually Filming it 11 o'clock at night which is The latest we've ever filmed because We need it to be dark no light coming From outside you can see this is outside No lights coming from out there this is Just to get the goals and stuff in and Out which is perfect because You can hear the ball coming you can Hear the ball coming so yeah really Happy with that didn't expect that That's actually It's taught me something I didn't expect That we're going to have to attempt Phase four which I have just I've been Saying all week to the guys how is that Even possible that wasn't even on Cristiano Ronaldo's video we're trying To take it to another level which just Seemed like Madness and this is the Challenge phase four is sticking a Target in the top corner and trying to Strike the ball on the volley top bins Look

Okay oh I mean Yeah but it's nowhere near the hoop Oh oh I felt close Damn Oh How close Ah okay so obviously when I'm striking I Can't see the ball so we've got this High sense you led U7 sports model TV Which is perfect for playback so I can Actually get an idea of what I'm doing Right and what I'm doing wrong and more Importantly what I'm doing wrong so Let's just quickly get it onto sports Mode It's good enough for standard but we'll Go sports let's get the playback it all Comes in He's not as serious actually that's not Bad okay so it's just a little bit Higher okay that's good that's very Helpful right let's go back into it Let's go Oh it's doable Oh Oh where did I go where did it go Where'd it go did I hit the woodwork off The bar just above it ah ah That's so disappointing man Energy drink or something around here What am I doing wrong Five days Come on

I love that guys All right Let's get this okay Yeah yeah Yeah [Applause] Come on Come on come on I can't believe it You know what well the camera's rolling When everybody in this whole building Was giving me encouragement and I was Saying I don't think that's going to Happen guys This that wasn't that wasn't me that was All the energy that they were giving me The positive energy the belief when I Genuinely didn't believe in myself with That Yeah just Amazing can't believe it I can't wait to Watch it back as well because I haven't Seen it [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] Yeah Yes [Applause] That was the Cristiano Ronaldo in the Dark Challenge and we took it up to Another level Somehow managed to it managed to happen What's up guys so today I've come into

London to surprise two football lovers Jack and Nico who took part in a recent Hisense campaign to upgrade their living Room Ready for the World Cup so we're Literally arriving now this is their Front door I do believe according to the Address in the van across the road we've Got a 65-inch Hisense uled 7 sports Model TV and some other World Cup Goodies which were going to surprise the Boys with let's go Hello Hello [Music] [Music] Yeah hello Jack how are you mate give me A sponge how you like to do it good do You know why I'm here hello so we've got A 65 inch TV for you to watch the World Cup on and some other World Cup goodies Does that sound good yes Wicked should We have a kick about while the team sets Up the TV and upgrade your living room And then we'll come back and it will Just be all done ready to go yeah sound Good okay let's do it What's that called You're going around the trees [Music] [Music] I saved it well please Thank you Yeah so who do you like sleep is going To win the World Cup England England

Australia all right lad should we go Back up and see if they've uh if they're Finished setting up yeah let's do it [Music] You've got the rug here and you've got These little goodie packs as well and They've got a well-cut keyring as well And the two World Cup balls we've got a Mug for you each so you can have a nice Little Bevy when you're watching the World Cup and check this out this is a Bigger World Cup replica yeah all right So what we're going to do now is we're Going to watch some highlights on the New TV and basically give it a little Test run and see that sports mode in Full action let's go alright so I'm Gonna just go into settings and we're Going to go into sports mode up the top There Boom done Oh wow I'm not gonna lie lad you've got to set Up here you've got the setup so Lads you Must be delighted with your upgraded Living room yes put it there Guys that's pretty much it from me and From Hisense massive thank you to Hisense for making your wish come true And all that remains to be said is La Peace and checkers