Best of ESPN FC TV: Premier League FIERY results AND REACTIONS 🍿

By | November 7, 2022

Enjoy the best moments from ESPN FC TV on November 6, 2022 which includes:
0:00 Chelsea vs. Arsenal reaction
9:21 Liverpool’s narrow win over Tottenham
14:18 Juventus take down Inter Milan
16:36 What went wrong for Manchester United against Aston Villa?
22:20 The best questions from ESPN FC Extra Time #ESPNFC #ManchesterUnited #Tottenham #Liverpool #PremierLeague #ESPNFCTV #Soccer #AstonVilla #Chelsea #Arsenal

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Yeah look yeah you got to if you keep Playing like that without any serious Injuries yeah again celiba was very good At the back but he didn't have to do a Lot what he had to do was good but you Didn't have to do a lot because Chelsea Was so uh So Soft so poor going forward I I thought the best player again and He's a key for them was party yeah and What what he does is brilliantly Efficient at times Where it's five in ten years past TV Said five and ten years past it doesn't Look great around the corner or whatever Tidying things up in the middle of part I thought he was brilliant in there and Yeah I mean Jesus is not scoring and They're managing to when they should Have scored with the head yeah Yeah I mean why not Ali Shaka yeah he's Playing right I thought that who would Have thought that yeah I I what is it When he was leaving Has to be the manager and this help Right and the one thing he's doing he Keeps he keeps popping up in the edge of The box or in the Box never did that in His life the Premier League ever until This current Arsenal said he's playing On Ollie did in my opinion was sit in The middle and pass it sideways and Argue with people and if anybody was Running past them he took them up He's completely completely cheesy again

Yeah he's absolutely doing none of those Things he's concentrating on playing and Even when he does get involved he's got That real confident Smart look about and where he's just Like beating the opposition but looking As though he's like His bottle wouldn't melt in his mouth he Said that this angry man that was Gesturing to his home support I was at One stage so I'd say for me he's amongst Probably four or five players he's one Guy that can't do without always make Party right in the middle what up here But he did show that say that yeah Towards the end of the corner wasn't it Where Steve is talking about he seems to Have learned this lesson yeah game's Done there's 30 seconds left and he's Hammond kovacic and he wants to go back And get involved in his teammates are Pulling him away and I'm not suggesting It's a huge thing but if that ends up as A yellow card and we know he's got a Tendency to pick up a lot of those it's A suspension that you don't need and It's a big part of that Cog coming out The team uh that was about the only Negative yeah had a resin because Arsenal was superb Frank before we get You on Chelsea when I asked the boys if I also can push City all the way you Shook your head why Well until

Steve and Arsenal confront themselves You know I I I I still think that city Is superior to Arsenal Um maybe Arsenal will prove me wrong but Uh that's what I deeply think because I See City comparing to all other uh clubs In the Premier League capable of of Winning all the games that they play Even when they play 10 against 11 any Other team would have lost against Fulham even if it's at home but City Didn't stop playing the way they play And they kept on feeling on on making Make me feeling that they will win the The game and it's what happened I don't See Chelsea Liverpool Tottenham Newcastle doing the same as our city Like I don't see Arsenal so far doing Like a city again when and the game Should have been played like uh I think 10 days ago of a fortnight ago but until They don't come from themselves uh I Would say that city is still Superior Than Arsenal uh let's talk about Chelsea Then 13 points just seen that on the Screen that's a big difference isn't it Uh between first and seventh as it Stands why were Chelsea so bad today Frank Well the guys put the point on something Very important and and I think it was TV When he talked about the way that uh Arsenal were playing that they don't get Don't try to get the position of the

Ball and in four five passes they go Forward and they and they try to score I Think that's the thing missing for a While now for maybe years with Chelsea Where they don't put any Pace in the Game tactically nowadays clubs are ready Every clubs in the Premier League are Ready to cope with any tactics they work On that they work for years or for uh Four hours sorry the the check videos And everything for the week during the Week things we didn't do at the time What we had it was the fighting Spirit The commitment and Chelsea doesn't have That they don't have the pace they don't Know how to commit together they don't Know how to change the tourism of their Game and so they are so Um we are soon we so know what they're Gonna happen they try to get the Position of the ball and that's it there Is nothing much than that today except Chago Silva I didn't see any player Doing something good I want to know what Adverts is doing offensively because He's right foot when he had a chance he Made a cross you know even if he's a Left foot he's an international player I Don't know what he did with that cross We ended up on the at the not at the far Pause but the Far Far pause and uh and Defensively on the corner kick when they Considered the goal is the guy who has To kick the ball away he missed the ball

