BEHIND THE CREST | USWNT Advances to Final of Concacaf W Championship

By | July 17, 2022

“There’s a knowing, and then there’s a feeling… You don’t really know until you get in that moment.”

As the #USWNT advances to the Final in Monterrey, a sense of belief is passed down from veterans to the emerging young talent.

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[Music] I don't even have the attitude like oh Like we're going to get a chance like i Think we're going to win it could be 5-0 With five minutes left i think we're Gonna win A draw between these two sides will be The first since october of 2007. this is Not like a given behavior this is a Learned behavior there's like a knowing And then there's a feeling when i look At alex and say we're going to score Vice versa we know that if i look at Sanchez or something like she doesn't Know yet You don't really know until you get in That moment Sanchez trying to settle and turn and Find something Sanchez cornea places it up sonic The cool viewers The united states has its goals Those are things that's like oh now Now we know now it's a knowing for Everyone instead of just like oh yeah i Actually like you know i've seen the Team do that but now it's like you felt It [Music] I mean i think for me what's been so Influential and important in my career Is Understanding that the balance is The ultimate key

[Music] You always need the balance especially With this team because we are so intense The expectation Is so high [Music] I think trying to let other people know That it's okay to like You know throw that in a circle and it's Okay to relax and it's okay that we have Adele in the locker room and it's okay That you know we're putting fight night On before the game quick Rotten egg yup who's it gonna be kristy Naomi I'm so thankful to be here and like to Have the group that we do and the fact That it feels very new and you know to Be a part of facilitating this culture In this environment for people who have Never been here before and show them how Special it is but obviously you know They're showing us all these new things All the time How do i flip it Jake what's up Hey everyone we just had dinner what do We have it's lunch Each journey is very different um Obviously this cycle feels very brand New and feels very unique in its own way And so just being able to be a part of Another experience in another cycle In a different group is like i mean this

Is crazy Why are you missing like you said miss Handsome There we go They did it The united states have won 15 world cup Qualifiers looking to make it 16 here Tonight in monterey mexico An olympic qualification on the line and That's something Um that is massively important You don't want to ever leave anything up To chance you don't want to leave Anything on the table This is like the money rounds basically It's like This is where everything matters and we Want to win everything all the time Whether it's like trivia or 5v5 or the World cup [Music] We are underway in semifinal number one The united states against costa rica [Music] To the six to the top of the six it was Sullivan with the shot the ball is loose United stands [Applause] [Music] Yeah banger right It was a it was a scramble i think they Put a good ball in it happened to fall Fall to me so it was nice to put one Away from the team

Oh back he'll flip [Music] [Applause] Rose doing rows being cheeky and just Slipping it in i think that overall was Just like a good a good ball and I was able to finish it United states has not conceded a goal in This tournament here this year there's a Ball placed to alex morgan who settles Morgan into the box of sanchez with the Shot There is your third goal for the united States The united states is off to the cap w Championship game We want to win it you know we came here To win we want to punch our ticket to The olympics um so we'll be eagerly Awaiting the results of this game Because Uh we want to come home with a Championship in monterey Thanks guys thank you thanks alex