Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC vs. San Antonio FC – Condensed Game | 7.17.2021

By | November 3, 2022

Watch the Condensed Game from Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC vs. San Antonio FC, 07/17/2021

00:00:00 – Kick Off by Colorado Springs Switchbacks
00:00:16 – Shot by Nathan Uiliam Fogaça
00:00:41 – Goal by Nathan Uiliam Fogaça
00:01:21 – Goal by Hadji Barry
00:01:44 – Shot by Nathan Uiliam Fogaça
00:02:05 – Foul by Michael Edwards
00:02:32 – Goal by Victor Pagliari Giro
00:02:52 – Shot by Deshane Beckford
00:03:08 – Shot by Hadji Barry
00:03:22 – Shot by Michee Ngalina
00:03:45 – Booking by Victor Pagliari Giro
00:03:58 – GK Save by Matt Cardone
00:04:22 – Foul by Sean Melvin
00:05:05 – Goal by Nathan Uiliam Fogaça
00:05:43 – Booking by Jordan Burt
00:05:57 – End Period by San Antonio
00:06:06 – Start Period by San Antonio
00:06:19 – Shot by Marcus Epps
00:07:01 – Player in by Justin Dhillon
00:07:09 – Player in by Liam Doyle
00:07:17 – Booking by Jimmy Ockford
00:07:35 – GK Save by Sean Melvin
00:07:47 – Player in by Steven Echeverria
00:07:59 – Player in by Zachary Zandi
00:08:06 – GK Save by Matt Cardone
00:08:19 – Booking by Liam Doyle
00:08:36 – Defensive act by Emil Cuello
00:08:52 – Player in by Shandon Hopeau
00:09:07 – Dribble by Jose Gallegos
00:09:33 – GK Save by Sean Melvin
00:09:46 – Goal by Zachary Zandi
00:10:27 – Shot by Matthew Mahoney
00:10:54 – Player in by Leo Torres
00:11:09 – Player in by Darren Yapi
00:11:23 – GK Save by Matt Cardone
00:11:35 – Booking by Shandon Hopeau
00:11:46 – GK Save by Matt Cardone
00:12:07 – Booking by Matt Cardone
00:12:15 – Shot by Nathan Uiliam Fogaça
00:12:29 – GK Save by Matt Cardone
00:12:46 – Booking by Sam Gleadle
00:13:00 – Booking by Emil Cuello
00:13:17 – End Match by Colorado Springs Switchbacks

And we are just about set to go for First kick referee today Mark Allerton His ninth USL Championship appointment This year we are underway from Widener Field in Colorado Springs switchbacks in Black San Antonio in all white beautiful Day here in Colorado Springs Temperatures right around 80 degrees Beautiful sunny skies I want a good first touch to head this Into space Nathan might be in on goal Nathan in the side netting Sean Melvin Cutting off the angle and out for a goal Kick He awkward the little Step Up by Edwards Leave Oxford isolated Nathan recognized It spring in behind it's Another Eerie moment on the back line And here they go again Nathan and on Goal Nathan scores What a start for San Antonio He had a chance in the opening minutes And now he buries this one one nil to The roadside Mac and Gila has to be better gets the Pocket picked and then you can't lose Your Runner here if you're Jimmy Oxford The argument from the center back is Going to be that you had possession it Does not matter there's too much space There building out of the back Goalkeeper left out to dry as your Opening goal you're looking for And here goes nishikalina

Galena Cuts back Galena save Hachi Berries there and of course he scores Goal number 13. there he goes again [Music] Schubert there in defense for San Antonio Now they look to get out in transition Again and here they go mayaka the only Man back Can they get the lead right back no it's Blocked down Melvin now battling Ford He's out of his goal trying to trip this In and mac and Gila clears it off the Line Play now for Gallegos Who cuts in field Gallegos blocked down Appeal for handball penalty Edwards got in the way The referee spotted it a yellow card Issued and San Antonio a chance to take The lead right back Step head down power top ends the entire Way one more look at it 'll be PC who scores the first penalty Kick goal on the season for San Antonio They reclaim the lead on the road Training ground and try and replicate Over and over and over again The way that he's able to so calmly step In just like that Pick it up and go the other direction Unfounded Ayaka gets this out wide chance coming And just a bit too tall

They have got to earn their playing time And good play there and here's another One Galena in behind Barry's in the Middle Galena for Barry and he puts this Over the bar But Ayaka Are you guys keeps going now it's Berry slipping this in Galena saved by Cardoni and then put out a play Galena picked up the rebound but he Could not provide the Finish Multiple times dropping down into the Pocket beautiful Vision here Coming through the middle Heavy challenge it looks like another Yellow card will be issued Let's go into PC Another corner kick coming here for the Switchbacks Torres to provide the service Falls to the Penalty spot pushed over The bar by cardoni Come on up here Matt cardoni only 13 Goals given up in 11 games but just a One shot out to show for it [Music] Who not Let that cloud your judgment on how good Of a goalkeeper this man is I'm just Talking about in terms of results yep That team can play we know that Gallegos keeps this moving Melvin off His line

