Can England afford to leave Maddison out in his current Leicester form? 🤔

By | November 9, 2022

The Football Show discussed whether England manager Gareth Southgate can afford to leave James Maddison out with his current run of form in the Leicester City side.

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Well first and foremost I'll take him Um but when we're talking about can England afford to leave him out I mean Yeah they can they've got top top Players in in his position is he maybe In a a bit of anal form than some of the Ones at the moment in his position yeah Maybe has he performed as well as them Over the last two or three years for the Club in England I'm not so sure Um is he one I'll take I absolutely Would Um but I'm not sure he's still getting My start in England team Um as well as he's doing for Leicester And I'm I'm a huge fan of him I like him I like his personality I think he's got Um character where I think he's got Enough confidence that he would he'd Want to perform on the big stage but you Then compare him to the players that He's up against in his in his position And he's he's certainly up against it There's a reason why He hasn't been in England squads before And it's not because he's been way off The level at all it's just that the People in his position are real High Caliber players yeah it is his perhaps Worries compounded by the fact that England's defensive frailties or Perceived frailties mean Gareth might Well go with a three and therefore Perhaps higher up the pitch that's one

Place less Yeah Um and I and I get your point and You you would also say if if you're Talking about Um defending from the front whether no Matter the Formation that you're playing is is There players that are used to playing a Little bit more Um High pressing high intensity further Up the pitch and a bit more successful At Club level off the ball maybe Um but again I for me I would I would Always take a James Madison I think you Have to have not only people that would Not start games and maybe can affect it But again we're talking about Trend if You need to tweak formations and you you Want to bring him on because he you want To go to about four and you've got Someone who can open up defenses like Him you then got to look at you could Find someone like Jack grealis on the Bench does that mean that you could Bring on a Jack and a James Madison at The same time to offer more of an Attacking threat I think if you want to Be a successful at International Tournaments you have to have at least Four or five players that can affect the Game from an attacking aspect Um on the bench and and that's obviously One of the reasons why Trent and Madison

Would be shooting for my squad Thank you Foreign