Could Sidemen’s TBJZL and brother Manny play professional football for Crawley? 🤯

By | November 2, 2022

Sidemen's Tobi Brown (known as TBJZL) and his brother Manny discuss their trial with League Two side Crawley Town, as coach Lewis Young says he had them 'laying on the floor' after a tough training session…



[Music] Foreign [Applause] Town training first team we've two of The biggest YouTubers in the UK dirty Faces Are doing good thank you very good Really good so I'm used to seeing you Guys on a Sunday yeah because we all Play for the same sanity team under the Radar FC how did this happen how did you Man end up at 40 Town firstly trade Um well it started with Wagner United Arenas are probably town they wanted to Get involved in support in the charity Match we took at the sidemen last month Um raised a load of money for charity Sold out Charlton Affleck stadium and um They donated to that support as a cause Sent some Scouts down for a little bit Of publicity because they want to try And create like an online culture online Presence before the town and um yeah They asked if we'd be interested in Coming down to train with the team part Of that kind of you know move so you Mel Were the ones that got scouted yeah Don't worry Yeah I mean what was your reaction when They told you It's half and half to be honest because Like obviously we know both sides of the Queen a lot of people be like what's Going on here YouTubers in a

Professional environment and it sounds Like a crazy thing so we were kind of Half and half because obviously we try And uh have our like morals in Latin Wherever we go whatever we do but I Think same time like the childhood side Of us came out and was like there's a Chance of being a professional football Environment jump at it yeah I mean so Even coming here today you've been able To have an experience that we may not Otherwise have had kind of problems as Well that's what you dream of really and Yeah we've enjoyed it we've learned Stuff we've seen the levels and the Difference between like where we are and Where they are and we can see why They're there and the consistencies and What they're doing lessons to take away From them it was how was the training Session compared to let's say Sunday League or five or sides much quicker Pace yeah they're a lot sharper as well Than us but that's expected when you Know you train every day Um yeah the fitness was a big factor as Well because I was blowing I was Breathing heavy I haven't played Football in like two and a half months These lot were a bit more fit than me Because they play like a bit more Regularly but the level of Fitness that These boys have and the professionalism That they show that is crazy and the

Best thing about is they made us go at Home as well yeah they were very Welcoming I think that's one thing in The back of my mind like these are going To be like YouTubers are coming to our Space what the hell are they doing Yeah yeah no they were actually really Welcoming a lovely bunch of guys Honestly I can't speak I remember them We know that you guys have played in Like sad man charity games and that's Been in front of big crowds if you were To given that opportunity do you think That that is giving you the right prep To play in that environment this session Yeah we probably need another hundred No like we probably need loads of Sessions to get up speakers that said The difference between them the Intensity and Tempo I would say like We've got chucked into a defense we Didn't drown but I didn't say this one So fun Yeah so I I think it's one of those Things like if you were to do it Regularly yeah it would be okay I Wouldn't say it would be better than Them or anything but I think we'd hold Our road Like On top of that you have to realize that Professionals that are at this level Going into a new team it doesn't just Always click at the same time so it's

Not something where we come here do two Training sessions and they'll go yeah You're in the FA Cup team yeah I mean I Feel like that was more of a PR play Yeah but even to have our name mentioned With that competition is a huge honor Like I said in my interview of um Wagner United 40 time like we are we've been Football fans our whole life like we Understand the culture we understand the What it means to the fans you know and To players alike so it's not something Where we're just going to come in and Walk around like yeah give us the chance To play an FA Cup note but we respect it Yeah and like respect their craft that They dedicate their lives to this to the Sport and it's just an honor to be able To train with them and love from them Yeah I think I think that that was a Perception that people thought that you Know he was just gonna walk in and be Like yeah I'm starting on the weekend People like to see things the way they Want to see things right if you open Your mind and really see it for where it Is and you read the articles that came Out you'd understand that okay this is Just a good PR play like it's not Disrespectful like People getting the opportunity to live Out a dream that prefer for a lot of People is like oh what about the Youngsters that have worked hard for

Their opportunity and they're not Getting it or whatever and it was never A thing of that I think if anything People can take inspiration from the Fact that we are in this environment With doing this and we can take Experiences that we've learned from this And be like for the young guys if you Want to play here this is what these Guys are like I mean so it's not a thing Like oh look here we are YouTubers are Going to come and take their space and Whatever now but I think there's lessons To be loved from this and for some People out there who just want to be Negative to anything just have an open Mind Anything sorry if anything it gives us The opportunity to showcase the levels Because one comment I get a lot is that Uh Toby you should be playing for this Team and that team and I feel like you Don't actually know the levels that he's Not a player is what I mean yeah so if Anything I get to make some content out Of this and show that you know these are Playing at a very good level it's not as Easy as it looks but at the same time You get to experience it hold our own You know it's just a proud moment for me And my brothers and my family I saw you Speaking to the manager after you know He was giving you yeah he was offering Me the contract

He gave us a couple words of advice Um told us what he's trying to cultivate Him aside and I think it's been working For them they've had some really good Recent performances Um hopefully I'm going to be able to Come down on Saturday and support aside Uh during the FA Cup test amazing so Let's say yeah like you guys jump off And I said I said you've done more on The sideline but let's say you was just Levels above and then suddenly they said Yeah And they said okay cool you can become a Player how would you balance become an Earth I'd have to turn on the pro contractor Honestly honestly like respectfully I'd Have to turn it down Um I've got other stuff that I'm Committed to at this point I'm 29 as Well so you know I'm thinking about my Future Um but this man and my brother Jets We have less commitment but for us Growing up and most of us most of our Friends we all know the same sort of People if anyone said oh do you want to Play pro you wouldn't say no yeah Because that's what maybe one per game Maybe one yeah Amazing well that's I hope you guys get Another opportunity at a training Session and hopefully get you know one

Of those one-offs one-off games even if It's preseason Thank you guys appreciate it thank you Man [Music] [Applause] [Music]