Behind the scenes at an unfinished World Cup fan camp in Qatar | ESPN FC

By | November 25, 2022

ESPN FC’s Mark Ogden tours an unfinished World Cup fan camp for fans to stay at in Qatar, located 30 minutes out of Doha.

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[Music] So this is the the Russ Abu fontas fan Camp it's up near the uh the stadium Which is holding Wellesley ran on on Friday it's it's the one where FIFA Obviously the Supreme committee have had To refund funds for uh unfinished Accommodation I'm walking around it now And the companies is largely finished And it's it looks you know it's clean The cleaners are out and looks well Maintained but the camp isn't finished And we have a a big fans on area to Watch the game bean bags Etc but it's Not shade and it's absolutely breaking Hot it's uh there's not a cloud in the Sky and it's probably 30 31 degrees Right now so it's it is um It's basic very basic but I suppose if You pay 200 200 pounds a night you're Not going to get the kind of five star Accommodation which you can get down on On West Bay but you know not all fans Not many fans can't afford that already So this is a good solution but it's it Is unfinished it's very basic and you Can see why FIFA have had to oh this Supreme committee have had to refund Funds because the accommodations are Finished and they don't understand in a Steel container which isn't finished Because basically as it is So this is the checking queue for the The camp

Um it's fairly uh fairly straightforward It's uh there is a kind of a lack of Security I've just been walking around The campus there are there are keys in The doors and people are just you know Moving around but obviously the guitars Are a very safe country it is based on The trust of the people that use them But it you know while it isn't finished There's certainly you know the basic Amenities of the gymnasium of that Outdoor gymnasium there's a dining hall An open a football viewing area and it's A Starbucks with a couple of food Outlets but I say it's very basic and You have very much exposed to the um To the Heat and the sun now it's taking Me 30 minutes in an Uber from the center Of Doha so it's quite a way out so if You're going to stay here for the World Cup games it is quite a long way to to Travel out of town but uh if you want to Watch a World Cup game and you want to Come to Qatar this is an option of the Most affordable option for most funds we Want to come out here Well thank you very much for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports Highlights and Analysis be sure to Download the ESPN app and for live Streaming premium content and let's not Forget as well ESPN FC seven days a week Subscribe to ESPN Plus