Champions League draw FULL REACTION! Gab & Juls on PSG-Bayern and Liverpool-Real Madrid | EPSN FC

By | November 7, 2022

ESPN FC’s Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens react to the round of 16 draw in the UEFA Champions League, headlined by mouthwatering clashes between PSG and Bayern Munich, and Liverpool and Real Madrid.

Full Champions League round of 16 draw:
RB Leipzig vs. Manchester City
Club Brugge vs. Benfica
Liverpool vs. Real Madrid
AC Milan vs. Tottenham Hotspur
Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Napoli
Borussia Dortmund vs. Chelsea
Inter Milan vs. Porto
Paris Saint-Germain vs. Bayern Munich

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Uh jewels we've had the Champions League Draw let's let's split this up okay Um from the top half of the draw yeah You would just go go through this Rattata Leipzig against Manchester City Yeah I mean they've met before uh often Actually in the group stages they always Open game I still think City too strong For lapse but I think lapsee can make it Difficult for them Against Benfica I mean the title Probably if you are last Bruce and Benfica who do you want to play against They would have picked each other so Let's see I think Benfica this one have To be the favorite they've been very Impressive we said they won again at the Weekend and beaten in 23 games nine World competitions I don't know when the last when this Game is going to be played how it is Because I will look and Bruce as well But they should be open there we go if They played right now they've been Thinking would be heavy pressure I think Bruce would have wanted to play Portugal But of course they couldn't because they Were in the same group yeah Liverpool against Real Madrid this Sounds so it's the Revenge of the Revenge of the Revenge of the Revenge The replay of the replay of the replay Of the replay I mean we're so used to it We were together in Paris of course for

The uh the last Champions League final This is much earlier This is a game that I don't think either Of them with a fancy fancy fancy facing The other Um for me it's very open this one I know Maybe you put Real Madrid favorite Because of the Champions League final That they won against that but we saw How well Liverpool played yeah we we Don't know what condition Liverpool are Going to be in in two months but I just Don't need any truth you think to the Rumor that Sergio Ramos is going to come Back on loan just so he can face So we can live rent free in his head no No but I mean there would be a time Where you know Liverpool will get the Best out of them I think and finally Milan against Spurs I like this one a Lot you know I think this one is a Proper 50 50. because Spurs haven't Played great uh this isn't again there's A couple of months before those games Are played so a lot of can happen but Yeah I think Milan Conte going back to Italy of course facing Milan again Um it's just gonna this one is going to Be great offensive the kalulu cane Battle in Midfield as well the two Hernandez on the left-hand side I think You know jiru against Spurs By that point maybe even just just a few Minutes and of course Magic Mike against

Happy Hugo yeah Loads and loads of of uh of battles There in that game and Gaba give you the Bottom of the draw the next four for Your quick hits frankfur against Napoli Fest I don't think it's any secret uh I Think this is the draw there you know They never admit it because they respect Everybody blah blah blah this is a draw That that Napoli wanted uh I think even More so than Bruges because of course Bruce you have Mr Champions League United Frankfurt do not uh on paper uh I Think this is the kind of opponent that Suits Napoli equally Frankfurt I've Sprung a surprise or two of course we Saw that last season in Europa League Yeah Dorman against Chelsea Right that's a good one it's a good one In a sense you know the teams are what They are at this stage I think Chelsea Will feel that they're a good match a Big thing for Dortmund is will Sebastian Holly will be back and what condition Will he be in because not just him but All these other people give me a Marco Royce we saw giorena come back are they Going to be fit I know who's going to be Fit on the Chelsea end because Chelsea Of course have had their injuries uh as Well uh It's it's a weird one I hope both these Managers will be around when Dortmund Played Chelsea in uh in March

In seconds portal is the next one Okay no disrespect to Porto and all my Portista friends but I think Simone in Zagi did a little jig uh at this one I Think happy with that one again on paper And we're only dealing on paper here Yeah Because obviously internet and Spurs Would have been a contest psychodrama Right whereas Porto you get a team that Yes they they they they qualify they won Their group and they came back to do it But they've had issues this year right And so I think if you're into you feel Pretty good about it equally it works Both ways if you're Porto you say hey You know what We got a second lease of life after the Way we started in the Champions League We'll take into it why not yeah Definitely and finally we kept the best For last PhD again Bayern Munich I knew he was going to be that draw Uh I know I know you weren't happy when This came out as a producer was reading The uh the ties as they were coming out You're like oh I know I know it's going To be I had the feeling you know what This morning getting up I had a feeling I went into against Porto came out You're like I knew it I knew it because You knew these were the only two teams Left uh again We don't know what they're going to be

Like post World Cup we don't know like What they're going to be like you know Is Messi gonna Messi wins the World Cup He's gonna come back to Paris Yeah but maybe just to go to the bakery He wins the World Cup or is he or is he Going to happen in February his birthday Is in February as well so will mbappe Get his wish and transfer to another Team in January right remember that Story exactly so there's a lot going on Obviously buying or the epitome of Solidity but you know what with those Three up front if they're there You know they can beat anybody yeah sure And they'd be as in the final we beat Them in the quarterfinals the year after And this is like you know another Chapter in that rivalry Well thank you very much for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports Highlights and Analysis be sure to Download the ESPN app and for live Streaming premium content and let's not Forget as well ESPN FC seven days a week Subscribe to ESPN Plus