Borussia Dortmund vs. VfL Bochum | Bundesliga Highlights | ESPN FC

By | November 5, 2022

Borussia Dortmund defeats VfL Bochum 3-0. Check out the highlights.

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But there are other Brewer Derbies and This is one of them Borussia dortmunds With their eyes on lifting the mice to Charlotte at the end of the season Derby Day in dortmunds the hosts are Looking to apply pressure on their rival I think the key for both those clubs That you mentioned there Dortmund as Well as Leipzig is the fact that they're Able to back it up by finishing well in The in the league qualifying for Europe Better stay safe here from Coco and He'll go for goal oh wow How good is he 17 years old and he just keeps on coming Up with magnificent moments in a Dortmund shirt you super mukoko a rising Star what a great way to start for Dortmund From all that city has one thing Three minds and that And that and He's one of the better goalkeepers in The league but this flashed Beyond him Gallery man you're gonna have to have a Look at himself because he's gonna have To see the replay and realize that he's Made a mistake there his judgment was Poor he thinks it's going over he's got No idea until he hears I'm sure the the Banging of the crossbar the ball dancing Now and hit the back of the net he's Completely misjudged it The fact that they're able to back it up

By finishing well in the in the league Qualifying for Europe The space here from Coco and he'll go For goal oh wow How good is he Yeah Riemann you're gonna have to look At himself because he's gonna have to See the replay and realize that he's Made a mistake there his judgment was Poor he thinks it's going over he's got No idea until he hears I'm sure the Banging of the crossbar the ball Downs He now hit the back of the net how Special a talent he had on his hands in The top 10 finishes in the Bundesliga And that's a great turn and the referee Points to the spot and this is a Rick Roaring Star by verucia dortmunds and Borkum Are rattles in rather clumsy fashion Yeah it's a clear penalty the referee's Right there you can see as the turn Yeah there's a clip on the leg Marlene's Away Defender just can't get his foot away Turns 20 next week Gio Reyna Can he make it to Neil it's raining So calmly done and it's all about the Teen Titans for Dortmund so far 17 year Old blue Coco 19 year old Rayner and Dortmund are flying in this road army They are trying to grind their way back Into this game Kevin Sturgill he's got a good left foot

To take this corner Really good shape on it and it's loose And it's hooked Over the Top by Simon Solo who went for the spectacular yeah Very close yeah he does anything you Realize how much space he's got there He's got a chance I mean not that he Could take it down or anything but he's Just got a really good free hit on it And unfortunately just can't get it down Enough it's a difficult thing to do of Course the Bundesliga but he stuck got Five nil here one two one and on track Frankfurt Good delivery taken down by hofano That's a stunning finish and Borkum are Right back in the game They've had a good spell and it's been Crowned by a fabulous goal he's a Wonderful ball here from the left-hand Side fantastic strike I think I think It's that the neosaurus great ball Picked out Hoffman takes a touch this is A flick with the outside of his boot Over Greg will call blue and gold there It's a wonderful finish absolutely Brilliant goal And it is offsides What a shame what a shame it is gets Away of it because he's he obviously Showed the tent was quick enough he got To the ball first still gets to take the Corner And the Henry's one and off the line

To find goal line clearance in the ends I think Paul's needed to get something On that because it was danger it was Simonzola there I think it's in behind Probability of the Coco's shot going it Was under four percent here is Girena Oh he's pointed to the spot again And Borkum Will lay a penalty nightmare continues That's the tenth penalty they've Conceded you can complain all he likes It's just a it's a silly attempt to go In there you can see that the tricks It has to be a penalty for me Yeah it's a fall isn't it as much as Anything it's like he's not quite sure Of his position And then it's where the Rainer but where Can Rainer go once he's made that Challenge yeah I think it's a clear Penalty we'll see what the referee says Here but I I think it's I think it's Right now he's going to overrule it No no penalty so that's a massive moment In the game do too much too too flashy I'm not in Italian Cheese wouldn't quite come there It's a nice idea to drag it away from The defender remans come a long way here And he could be in big big trouble It's that man again you super bukoko With the spectacular but what on Earth Was Manuel Riemann doing so far from

Home and that might just wrap up this Rule Darby before half time it's three In here does that very very well Why is Rehan so far from Goldman well The thing is as well as that ball is Playing at the top the minute he Realized he can't do anything about it He's got a drop he's just got a lot to Get back but you watch he actually Starts ball watching once he starts ball Watching the Coco has all the time in The well just to look up and see where The keeper is and then look for the goal It's extraordinary that he wasn't Further back and then once fukoko had Got a bit of Separation he knew exactly What he wanted to do still took a lot of Work to get that ball over re-man and Ian it wasn't an easy finish this second Half does go the same way it did in the First half they continue getting the Game Out Of Reach very early on the Second half and then tells it can make Those substitutions to rest those vital Players forward by sturger it's a good Ball Balkan with a big chance off the Pose Oh say 2-2 denied by Gregor Goble Wayward and again Dortmund a bit sloppy But look at Bellingham charging onto it Not accepting the drop in standards and He wins the free kick and that little Sequence is what June bellingham's all About

Was you know the question is there we Can see there there's that foul gets up He complains to the referee Focus from Brett It is France who goes for it Half the stadium See picks that Gap Riemann just stands And watches he looks like he wants to go Across then realize he's not getting Anywhere near it he's very fortunate Just goes while the pose Two big games coming up really hard Games actually I know they've got a good Record against volt sport but that's a Tough trip here's Marlon and he might Break for mukoko still going mukoko Oh he had history in the palm of his Hand and he dropped it it's the first Thing he's got wrong today Yeah arguably he's easiest opportunity There went on with a goalkeeper all he Needs to do is find the back of the net Just it just opens up too much Puts it wide And it is all over it's a delightful Derby for dortmunds and they had it Wrapped up by half time you super bukoko Outstanding well thank you very much for Watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports Highlights and Analysis be sure to Download the ESPN app and for live Streaming premium content and let's not Forget as well ESPN FC seven days a week Subscribe to ESPN Plus