BEHIND THE CREST | USWNT Qualifies for 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup

By | July 11, 2022

The USWNT has punched its ticket for 2023, but the job is far from finished. 💪 The sights and sounds from two wins in Monterrey to kick off the Concacaf W Championship. 🎥

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We are On our way to mexico And um Okay come on Yeah making bracelets Reading eating Living life [Music] It feels really good to be back in a Tournament environment it's so hard to Replicate it through the friendlies and Even the domestic tournaments that we Have When Your future is on the line in these Games it's very different and so we prep As much as we can but until you get here And actually feel the pressure it's Really hard to like prepare the group For it so i'm really excited that There's so many younger players that are Experiencing it for the first time Because it's only going to help them Grow Mexico Qualifiers [Music] In a tournament so many things can get Thrown at you and so controlling the Controllables is extremely important but I think it's really good to have you Know the staff the veterans the people That have been through this To kind of just keep everything in

Perspective [Music] It's really really hard to put into Words how important Alex and pino are to a group They're veterans obviously but they're Also game changers and they're clutch Players and when you need them they show Up Good training okay very good training Let's focus one more tomorrow and Finish it off for the game on monday all Right [Applause] Alex morgan getting the start of the Nine spot For the u.s women's national team They're ready to take their first steps Towards the 2023 world cup Alex scoring those two goals early like That really settled us and allowed us to Like take a breath figure things out and You really can't undervalue That here is pew And a flick on it's alex morgan Back in the score in common International wise O'hara sends it back in she has morgan Again morgan Making the most of her start tonight Just having their knowledge and their Their leadership but also that like x Factor that you can't really like put Words to that can really just change a

Game on a whim So megan repino will take the place of Mallory pugh and speaking with blackman And oski one of the reasons he did opt To bring rapino outside of the Leadership was her ability to kill a Game Or to win a game With the service Looking for morgan first with another Opportunity She makes good on it And that'll do it united states Wins its first group play match [Applause] The thing with tournaments is you you Can never look too far ahead and so You're always preparing for that that Next game and so Everything that you have gained from the Last game you have to apply it to the Next without looking too far ahead Because that's when you start getting in Trouble is when you start skipping games And you think what's the semi going to Look like what's the final going to look Like it's like absolutely not everyone Focused on this day on this training on This meeting [Music] Honestly you really cannot rely on any Sort of results especially in concacaf And so sure results could go our way and That would be great but we're really

Just thinking we need to win every Single game and let's do it handily Let's make a statement let's not rely on Anything else let's just keep everything In our control in our hands The second match of group play from Guadalupe mexico at estadio bbva the Matchup tonight between the top two Teams in group a both jamaica and the United states put results on day one and Have the opportunity to clinch a spot in The world cup With a win tonight and help with the Other match following this one haiti and Mexico [Music] [Applause] Smith trying to run on again taps it to Herself Was it saved at the goal line And smith Is going to be credited with goal number Two I think how we start a game is always The most important thing because it sets The tone for the rest of the game and i Think coming out on the front foot just Allowed us to play with confidence They play it to sanchez who's trying to Feed it inside There's a one touched by laval [Applause] Beautiful through ball As pew runs on and she serves it across

The call and rodman Has her second international goal And the united states well in control of Group a picking up another three points And a five-nil victory against jamaica It's not an easy thing to qualify Absolutely not so to be able to to check That mark to make sure that this group Gets to experience australia new zealand Is is massive You