Barcelona vs. Manchester United: The Europa League DREAM DRAW! 👀 | ESPN FC

By | November 8, 2022

The ESPN FC panel look at the Europa League knockout fixtures, including a dream tie of Barcelona vs. Manchester United.
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Let's take a look at the Europa League Obviously some big names involved in the Tie and it is a dream tie for the Competition Barcelona against Manchester United boom Shaka yeah that this as Europa League Goes this is as as bigger tires as as You could hope for given the issues Around Barcelona drama for the Champions League Manchester United wanted to be Back where back where they feel they Belong and and coming into this and you Want to see how Barcelona improve you Want to see your Manchester United Continue growing under 10 hard it's a Good time it's a really good tie I'm not Sure what else you want me to say no you Could say it's a great time you don't Have to yeah it's brilliant it's exactly What you want if you're in the Europa League I think if you're Europa League as an Organizing committee you would want this To be further in the competition To come still something to look forward To okay because you guys just you want This gratification right now you don't Think about the future once one of these Team advances then you're gonna watch Whoever if you've got three months to Get excited I don't think this is what We saw too We can't see pause the next game yeah I Know never mind

This young generation Barcelona Manchester United the one Story that I really look at is what is Cristiano Ronaldo in this competition His return to Barcelona and is he Sitting comfortably on the bench while Martin say United is playing European Competition in the camp now that is a Decision to be made by tanghai and we'll See where Manchester United are at three Months from now Barcelona I think should be the favors To advance because they are simply a Better team than Manchester United and The English bookies have Barcelona his Favorite [Music] Bravo bravo very impressed very Impressed now you know what you know I Was thinking about something now I Accept my sister it was Manchester City Every team we talked about we talked About their inconsistencies and that's That's uh something we have to uh Sometimes you know if we want to talk Seriously about football nowadays that's What lacking that's what is lacking the Most all me all teams almost all teams They have a lack of consistency and we Know don't know what to say about those Teammates if yeah sometimes they're good Sometimes they're bad except one tip Manchester City and we have to add Bayern Munich but because they're going

To play against Paris and Jama we don't Know that's uh that's uh that's uh That's a big deal but Barcelona Manchester United what do you want to Say you know you don't know what's going To be on the field You've got nothing nice to say don't say Anything at all hey Jules this is gonna Be good Why do I have to say something nice Nothing's gonna happen we don't know What's gonna happen in three months time Blah blah blah do you know the answer is A good point I'm gonna I'm not gonna say only one Thing congratulations to the bookies for The first time they're right So many subplots going into this one Jules Well guys it would be great regardless Of where they would be in three months But it would be great 10 high against Chavi of course Cristiano going back but With Varan and casimiro as well and We'll go back to to the camp now where They had all those battles with Barcelona down the years of course uh With Real Madrid so it will it will be Great I agree with Ali in the sense that Chavi and bass are more advanced in Their own development and their own that Own process compared to 10 hack Obviously we're still searching we saw That against Aston Villa where the

Consistency again is there but not so Much there anymore and then they kind of Go back to scratch so let's see who is That Striker what kind of formation they Play and then when we get closer to the Game we can get even more excited Juliana Ron thank you for that insight Others maybe could learn from thank you Very much something interesting For once you know because the children The two others in the studio they say Nothing you know we have to talk to make Something interesting in that show well It's definitely not the Royal Way well Thank you very much for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports highlights and Analysis be sure to download the ESPN App and for live streaming premium Content and let's not forget as well ESPN FC seven days a week subscribe to ESPN Plus