BEHIND THE CREST | USWNT Closes European Tour in Spain

By | October 28, 2022

As individuals and a collective, it’s all about growth.

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Foreign [Music] [Music] This year has taught me how to be a Professional one would be the main thing And then also just confidence you know You can be good in college but you're Not sure how you're going to measure up To professional players nationally Players for me just like growing that Confidence and believing in myself to be Able to make an impact no matter what The level is has been a big growing Point for me and then also just focusing On my game film recovery everything I Just think there's so many resources now Available to me and learning the best Way to utilize them The message has been we fell short Against England but there were good Things there and it's really important That we build upon it because that is What a World Cup game is going to feel Like I think that's been the biggest Message and we should expect ourselves To get results in games like that so Just making sure we go into Spain doing Everything we can to prepare and make Sure we get a win event [Music] [Applause] [Music] U.S and Spain about to kick off in Banglona Spain

Rodman gets to the end line Across only half Scott of the way chance Here for the U.S mace driving to the Area she goes down no whistle Lavell leading the attack this is Dangerous on that left foot Lindsay Iran in behind Lisa Rodriguez Just getting to it Nearly scored from distance earlier now With the corner right in the middle of The area Jasper defending here go for Spain the Spanish are ahead in the 39th minute [Applause] Scuttles it across the line and the Americans have fallen behind Spanish Women's National Team Hold a one-nothing lead over the U.S Rapino to the back post there's Horan Her head her head are well off the mark But an early chance in the second half For the United States [Applause] Casey Murphy keeps it out needed all of Her six foot one frame Giving goal foreign [Applause] Spain I think this trip was a really good Experience for all of us playing against Away crowds playing two really quality Teams with a lot of individual talent And it's something we'll learn from Foreign