For like five inches I don't know that's Not possible you know we all know that He has talent but what's wrong with him In his head like many other players were They don't play they play Just security I make the passes I make the pass to Make sure that in my statistics that's Gonna be fine you know it's gonna it's Not gonna be shown that I that I missed The past that's not enough you want to Win something or at least you want to Finish in the first floor now then They're not gonna to finish in the First Wall if they keep on playing the other Arsenal I agree with the guy there was So much Superior they deserved to win There is no match between the two teams That's appalling that's Chelsea Football Club that's really appalling 10 days ago when they came back from Austria the world that everybody was Using was momentum Not not brilliant performances but but Graham Porter yeah it was unbeaten Unbeaten they had a bit of momentum Rolling That's that's been splattered yeah in The space of seven days uh No There are Already one or two out there who think Todd bowling his cronies should go and Replace this guy that's the world that We live in these days the truth of the

Matter is he's got his hands tied behind His back in some senses just arrived Then their injury list and it's not this Is no excuse for their performance Because they're outplayed but it's maybe An excuse for why he's struggling to Find the right balance within the team And Liverpool of course going on to win By two goals to one uh first it's the First time I think this season we've Seen back-to-back girls in the Premier League uh from Muhammad Salah overall Well it was a really weird game which Every game seems to be at the moment That involves Spurs Oh Liverpool oh yeah that's true I Suppose but Liverpool look more normal Well they look they look quite sharp Early on and then obviously Dyer sold The jerseys with that mistake uh A little bit change again from Liverpool With with Nunez and and uh and Sal are Playing a little closer together with Firmino Roman around so uh just getting Stella in that Central position Where clearly obviously is Somebody who just generally is a Terrific finisher but from tottenham's Point of view they were they were Actually Listen it's their fault there's no point Blaming there's no point in blaming Injuries right because we know they have Them it's not because he's on the bench

And Maura had a achilles knock and blah Blah blah why they start the way they do It's not because you saw what they could Do in the second half yeah they could Play They can get balls in the box and they Can get you on the back foot and Liverpool were hanging on they can play When they need to Tottenham that's the Trouble when they need to and we saw it Against him I'll say we saw it against Bournemouth yeah but tottenham's got a Problem It's They can't go out and start playing like That why we've got a noise well because If because had Liverpool taken the Chances they had in the second half this Game would have been a ridiculous score Tottenham cannot start a game and play Open football because teams will rip Them apart defensively they cannot Defend they can't defend but no no but Because second half against Marcy second Half against Bournemouth second half Today they were they were the better Team There's a couple important things he's Done where was the game at No I don't understand your point in that Here's the point okay they had no choice The two nil don't they're getting Absolutely battered they're at home They've got no choice but then you

Actually start throwing people forward And they start closing the ball down and That's when that's what I'm saying we're Sat here thinking that we want to see Tottenham playing the way they played For the last 25 minutes Right that's what we're saying But he can't do that because if they did That they'd lose a lot more goals Goals they didn't lose the goals against Liverpool or must say it didn't because Then because Liverpool doesn't take the Chances that's the point of making this This game could have been six four That's six three delivery I don't know Stevie did you watch the game I did Watch the game next second I didn't see they weren't the better Team in the second half right I'm Telling you that the number of times That Liverpool broke on them and had Opportunities had they either taken a Better shot and made a better decision Tottenham can't defend when they're open When they're open tottenham's never Going to be able to play an open Attacking game because when the ball's Turned over when they're going forward They can't defend but why haven't they Conceded then because Liverpool didn't Put the billing department saying they Didn't consider against Bournemouth when They came out and played better in the Second half I can't believe you're right

Do you like to arguing this point with Me because I Tottenham Tottenham had Number one had no choices I've just told You to go forward right and everybody Was like oh great why can't they do this But whenever the ball turned over the The holes that they left the fact that They were closed down the fight How can they defend worse when they're Coming out to try and attack if they Don't concede but they can see two Against Baltimore if they can see two One against Marceline you don't get the Point no I don't get your points the Problem is it's time to play the wheelie Did for the last 25 minutes of this game Right the game would end up being 9-3 Every week I'll leave Halls everywhere The fact that monster in Liverpool Didn't take advantage has got nothing to Do with the fact that leave holes all Over the shop when they're playing that Way Liverpool will do that to most Tim Stevie they'll break on teams like they Broke on Tottenham they'll do that to Tims I thought Tottenham were excellentness I Thought Tottenham were great yeah They're going to give some chances up in The player who won't they were great for 25 minutes they weren't particularly Liverpool until the first goal Liverpool Were all right Liverpool were

