Christina Unkel Explains Why Canada Did NOT Get a PK Against Belgium in the World Cup

By | November 24, 2022

In the 13th minute, Canada's Tajon Buchanan went down inside the area after a challenge from Belgium's Jan Vertonghen, but the flag went up for offside. Former FIFA Referee, Christina Unkel, explains the process and the reasoning behind the call made on the field.

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Honestly they could have um they as we Mentioned they had a missed PK early in The game but then there were um as gas Reminded me two potential penalties that Were not awarded Um one in particular Um we we all believe was should have Been should have been given but Christina uncle is here to explain her Theory as to why it was not Christina Thank you so much once again for being Here what what can you tell Um Canada supporters about that that Non-peak penalty call well I mean which Were we dig getting into first right are We talking about the Tejon Buchanan one Is that the one that we're like so we Have the Buchanan one which is the Offside one right and then we have I Think it's Lara also uh the potential Step on his foot Um one so let's go to the soft side one First because this is the one we all can Agree is not offside due to the fact of The deliberate party here we have a Deliberate play by the defender so Therefore whether Buchanan is an offside Position is irrelevant all right so that Is 100 incorrect now what I've been Spending the entire second half is Trying to get video to see with the Contact and right here prior to the Contact on the foot the defender number Five uh for Belgium actually clears the

Ball first right so in fact this is Actually not a foul and this is why VAR Did not interview with this okay and This is why it's so important to get the Videotape that's why I was like oh I'm Going to clarify until I see some Videotape when we take that clip and you Slow it down you see that number five Belgium actually clears the ball it Changes complete trajectory and then There's contact on the top of the foot Of Buchanan uh not the ankle some people Are claiming ankle my video doesn't live Taking snapshots and sent it to them but It's at the top of the boot the top of The foot right and so everyone's arguing Hey but sometimes we see that right if There's a follow through after a play it Still gets penalized penalty area Context matters and here's why right When we have a defender or a goalkeeper And and attackers going by them and they Go and there's some contact we're always Looking at did that defender or the Goalkeeper make contact on that ball First in meaningful contact and change The ball before there was this Incidental contact after the fact don't Get me wrong I feel bad for Buchanan's Toe I really do that doesn't feel good But this is the deciding factor as to Why it's not even a foul in the first Place and which is why the VAR team did Not get it wrong they didn't recommend

Down for an overturn for a penalty kick Because there was no foul in the first Place now offside alone standing by Itself since VAR has determined there is No foul there's no point in recommending For overturning the offside because That's not one of the four reviewable Incidents so unless they had a clear and Obvious error for a foul for a penalty Then they wouldn't touch the offside Alone that was a lot sorry it's been 45 Minutes So because So because it's on the clearance of the Or sorry because it's on the motion of The clearance the defender has the right To that movement and therefore you're Saying it's not a foul at all yes so and And it's good argument right where People like hey if this happened in the Center of the field you guys would have Called a foul um and everyone's like What should be fair in the center should Be fair in the penalty area right and For the most part yes that answer is Typically what kind of we prefer however Like I said it matters in the penalty Area as opposed to the middle of the Field because Middle Field you don't Have a penalty right you don't have a Game-changing decision necessarily That's why when we are given these clips And these analysis on interpretation and Application in the penalty area when

There's a Defender making a challenge on The ball we're always first and foremost Looking at did that Defender make Meaningful contact on the ball before They made contact on the attacker and Then we look at the contact on the Attacker you know did it rise to the Level of you know a serious Foul Play Right is it more than incidental and Here because you want to give that Defender that opportunity to clear the Ball because they're literally sitting In their penalty area right that's where That deference changes just a bit when We do into the penalty area always Looking to see if the defender makes That contact or the goalkeeper right When they usually reach out and one hand Gets all ball and the other hand gets The entire player at the same time or I Was looking for that hand that gets the Ball right and not going through the Player to get to the ball but actually Getting the ball first and then maybe a Little bit of the player so that's how We were told to break it down look at it And that's why the Viera team did not Touch this and say it was check complete Wow yes wow and you can see even like Any of these rules analysts I mean we Are going back there's yeah a couple of My colleagues doing this around the World sitting here saying how did we Miss it and then I said you know first

And foremost let's go to the foul in and Of itself we have to always go to the Foul in and of itself and then that's When we all started breaking down the Play instead of saying how did the virt Miss it were they too focused on the Offside that they missed the deliberate Play you know there's five people in There Um in the VR Booth right now it's a Comical team but with two um UEFA vars With uh massimiliano errati who is like The number one beer in the world in the Last World Cup so I'm sitting here Stressing about how they missed all of This stuff with such credentials up There right and then I said you know We're going way too complicated I have a Couple of different theories maybe the On-field team started way too quickly And then Viera couldn't intercede right Because that moment of window got closed And then I'm like just keep it simple Take a look at the fell no foul we're Good Vier wouldn't have gotten involved That shows how how much time it took us And many others here reviewing that can You imagine doing that into the air no Split of seconds I mean mind you they Also have like 40 camera angles you've Seen the VAR Booth the video operating Room actually it's glorious in a really Dorky way it's super glorious And like five video operators you're

Saying give me this give me this give This and they're just popping things Into your quad Um so I do argue that they have a lot of Better setup than I do personally but I'll talk to MLS soccer about like 50 More screens in here man that is uh that Is a tremendous tremendous amount of Information but but super helpful and a Great breakdown as to why that was not Called Costco yeah the other one now Yeah yeah yeah Richie Laura yeah Richie Laria so you know at first like I said It had seen one video replay or one Replay of it and it was from kind of the Back Um I've seen it from behind the camera Angle and I've seen it from an above Kind of view This kind of level of contact there was A little bit more shoulder to shoulder a Little bit of the boot but does it rise To the level right when we want to give A penalty we want to give a penalty Right like undeniable it here yes there Was a little bit of contact on the boot Yes there was a bit of shoulder to Shoulder on it but it doesn't rise to That level of a penalty for it so kind Of when we would put it when we do clip Analysis reviews Etc if we were to put This on a meter it would be a lot closer To no foul than it would be to a penalty Game-changing decision so that's why you

Know we've all gone back and forth and As soon as we all got these clips we're Like nah that's never a foul like so in Our world that's not a foul I know That's not what team Canada wants to Hear I swear we all love Team Canada Contrary to David's thought like if I Like this I have the eights of like Right it's FIFA the AIDS of nobody can Potentially hate Canada even if you try That's how much everyone loves Canada You don't have to worry about it I don't Like soccer anymore I don't even care you know what if I got A if I got a dollar for every time Someone's told me the game's gone I Would I would be rich I would be rich Right now I just don't have any more Left on my emotional meter is empty I Get you yeah oh just uh Christina thank You so much for your help today as Always you are going to be back on our Next uh club and Country watch Along on Friday correct with the US taking on England yes hopefully I'm out of my Turkey coma by that time so exactly Exactly well hey Happy Thanksgiving to You and uh again thank you so much Incredible stuff as always Happy Thanksgiving all thank you Christina