And it's another penalty And it looks like mayaka ran right into The referee a yellow card issued So does the attacker but watch it when It slows down watch the right hand of Sean Melvin right there He redirects this ball Where does the contact occur touch That's the question it's really close Where does the contact occur in Reference to when Melvin actually Touches the ball Skull Was the first penalty kick goal Converted by San Antonio this year And now Nathan steps to the spot And Nathan puts it away goes left again San Antonio extends its advantage It's two goals on the Day for Nathan Timing is everything and it's of the Essence for Nathan just before halftime Some kind of penalties from their Striker and their midfielder and PC What is the response now from Colorado Springs There's a foul and a free kick given to San Antonio and might this be another Yellow Card [Applause] More and more space is going to continue To open up for both of these squads Could make the argument there was a foul Just seconds by the end of the field Dream start for San Antonio

So we are back here at Widener field Getting set for the second 45 minutes With Devin Kerr I'm Josh Eastern what a First 45 minutes it was and let's see What they can do in this second half No no No For the switch of play and look at all The space Marcus Epps it's two on one ABS off the post Could you believe that he had an option With Nathan to his right it would have Been a hat trick for Nathan Epps took it Himself Gallegos to the near side Epps to the Far touch line what a ball by cam Lindley even better first touch to be Fair by Epps A little bit surprised he doesn't go Around the goalkeeper Watch all the pace coming forward little Touch around him You've got him right where you want him If you're Marcus Epps can't fault him Though he does have the angle Woodwork man Looks like now those subs will come on Doyle and Dylan First appearance Off the Bench this Season Will be kameri coming off It's a new Venture for Brendan Burke Coming West and this a big collision and A foul it'll be a free kick and a good

Spot for San Antonio Looks like yellow card in hand for Mark Allerton Rockford We'll clear this away Still kept in A chance now coming for San Antonio Here's the shot right at Melbourne in The center of goal Beverly Macan Gila and Jose Torres Will make way it's not a bad shift from Either one of them akagila is going to Be known as the player who gave up that Touch in the middle of the field need to Be better for short but very efficient And more importantly gave the ability of Torres and mayaka to stretch this game Foreign Here's Barry looking in field [Applause] Sandy his first touch a shot rolled into The arms of Matt cardoni the amount of Long balls in transition we've had be a Bit surprising This will be a foul Liam Doyle says yep that is on you Yellow card and a free kick Here goes Galena Jersey may have been Pulled but still Off to the Races Zandy in for Barry Sandy gets it back Plays this in centrally a couple of wake Jerseys converge and it's cleared away You know they want to be that offensive Explosion

But with the understanding that an allen Martinez system they've still got to Step back and help out Really well done by Quail on the Challenge in the Box Sub coming on here it's the Loney from The Seattle Sounders [Applause] Here Comes San Antonio Gallegos cutting in field he might do This all himself The Finish is not there Dylan was Running through the middle Fired and has a very long stretch ahead Of him in terms of this singular run You've done all the hard work just Release it San Antonio not done on the attack Opio opio Locked down and into the arms of Sean Melvin It's actually the first professional Based out of Hawaii to sign with the Sounders and he signed with what was Then known as Seattle Sounders 2 now Tacoma defiance Plated behind great chance to pull one Back The switchbacks it's Zach Sandy the Second half substitute It's his first goal on the season it's 3-2 and here we go for the final 17 Minutes Behind this long ball up over the top

Has been wide open The acquisition of Zack's India the off Season was always one that was going to Be a question mark of how he fit into This system No more questions just answers from Zach Sandy returning from injury Beckford Muscles his way through to Shane Beckford saved Mahoney Over the Bar Won't get a better chance than that to Find The Equalizer Individual effort by Beckford Friendly bounce And then as he lets this one go It's a really good first touch by Matt Mahoney that's the most difficult part Here Tomorrow's who signed a contract in 2019 In just 15 years old Making his third appearance this season Has only played 20 minutes total now Gets thrown into the fire in a crucial Match for San Antonio to get there in The happy 18 year old Maloney from the Colorado Rapids will Come in for Jordan Burke [Music] 's fourth appearance on the season See if we're in for an equally as Entertaining finish here comes the cross The wheel just nods this away only as Far as Beckford

Who sends this in and it's right at Cardona who now hits the turf They've certainly done so today I'm sure With the numbers that he's going to see At the end of this he would have liked More Questionable penalty for short off The Challenge on Sean Melvin Long switch of play Beckford Sidesteps Goleta Beckford just wide was Going for Glory there on the top corner He's got to question some of the Decision making here once again all the Hard work done by Beckford Depon was in the starting eleven Scratched late and now cardoni is giving A yellow card for time wasting And now San Antonio will play Chase Now they look up field to put this one Away and glancing just wide Sandy Beckford Beckford saved by cardoni Another big save from the San Antonio Net minder corner kick Hit the conclusion of this match and I Can't blame him Matt cardoni another Here's Galena pushed off the ball galito Kicks this away and is into the book Cardoni sends this High into the air well above a mile high Here in Colorado Springs This will be another yellow card one More for good measure remember Sandy's

Got his mask on as well he just got Rocked in the face [Applause] And there's the final whistle three Goals three points and more importantly San Antonio FC snaps its seven game Winless streak