Comfortable in this game until the first Goal it made a couple of changes and It's a bad goal to lose yeah it's a Great player from Harry Kane but Defensively it's a shocking goal to lose Kanati Can I just was just terrible defendant So don't don't I'm not falling for this Tottenham can Do this from the start of a game to the Last they can it's only the big game Today of course since you're in Juventus Taking on into Milan uvae with that Two-nil Victory uh how things have Turned around a little bit I suppose uh Allegri's side when you take a look at What this means and where they stand They are now one point ahead of Inter Milan sitting and fifth in the table for More on this let's welcome in uh gav Marcotti Hey Kevin we should have Brought these youngsters in long time Ago Yeah amazing huh what happens when uh You invest a ton of money into your Youth Academy develop these youngsters And then actually decide to play them After three months after your uh highly Paid veterans have basically stunk up The joint Um they can actually deliver it for you Now obviously there's a lot of Buzz Around the likes of Nicola fajal you Score the second goal miretti who I

Played in the hole tonight Um the one thing I would say is I don't Think inter were poor in this game they Had their chances I know Lukaku of Course he's obviously going to be out For an extended period but if you don't Take your chances you get punished and Uh we saw a tremendous goal from uh from Rabio and then fajali scoring on his Home debut the guy who is either born And bred Um exciting stuff how much is this just The last throw the dice from allegri I mean I think they're up to fifth in the table Now they're level on points with Roma Who of course lost the the Rome Darby Today so it's not like a throw of the Dice he knows I mean we you have told us All along that they're not going to sack Him uh in mid-season uh he's got to do Something and you know they're funny Enough Angeli Maria decided he was fit Enough to play uh you know he came on Towards the end Um you know if I'm going forward and I Move it I don't need to see Angel Di Maria frankly ever again I want to see People who want to be there who are Going to be part of my future and I Think you start planning for the future I also think top four is probably Attainable if they continue down this This path remember

It's not involved tonight but obviously He's going to be back after the World Cup perhaps in midweek so you know a lot Of things are clicking you don't want to Get carried away But it but but you do have something There to build on and There was a real Buzz about Villa Park Now You know it's a new manager yeah new Manager bugs whatever you want to call It but but they've got a guy who is Actually a very good coach and knows how To coach and I think I this is I think It's going to be a really not because of Today but I do think it's a really Exciting uh appointment for for Aston Villa going forward absolutely flying Out the traps didn't they that's exactly What you want from a response from a new Manager I think they did their homework You know I think you know Emery Obviously watched our show last week and We pointed out Frank and Ida Martinez Was a weakness and you did see well why Don't teams pick on the weakness well Today Aston Villa did so unai Emery must Be watching Dan Martin is involved in Two of the three goals and maybe KIRO Got sent off losing his wife other than That nothing you're watching this game Other than that Stevie man united I'm not interested in the game he sat

Here last week and tried to tell Frankie And I that Martinez was a good a great Defender he's been playing well he's Been he's been fantastic blah blah blah And Frankie Knight I tell them he's got Some problems and he wouldn't have it he Wouldn't have he's been one of the best Players I wouldn't have it would you Listen to what you're saying What are you saying listen Frank enable Take an apology well not lesson We can't look at it we can't look at man United through the guys We can't look at them through the guys Of two guys if we've had a hot take on The settlement yes we can on this game Yes we can I mean Martin Is absolutely Martinez is too small he's Not going to wash I'm sorry you're Telling me a guy who plays for Argentina You tell him they don't have 12 players In Holland it's not going to walk here Right it's really not who else is but Who else is buying out Well there's nobody else he's still at Ayat if 10 hack hadn't got any man United he's still at ayak right now You're not buying it you're not don't You're you're not going to try and Convince me the guys are saying about He's been one of the best players and Today it was not a good day all around I Don't understand it right uh where did It go wrong in particular today well

Yeah he's told you well yeah so there's One guy yeah I mean It's not an agenda driven at all I mean Oh clearly uh Martinez Flogged and dragged through the streets All the way back to Manchester off the Back of the bus because it was so bad They should I'm not buying that I'm not Sure I'm not buying that it's been what When Varan was for him and veran were Absolutely Rock Solid there you know the Guy's an international building Just pick up just because they want some Games you don't see the mistake It's called getting away with it It's not it's not it's not a single Defense it's ever played the game His key is getting away with it once you Make a hot take on them Um Did he bite did he buy Lisandro Martinez Because he had him I accidentally Thought he was a bad player who couldn't Jump and handle tall players no he Didn't Uh this is bigger than Martinez Obviously Frank in a sense that this was Aston Villa coming out and really Testing this Manchester United side who Have looked good over recent weeks and Whose failings were demonstrated today I mean first I have sympathy for for Steven Gerard you know when I see and

