Champions League DOOZY matchups: Pulisic vs. Reyna headlines! | Futbol Americas | ESPN FC

By | November 8, 2022

The Futbol Americas crew look at some CONCACAF matchups in the UEFA Champions League knockout rounds.
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Hurt the UEFA Champions League knockout Round matches are set and we got some Doozy doozy matchups that feature Concacaf Players let's start with Dortmund Chelsea right the Christian Pulisic Bowl Christian pulisic versus Gio Reina uh who do you think's gonna Win that series huh I thought you were Wearing a Dortmund Jersey at first Columbus Crew 1996. I look like an old School uh Dortmund Jersey that's a tough One I think uh the player who has the Best opportunity to actually play in That game and do well in that game is Geo Reyna right but the team that has The best opportunity to advance out of That Match up I think it's Chelsea I think Chelsea matches up well with a lot of Teams in the Champions League and and Just Talent level uh player per player Excuse me I think they're better and the Majority of the lines have been Dorman I'd have to lean with Chelsea but if You're trying to say which player or Which of these two will make a name for Himself without a doubt jio Rayna Giorena is going to be on the field he Can and if he's not he's going to be a Big part of that team when he gets on The field Christian pulisic right now He's fighting for anything and usually Getting those scraps so I couldn't even Tell you that he'd be a part of this

Right interesting that you say Reynold Have a bigger role potentially uh in That two-legged Affair remember it's After the winter transfer window so Maybe Christian pulisic isn't even there With Chelsea maybe it's not the uh the Christian Christian pulisic uh with Chelsea and thornman because I don't Know what's going to happen but right Now it's a reign of verse pulistic we Don't have to assume it's Rayna versus Pulisic let's get into another matchup Napoli Drew eintracht Frankfurt chuki Losano and Napoli are playing amazing Right now I get guess the question herc Is do you think they can carry it over After the World Cup That's a tough one Um because they've got a few players That I think after the World Cup could Be on the Move Chucky Lozano being one Of them And they're also the only team along PSG That at least at the club level uh or I Should say League level are still Undefeated they're a very good team They're one of the surprises for me in The Champions League I didn't think they Would be this good uh dominate this much Have that type of play I'm gonna go with Napoli in this one obviously over uh Frankfurt uh they're one of the teams They're they're asleep for me they're One of these uh Dark Horses for me so

Yeah you know which of the uh round of 16 matchups might also feature a U.S Men's National Team versus U.S Men's National Team Matchup who Milan Spurs Now sergin your desk of course with Milan but maybe after a great World Cup Weston McKinney makes the move finally That we've heard a lot about from Juventus uh to Spurs do you think Serginio desk can get on the field make A difference from Milan and do you think They have any chance against Spurs Whether McKinney's there or not no I I Don't think Sergio Dess is getting on The field with Milan um post World Cup To make a difference I think he's a Player that could potentially have Another move uh in store after the World Cup if he plays does well his time in Milan hasn't been what one would have Expected for him especially after a Disappointing end to what was his Barcelona days you would have thought he Would have gone somewhere where he would Have played definitely played Um even if it wasn't a big Club but Heading into a World Cup you would have Expected more minutes for surgeon yodes So I I couldn't tell you Sergio this Would be the one to come out victorious In this matchup Milan Spurs an Interesting matchup but probably hurt The Marquee matchup uh PSG against Bayern now usually when we talk about

Concacaf players likely to go deep in The Champions League the first on your List is Alfonso Davies not just because He's the best player because he's at the Club that you most safely bet on to Arrive to the late stages of the Champions league but it's different this Time they got PSG in the round of 16. That's not going to be a walk in the Park even for a great club like Bayern No Bayern is a great Club even though They started struggling out in the Bundesliga it's still overall a better Team now it's difficult to say there's a Better Trio in all of world football Than di tridante that PSG has mbappe Neymar Messi but you have to See these three and where they play and The Physical exertion they're gonna they're Gonna give you at the World Cup because France Brazil and Argentina have a Potential to go all the way all three of Them so mentally physically what kind of Shape will they be uh mentally Physically when they get into this game How invested in this game will will they Be post World Cup there's so many Different factors that I think a team Like Bayern Munich is much better suited Than depending on such a front or a Strong front line even if they are three Of the best players in the world so I Will take my chances with Bayern Munich

On this one even though when you have a Player like killing mbappe or Neymar or Or Messi either one of those could Change a game in a moment all right her Last question here taking the draw into Account right Bayern Munich and Alfonso Davies get PSG chuki Lozano and Napoli Get eintracht Frankfurt who do you think Is the concacaf player most likely go Deepest in this year's in Champions League is it Davies or is it losana or Is it somebody else Davies Lozano or somebody else Yeah so I will go with Alfonso Davies Okay all right Alfonso Davies of the Canadian Men's National Team and Bayern Munich the concacaf player likely to go Deepest in the Champions League According to Hercules Gomez