Chelsea won many games, but it doesn’t mean they DESERVED it – Leboeuf on Arsenal matchup | ESPN FC

By | November 4, 2022

ESPN FC previews Chelsea vs. Arsenal in the Premier League.

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Is just in the door but this is the First early sign of some real pressure For him so the this weekend's team Selection I think for him is going to be Really intriguing I I think that Brighton result was coming but but to Craig's point though Chelsea had been Getting results I don't think they've Been playing particularly well which Maybe is why Chelsea fans attending as They have a little bit early admittedly Maybe that's more to do with tukulen and How they felt about him as opposed to Um what they're seeing or not seeing as The case may be under Potter but that Brighton result surprising in the four Goals but a loss not so much Um and and so for me and our tattoo Given the form that Arsenal have been Give him how good they've been since Since that Manchester United defeat I I Think they go into this one full of Confidence if not favorites and while It's always hard to disagree with The Bookies I just don't see Arsen losing this one Frank do you think that pot is still Trying to work out his best team and his Best formation right now Hopefully yes because if he says now That he found it you know I would be Very surprised yeah of course he's Trying to find the best 11 Um and and see how he can work out you

Know uh for the for the future where you Have some injuries and everything and And the battle results uh tells us that Uh he couldn't he didn't find yet uh the The the right uh uh the right 11 that he Wants to use you know uh we can we cut Uh the thing is it's a real challenge That is coming on Sunday against Arsenal As Shaka said you know the arsenology is Full in full of confidence and uh and uh And it's going to be a very up to win Away from him again and uh and um will Be as will come at Samford Bridge as a Favorite but now Chelsea will have to React if Jesse wants to be and finish in The first four they will have to beat Arsenal so if they don't uh questions Mark will keep on going I agree with Shaka yeah Chelsea won many games but he doesn't Maybe deserve to win because of the way They were playing and there were so many Question marks about the way they're Playing about the horizontal game that The fight they are getting the position For doing nothing uh we are we want to See something else coming from Chelsea We want to see what we in fact we see With Arsenal a direct game you know full Of cartooning with pace and everything That's what we want to see it's going to Be very interesting but yes Shaka is Right Arsenal are the favorite for that Game a lot of injuries but this is Big

Time football now a 4-1 defeated Brighton kind of you can brush it aside And you know come back from it he did it Many times uh you know Reese James fafana kante Kappa now Kovacic Uh chill well hamstring But you don't get sympathy when you're Managing one of the big four or five Whatever you want to call it uh so he's Going to have to figure out but there is Definitely some sort of Thomas Turco Loving for some reason Um amongst uh a bulk of the Chelsea fans And I know he had Some success there particularly Champy's League But he had his faults but there is this Hankering for why was Thomas Turkish Acting just who is Graham Potter to be Managing this football club and that's Something that he's carrying with him I'm sure he's aware of it I don't buy Into that I think the guy's a very good Manager he's proving it but the big step Now for him is proving it at one of the Real big boys no it's early days and he Is up against it in terms of his Squad But he's going to have to figure that Out and he figures it out and he's gonna Have to figure it out against one of the Most informed teams in the Premier League at home in front of his own Supporter so the pressure's even more

Any chance of a bummerion coming back to Haunt his old team shacker and Mikhail Arteta in the process absolutely and and Listen aubameyang latest feelings be Known when when he left and that kind of Uh resurfaced again recently and just Knowing the mentality of players and Previous clubs it's it's a possibility Um but I I Not sure that that possibility is one That's playing too heavy in mind about Tata he's focused on who he has Potter Needs aubameyang to be as good as he Promised to be maybe we haven't seen the Best of him of recent weeks no better Time than I know against a former Club Than nanta come good practice Today something about two Hill Craig wanted to talk talked about the Toca loving I think it's not even that That Porter is uh is getting responsible For I think the fans are mostly Targeting the chairman Mr bully because There is a big history with Abramovic so With the change and of of the presidency And the change of Coach because of the New presidency I think the fans are Retargeting the the all management the The board the the chairman and therefore Mr Mr Potter but I think the fans are Questioning everybody it's why it's why It's uh it's hard to see the fans you Know getting into the the porter Thoughts it's up above that I think and

And it's why there are question marks And question marks I mean Shaka touched on the football and he's Right but when a new manager position And it's a tricky situation you're still Trying to figure out the best shape with This team the best balance But I mean unless I'm missing something Some of the football that was played Undertaker was pretty pedestrian And then and then unless I'm wrong there Were a country mile off uh the top two Last year in England a long long way 20 Points are thereabouts So if this guy needs to be given time But Off the back of a Brighton defeat You know a defeat nevertheless a bad one And a big London Derby he's just going To power the pressure on even more Particularly with all the players that Have gone out but you bring a guy in who Has proven to give you a long-term Vision which he did in Scandinavia which He did at Brighton with some attractive Football you have to give these people Tight I'm not suggesting he's up for the Sack but if you listen to some of these Morons out there you know uh the Britain 4-1 defeat was the end of the end of the Half the guy needs a bit of time and a Transfer a window in January which Worries me about the transfer window Coming up after the World Cup

To Frank's point is what the hell Todd Boley and the people he's bringing in Are going to go and do and whether Porter and they're all on the same page And he has the backing we've already Seen the Ronaldo thing from the summer And Turco going I don't want him and he Wants to bring him in because it's this Big flashy player and blah blah blah it Is going to be really interesting for Chelsea over the next two or three Months and for Graham Porter Let's talk About Arsenal then and turn things to Them they win this game as Craig said a Big London Derby how much more seriously Will be taken as title contenders uh you Have to I mean we wanted to see how Awesome would cope after losing to Manchester United I think they responded Well then the draw recently against Against Southampton and he lost it to PS3 Which is less of a of an issue good Given how comfortable they were in Europa League And you want to see How they continue to cope with these Really big tests in the league Um still still haven't faced City but Again faulted against United what what Can they do how can they respond Um and the big complaint of Arsenal over Over the years is a little bit soft in The middle just when you want to think That they they are good enough they they

Let themselves out and and now They've been anything but this season so You really want to see how they come up Against again tough teams away from home A lot of expectation a lot of pressure Given give the London derby Um and it was a young Squad it it can it Can often make or break you and a result At Stanford bridge I think goes a Significant way Um in in making this Arsenal team truly Believe about how good they are well Thank you very much for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports highlights and Analysis be sure to download the ESPN App and for live streaming premium Content and let's not forget as well ESPN FC seven days a week subscribe to ESPN Plus