After if I was in his foot in his in his Socks you know let's say and see Watching the game and say why my player Didn't play like that when I was in Charge you know is it because of me or Because of their mentality I mean all The players they were so focus on what They had to do today because they saw Scale of the new coach because they Don't know if they're going to play that They they show they show their talent I Mean that was an absolutely fantastic Aston Villa team and they deserved the Win uh talking about Manchester United Yes there was almost nothing I mean they Start they were still on the coach uh uh The first 10 minutes and they started to Play and let's say that for half an hour They they did well but well they did Quite well and I'm not going to talk About marching is because that's another Debate but but because they were all bad But uh but the second half didn't even Exist didn't even react as you said is The old Manchester United or the Manchester United we saw at the Beginning of the Season where you had Almost nothing you had no stamina you Had no Um Collective efforts uh it was it was Almost nothing I was so disappointed With what I with what I watched uh Because it was a team we didn't fight For for for their colors and that's of

Course not enough especially against a Very good Aston Villa Team Canada because The biggest thing for me in the game was United couldn't handle Bailey coming Through the middle right under Gerrard He's been on the on the wing and he Stood there and stayed there and we're Seeing nothing of them and the one thing About United never saw common was M Coming through the middle because they Couldn't they couldn't handle him today Whatsoever I don't think that was tongue-in-chees I Think there was no I know Uh I think for at the start of the Season I was kind of beginning to think That maybe this was the partnership Right but I don't know I mean again today the the Goal that Liverpool lose in my opinion Kanati has to do way better you know if If you're going to play Harry Kane off Say then you leave them if you're going To go with them then you've got to get Ahead of them You can't you can't And he's done nothing basically And he's not got close enough and Harry Kane is so good that it just it just Needs a little Slither of space and he Helps you So I honestly couldn't tell you right now

Who I think your best partner is don't Question another question for you Stevie If you've ever went into the market for Midfielder in January what type of Midfielder do they need Declan rice okay About everyone It's expensive though it's expensive Well Fun date was expensive and he he's done Well for us yes Allison was expensive He's done great okay no on the other Hand in case it was expensive and has Done nothing okay you just keep talking So you can't always win even even though You pay a lot of money for Sunday but Right now I think decal and race would Be great for Liverpool right in the Middle of the park what's more likely Denmark win the world cup or you dining In shorts [Music] Oh [Laughter] I called him and I said man you know I Made a crazy prediction now you have to Show up because I'm gonna be treated Like a crazy base ESPN FC people you Know so Frank must have some it must Have some money making scheme on the Bike In Quebec or something really you think So he's invested something somewhere Yeah definitely he's got something going

On nothing with all these last second Injuries Craig before the World Cup do You think some players will be cautious And sit-out matches this upcoming week If they have any minor injuries or do You play because they're important League matches Well if you're carrying a knock I mean That's Putting the cat among the pigeons yep You cut off your carrying the car A slight calf strain or something like That you know what do you do uh I mean If you're fully fat you have to get Straight and yes and then you just have To deal with it if you're already Carrying an injury So here's the thing if you think about It right so when we play it We could just tunnel and go I've got this here I've got that right You think of all the medical staff They've got now send you for scan They'll be like that's what he's at Right yeah and they can start doing Sandy for scans and all kinds and go Nothing there Whereas before if you wanted to make Sure you just go up no I'm sorry a bit Tight now yeah chakra said the back was A good one because it's a difficult one That was the difficult wanted Yeah yeah yeah yeah Frank would you Would you be 100 committed to Chelsea if

Frank uh France was just around the Corner Yes of course because you cannot Calculate uh and it's impossible we Talked about that last week I think uh We Shaka during the show where you you Say you cannot you cannot think too much About about what well if you had to slow Down you know uh during a game because It's where you're going to get injured Because you don't you're not completely Focused on what you have to do you don't Know you you you you I mean you think About Not getting injured is when you start Getting injured you know when you don't Think about it and you go for it you Know you avoid many many problems you Know uh for for the other thing is not Only the back that you can you can use In that case the the ankle also yeah It's a good one possible to uh to know If you really have a problem yeah it's a Very good one do you know what I've been Impressed with Frank over the years the The Improvement of the word Focus coming From you focus has definitely improved Over the years yeah it worked very hard On it I know I know thank you very much For watching espnfc on YouTube for more Highlights analysis and exclusive Content be sure to subscribe