BEHIND THE CREST: USMNT Prepares for World Cup Opener vs. Wales

By | November 20, 2022

With just a week together before opening the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the U.S. Men’s National Team hit the ground running ahead of its tournament opener against Wales. Behind The Crest, presented by Volkswagen.

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Excuse me All right Make some noise Make some Noise Well the World Cup begins from here in Gohakatar one week from today Team USA Takes on Wales one week from tomorrow You can catch that here on Fox Speaking of USA we are joined by the Coach of Team USA Greg burhalter thanks For joining us our lead analyst here on Fox and Lexington Lawless you know Greg I want to call you guys The Young and The Restless youngest U.S team ever and You've got to sit here for eight days And I guess get used to Qatar what are You doing so the guys are slowly but Surely getting into Camp Um and then it's getting acclimated have A couple training sessions get ready to Play but just also enjoy it you know This is a great opportunity for this Young team and we're excited for it and I'm too quickly one for you coach you Said you have a very young team we know The team young you want to add some age To it I got some skills Because they don't get off them And he's just off meniscus surgery guys Before I go I would love to present you With um coins that we had made from the For the World Cup we know in the Military it's a tradition to give coins Right Right

Thank you thank you thank you thank you I got one for you also thank you there's One side and there's the other thank you So much good luck to you and Team USA We'll all be watching USA Qatar we will continue here from Al UD Right after this Jeff I'm gonna go through it number name Position and all I need you to say is Confirmed ready alrighty here we go Number one Matt Turner goalkeeper Confirmed number two sergino dest Defender confirmed number 10 Christian Pulisic forward and firm and 26th Joe Scalley Defender Hi baby All right guys we got everyone here First of all congratulations Congratulations for making the World Cup Roster man think about when you were Little and you first started playing Soccer and now here you are in a room For the welcoming meeting of the World Cup team amazing accomplishment guys Seriously And then the what versus the how What isn't the blueprint for success The how is What is an inspiration Right what may get you out of bed every Morning right winning the World Cup That's going to get you out of the bed Every morning it's about when you open

That door you walk out of your room Now the howl begins It's how you approach every single day It's how you support your teammates Every single day it's your discipline on And off the field every single day That's going to get it done And then you'll realize you're what Here's something I want you to think About guys 20 years from now When you're talking to your kids or your Grandkids in some people's case What Story do you want to tell them about the World Cup Think about that What story do you want to be able to Tell them Because we can make it happen If we do it together I've been in two World Cups and one I Talk about all the time and one I never Talk about You probably figure out what we did in One and what we did in the other It's all about what we want out of this Guys Story we want to tell A lot of things have happened that are Very crazy like me being born in the US And my first game was against Wales very Special day a very good game and then Yeah here we are at the boys club the Biggest stage in football

Um I'm gonna play against them in the First game Or we did Flash training session that You know Greg was like okay this is how We're gonna try and play against whales That you realize we have to prepare for The first game now they sign up for Business and uh invitation starts Kicking in Let's be in the stadium that you know That the World Cup's gonna be they can Fall in that's that's excuse as it gets These are like probably one of the best Days in the world and to be able to play In them hopefully one day Um yeah it's gonna be crazy Thank you Foreign Foreign