Craig Burley has the USMNT going through?! World Cup FULL bracket predictions 🤯 | ESPN FC

By | November 7, 2022

Craig Burley is on ESPN FC to present who he thinks will win the 2022 FIFA World Cup.
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However I am betting well my my ticket Through your page shut up my picks are Somewhat boring now after that I know That's why I put Frank's up then there You go no no he's got the US going Through I was not expecting that yeah Double Bluff United States and England I've gone Denmark Morocco to go through Right right okay so it was the second Best team in African well Africa Africa At the moment there we go and they're Going for Spencer beat Morocco okay Obviously Brazil would be Uruguay Netherlands to beat USA and Argentina Similar to what Don did as well yeah Similarly Don and Brazil Argentina Argentina yeah okay and then I've got Germany to beat Belgium uh even though I Don't think uh Germany agree I got Switzerland to beat Portugal because I Think Switzerland are a very pragmatic Side uh we saw that in the world cup I Got England to beat Senegal and France To beat Mexico okay all right so then Semi-finals will be I've got Germany France semi-finals from that section oh And then will it be a repeat of the 7-1 I have got Brazil get into the final and Even though Frank hates the French I Have France oh no and what does that Remind us of which final unfortunately I I tried my best to get Canada and Denmark to the final but I couldn't find

A route I was going through the graphic This morning and how am I gonna get Canada and Denmark I just couldn't Don Is there any Russia I just want to know Dan when you put where you put Brazil And your lovely wife and friends my Lovely country thank you very much for Watching espnfc on YouTube for more Highlight analysis and exclusive content Be sure to subscribe